15 Dazzling Ideas For Lighting Your Surroundings This Christmas!

It’s the time of the year for Christmas music, holiday cheer, gifts and food galore, spending time with friends and family, and most importantly, a magical experience of the divine! Christmas is incomplete without some beautifully decorated and scintillating surroundings. Be it in your house or outside, Christmas decorations mainly consist of beautiful lights and creative urge to light our houses! We therefore, bring you some great outdoor lighting ideas that would dazzle your surroundings and spread the spirit of the holiday season like never before! There are various ways to decorate and celebrate the festival of lights.


This article mainly covers the various creative and DIY ideas for lighting your outdoor surroundings but for those who would want to brighten up the celebrations more,you could also come up with lantern decorations! Read on to discover more!

1. Let’s begin with the simplest yet pretty outdoor lighting ideas. Brighten your Christmas nights with very less effort by giving a simple lighting outline to your house, mainly the roof just as shown in the picture. You could add a little more by even decorating the main door of the house but even without that, this is lighting idea is equally attractive and comes very handy in the last minute holiday decorations!

Night Christmas House 2.  House is outlines and trees and yard decor lights included.  Along the lower edge is a faint outline of a snow bank along the road.

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2. Adorn your house with a little more than just the roof. If you have a garden with a couple of tress, all you need to do is decorate the trees with lights all over. Rolled from the barks, these lights look immensely beautiful on the starry night and let you get into the cheerful mood of the festive season.


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3. Another scintillating decoration would include lights on the roof and around the house in the manner shown. This one actually gives a perfect finish to the lighting decorations of your house as they glow with the adequate amount of light and are a very subtle yet attractive show that brings out the Christmas fun perfectly!


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4. What is a better way to show Christmas cheer than the Christmassy decorations in particular? Yes, the beautiful red bows with lush green creepers and the Christmas Star on your main door are enough to strike the right chords for your festive season. Keeping that in mind, just beautify your main door with yellow lights and creepers rolled around the pillars!


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5. Another brilliant idea would be the use of an illuminated frame on the main door. This sober decorative piece provides a very minimalistic look but it is no less in spreading the Christmas cheer as compared to the other ideas. White framed and covered with colorful lighting, this decorative piece gives your house a beautiful look!

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6. Another beautiful idea would be an illuminated path. With a lighted street leading to your house, you cannot make a more cheerful surrounding. Just a small amount of effort, this idea makes a huge impact to your celebratory mood. With an added perception of putting some colorful lights over the bushes as they align the path, would be simply awesome!


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7. Make the decorations and lighting more traditional with this simple idea. Bordering your main door with a single string of Christmas light, preferably yellow; get your guests attracted with the beautiful Christmas wreath attached to the door with the center covered with a small, red bow! This simple and traditional idea of outdoor lighting will give your house a perfect Christmas decoration. Attached with a little Christmas lantern, this idea fulfills all the basic Christmas decorations with the touch warm wishes!


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8. Red is the color of Christmas and red is also the color of celebrations and prosperity. So, why not light up your house with the bright color of bliss and merriment with this simple decorative idea. Prominent red colored lights that reflect on the snowy surroundings make a perfect ambiance and set the mood right for the festival season. Adorn your house with the bright shining star above and make your decorations beautiful.


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9. With the snow covered boundaries and hedges, come up with this super cool décor idea of bordering the snow with decorative lights at it covers the fences and bushes. Done in no time, this outdoor lighting idea looks awesome when completed. You can add your own creativity like putting ribbons along with the lights or little small Christmas balls and bells and make your own DIY’s. Brush up your creativity and in make the most of it this Christmas season!


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10. Technology is fast growing and with that grows the various sources of your inventions. Yes, these holographic, moving lights are one of the many revolutionary ideas! Surround your house with these LED based lights and a beautifully decorated Xmas Tree. This is one of the best examples of blending in with technology and tradition in a harmonious manner. This decoration not only gives you a simpler, effective decoration, it comes out as a very striking décor for the lighting ideas!


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11. This eye catching neon lighting is another brilliant example. All those trees which shed their leaves in autumn and are waiting to blossom in spring again, make them look beautiful by covering them with these bright neon lights just as shown in the picture and you will get a scintillating Christmas décor. Maybe an illuminated path along side would simply add to the glow.


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12. Get yourselves these amazing decoration lights that come with a ready made cut out of all things Christmas! These Christmas ornaments glow beautifully in the nights making the ambiance pretty. Yes, you cannot miss this beautiful Christmas lighting!


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13. Stars play a very important role in Christmas, especially the Star of Bethlehem that guided the kings to infant Christ. Therefore, Christmas lighting are incomplete without the presence of Stars. Welcome the festival of joy with numerous number of stars surrounding your house! You could also add lanterns to double the beauty or put various strings of lighted bulbs to glorify the celebrations! Any which way, Stars always make the decorations fulfilling!


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14. One of the best creative ideas that you could try to inculcate in your lighting decorations is a very simple yet very mesmerizing décor; the use of earthly lamps. These come in different shapes and sizes and have been growing popular amongst Christmas decorations in recent years. You could either buy ready made designed lamps from the market or simply paint and color them with your choice of designs and colors. Not just handy, but it surely gives a striking twist to your lighting ideas!


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15. When it comes to lighting, a great depiction of The Nativity is simply the purest form of celebrating the festival. A small exhibition showcasing the stable and Christ in the manger is primarily the best idea for the festival. Accompanied with beautiful lights in the form of bulbs and stars, this lighting venture marks the perfect holiday cheer and mirth and captures the true spirit of Christmas, the birth of Christ.


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We have provided you with some creative outdoor lighting ideas. However, these are not the only ways to brighten up the Christmas festivities. You could always add loads of your own creativity and come up with something better. If you have any such bright ideas, let us know in the comments section!