40 Essential Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is round the corner and still no sufficient holiday preparations? You would not like to make a banal surrounding around the holiday cheer! Decoration ideas can be tiresome and bewildering and render you to spend a lot on them! Provided all that, we bring you a great collection of Easy, DIY and speedy decoration ideas! Check out these speedy ideas for decking your halls in style. With glittering Christmas trees and easy Christmas garland ideas, there’s no way you won’t impress Santa.


1.  Paper Snowflakes:

Last_Minute_Christmas (1)


Let us start the list with the most commonly and immensely easy handmade decorating Christmas item, the paper cut Snowflakes. Cut out these snowflakes of various sizes and colour and decorate your house in the most beautiful and convenient manner!

2. Floating Candles:

Last_Minute_Christmas (1)


Something a little more fascinating would be these amazing homemade floating candle ambience! This is a perfect last minute option to try.


3. A Bookish Affair:

Last_Minute_Christmas (2)


This idea is probably the most innovative of all the DIY and last minute decorative ideas I have come across. Tear out pages from your old book or just the newspaper and it can do wonders for your decorations during Christmas just as suggested in the picture!


4.Christmas Vase:

Last_Minute_Christmas (2)


If you have a glass vase or any sort of decorative one, you cannot be more lucky to have one of the most attractive decorations at your place! It’s the attractiveness of the vase with a small effort from your side and the decorations are done! You and the guests will love this idea!

5. Ornamental Sheet Music:

Last_Minute_Christmas (3)


Adorn your house with these folded sheet music Christmas trees hanging from the ceiling. Very simple to make and yet sparkling!

6. The Snow Tumblers:

Last_Minute_Christmas (3)


Glass tumblers can also act as an amazing idea when it comes to last minute decorations just as shown in the picture! It gives a whole feeling of the coming Christmas cheer!

7. Quick Decoration:

Last_Minute_Christmas (4)


There are innumerable ways to decorate a glass vase during Christmas! This is also the most sought after last minute decorative ideas! No Christmas tree? Just insert a small tree with twigs in a vase and make it the best decoarative idea ever!


8. Kids’ Footprints:

Last_Minute_Christmas (5)


This is probably the cutest of all the DIY Christmas ideas! Make small glitter footprints in your Christmas bulbs and give them a whole new outlook! Everyone would adore this decorative idea!


9. Natural DIY Candles:

Last_Minute_Christmas (6)


These pine cone lined candle holder are a must during Christmas and so easy to make. Jute or twine will maintain the rugged search, whilst the sleek glass container keeps every thing polished.

10. Sleek Candles For Every Table:

Last_Minute_Christmas (7)


Sleek and fancy, these candle holders are a great idea for any celebrations, especially Christmas! Decorate them with ribbons and provide a little snowy background and this becomes a precise Christmas decor!

11. Paper Tree:

Last_Minute_Christmas (8)


Give back to the trees what they provide you with; paper! Yes, these paper made Christmas trees are a huge hit amongst the people! Even the gifts are wrapped with the used/wasted paper!

12. Glowing Cups:

Last_Minute_Christmas (9)


Another immensely popular idea is the idea of glowing cups with little bulbs fitted inside the cups and aligned together for a glowing evening!


13. The Dressing Room Decoration:

Last_Minute_Christmas (10)


Place a small decorative Christmas tree on your wardrobe and adorn it with small red Christmas balls and ribbons! The tree can also be a small artificial ones if you cannot get a real one at the last moment!

14. Poinsettia Tree:

Last_Minute_Christmas (11)


Transform bare branches into a cheery Christmas display. Arrange branches in a large container, anchoring them in a mini ornaments and a real or faux pomegranate. Then string on the minis for a display that’s as easy as it is dazzling.

15. Candle Glamour:

Last_Minute_Christmas (12)


Add some bling to a plain candleholder by painting it with glitter and pinning an antique brooch to the rim.

