Christmas is a special Holiday and Women expect to receive something special from their boyfriend on Christmas. But choosing the right Christmas gifts for girlfriend can be tricky for some. Not knowing what their girlfriend wants, some may end up shopping for the wrong Christmas present for their girlfriend. We’re sure all of you would love to present some thoughtful and precious presents for your girlfriend. That’s when these Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend come handy. Read on to find some ideas for Christmas gift baskets and Christmas hampers for your love.

Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend :

christmas gifts for girlfriend

You should take this opportunity to express your affection by putting a little more effort into the gift you are going to give her. She will definitely put meaning to whatever gift you will give, so take caution, my friend! This will either make or break your chances of getting in her good side this holiday season. It doesn’t necessarily need to break your budget, as long as you are sincere in buying this Christmas gift for her to make her happy, even the cheapest and homemade Christmas gift can come out a winner.

Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend :

Here are some easy and affordable Christmas Gift For Your Girlfriend. remember that it’s not always the price tag but the amount of time and the thoughts you put into the present. Here are some easy and affordable options.

Bouquet of Flowers :

Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend 1Flowers have been a much trusted present for generations and if you know that your lady-love adores a certain type of flower it’s a great idea to present her with A bouquet of her favorite flowers. It would definitely brighten up your girlfriend’s mood. Choose from the best and fresh flowers and arrange them in a lovely and attractive way. Freshly cut ones would be best Christmas gift for her as they would last longer.

Chocolate Gift Basket:


If you know girls then you’d probably know how much they love chocolates. What girl can resist a Christmas gift basket or Christmas hampers of expensive chocolates from her love? Even if you are short of budget to buy expensive chocolates it’s really easy to strike a good deal during festive season discounts.  But to make the present even more special you should add some cute and romantic packaging. Just to spice up the Christmas gift, write a short poem about her and attach it to the box. You can also make your own gift basket to gift her . Get ready to see her “melt” with joy on receiving the gift.



Silver Bracelet :

You may not have the budget to buy expensive diamonds or gold jewellery. But there’s other good options for presents if you’re still keen on presenting jewellery to your Girlfriend on Christmas. Next to diamonds, silvers are a girl’s best friend. Make a lasting memento of your love by having both your names engraved on a pair of quality silver bracelets. There are many jewellery stores from where you can get the service done.

Cosmetic Gift Basket :

Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend 2A girl loves to keep herself groomed and ready all the time. But there’s some who are really fond of makeup and skin care products. These girls just love their make-up and are constantly looking for great deals and launches. Buy her a set so she can beautify herself for your eyes to enjoy. Make a hamper filled with her favorite brand of makeup , include cosmetics, creams, fragrance, skin care too.  In this Christmas gift for girlfriend, it’s a win-win situation, don’t you agree?


Spa Gift Basket :

Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend 3Treat your girlfriend to a body massage and spa this Christmas for her to relax and pamper away!  It will surely be a great treat for her if she is a working woman and has been stressed with all the Christmas preparations. You may also buy a Christmas hampers with spa treatment set. A Christmas gift basket packed with different set of spa collection and items will be very appreciated by your girlfriend. This way she can refresh and replenish herself after the tiring Holiday season and stay in perfectly groomed. Choose her favorite spa care range or brand ; you can get many brands which sell pre assembled gift hampers and christmas hampers. If you’re choosing a Spa Package ask her about her preferred spa or beauty salon beforehand.


Jewelry :

Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend 4There’s very few women who can turn away jewelry a gifts . If you have the cash for it, buy her a set of jewelry. This is one of the most-loved Christmas gifts for girlfriend. She will absolutely love to show them off to her girlfriends at your gallant expense. Choose from precious jewels and stones like diamond and gold or you can also present silver jewellery. A locket with her name or both of your initials inscribed will make her smile with affection. Girls love the extra mile you go to impress her so pamper her with some jewellery and also add some chocolates and flowers and maybe a love letter for the perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend.


Jewelry Box :

Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend 5Jewelry is loved by most women and chances are most women have quite a few pieces of jewelry with them. Most girls have a lot of jewelry but don’t have an appropriate container to place them in. Why not have a wooden jewelry box made with your initials on it for her to keep her jewelry in. You can also present some handmade or personalized jewelry like bracelets with both your initials inscribed inside the box.

Handbag :

Handbags are also a great option of gifts for any occasion. If your girl is crazy for bags like most women are, buying her a designer handbag for her to keep all her stuff is a perfect Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend. Even if you’re tight on budget you can get good deals at great stores and choose a bag that will suit her style. She might end up kissing you.

Homemade Christmas Cake :

Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend 6It’s a great way to say ‘I Love You’ by taking up the duty to make something by yourself. Why not try making a homemade Christmas cake for your beloved this year? You could get some ideas on how to do this by searching video sharing websites online. You can easily make homemade christmas cakes in various flavors and styles and they are easy to make. Check out some Christmas Recipes for inspiration





Coffee Gift Basket :

Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend 7Busy working women flock to coffee shops to share a cup with friends. Why not surprise your lover with a special and luxury Christmas food basket? Go for coffee gift basket if you’re not sure about what food gift she would prefer. You can either buy gourmet coffee and put them all together in a gift hamper or buy a pre-arranged Christmas hampers in malls and stores.

Christmas Cookie Gift Basket :

Your girl would surely love receiving freshly baked Christmas cookies from the one she loves. That’s if you know how to bake a special Christmas cookie. If not, you may want to look for bake shops that specifically offer Christmas cookie gift baskets packed with sugar cookies, chips and wrapped with decorative cellophane.They make for perfect gift options if your Love prefers sweet treats.


Gadgets For Girlfriend :

Though Gadgets are mostly gifts for men but many women love receiving gadgets as gifts. You can get her an iPad , the latest launch of iPhone or a gadget she has been eyeing for long. If she loves listening to music the you can also gift her an iPod to help keep all her music in a place.


Apparel :

Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend 8It might be a bit difficult to choose apparel or a dress for your Girlfriend for many but those of you who have shopped with your girlfriends for many occasions will know what their girlfriends prefer. Maybe that Designer dress that she wants to bu for sometime will surely be a perfect gift to get that curved line on her face. Do confirm her size et before buying apparel.


Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend 9Many women have a fetish for shoes and often they have some designer shoes on their wish list. If your Girl loves shoes then get that pair of her favorite heels or boots she has been eyeing for long. She will love flaunting her present with her friends.





We hope these Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend have provided with some choices and ideas for this year. We hope your Girlfriend is happy after you give her the perfect Christmas Present.

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