16. On The Dining Table:

Last_Minute_Christmas (13)


One of the easiest ways to decorate for Christmas? Add flair to your already-existing table setting. Decorate each plate a different way: shiny ornaments, playful ribbon, and even pinecones!

17. Golden Centerpieces:

Last_Minute_Christmas (14)


This is one of my favorite ones! Fill glass containers with on-hand ornaments, such as these shiny beauties, for a ritzy way to welcome Christmas.

18. Decked Up Dining:

Last_Minute_Christmas (15)


Get glamorous centerpieces for your dining table for an enhanced celebratory experience!

19. Vintage Photo Exhibition:Last_Minute_Christmas (16)


Decked in blue and white, this display can last all winter long. Simply remove the Christmas-theme ornaments and leave the snowflakes and photographs in place. A great idea for your cozy fireplace!


20. Window Ornaments:

Last_Minute_Christmas (17)


Add Christmas cheer to a room by hanging paper ornaments from your windowsill. Alternating colors and patterns keeps things jolly and playful.

21. Poppy Pink Wreath:

Last_Minute_Christmas (18)


Welcome holiday party guests with a pop of pink. This silky ribbon pairs perfectly with a store-bought horseshoe wreath!

22. Homemade Reindeer Art:

Last_Minute_Christmas (19)


Create some amazing festive art from various Christmas Card cut outs and this is just a simple example of it! Use it to create your own innovative designs!

23. Tiny Trees:

Last_Minute_Christmas (20)


Miniature trees — vintage or new — add magic to a room. We use pipe brushes, dipping them in different shades of green then poking them into a base, such as plastic foam, which¬†will not only be easy but also doubles as snow!


24. Holiday Greeting:

Last_Minute_Christmas (21)


Decked in blue and white, this display can last all winter long. Simply remove the Christmas-theme ornaments and leave the snowflakes and photographs in place.

25. Mason Jar Candleholders:

Last_Minute_Christmas (22)


If you have any holiday bracelets left out, you could simply use them to decorate small glass jars and thus represent the Mason Jar Candleholders!


26. Glimmering Candles:

Last_Minute_Christmas (23)


Adorn your candles with these glimmering displays! Let it snow! Let it glow!

27. Dressed Up Fireplace:

Last_Minute_Christmas (24)


Maybe what you need is just a great fireplace to make you feel warm and cozy! Deck it up with some wreathes and leaves and make it just a perfect place to relax!


28. Beautiful Chandelier:Last_Minute_Christmas (26)


Chandeliers go great with the dining place or any place, in general! Hang some amazing Christmassy items and your chandelier will look extremely beautiful!

29. DIY Metal Snowflakes: Last_Minute_Christmas (27)


Turn your metal washers into amazing snowflakes and hang them on your tree or use them beneath your candles! They just look great and so innovative!


30. A Pile Of Festivities:Last_Minute_Christmas (28)


Don’t have a Christmas tree yet? No problem, pile some of your books and align them into this shape and you’re done!

31. Glass Jar Globes:



Who needs a snow globe from Santa when you can make your own? Impress the guests with these trinket-filled jars.


32. The Wall Tree: Last_Minute_Christmas (29)


This is absolutely last minute when you are out of time! Look out for some duct tapes and lights and stick it on the wall like a lighted Christmas tree and this would look absolutely fine!

33. Pinecones: Last_Minute_Christmas (30)


You van also opt for these amazing painted Pinecone gnomes. Go for it!

34. Ornamental Centerpiece: Last_Minute_Christmas (32)


Ornamental centerpieces are worth the effort! Add some amazing ornaments in your dining table and wait for all the guests to admire your innovations!

35. Starry: Last_Minute_Christmas (33)


Make these amazing lighted stars and adorn your rooms with it! It looks great and is very less time consuming.


36. Wooly Snowman: Last_Minute_Christmas (34)


Make these embroidered hoop snowmen especially for your little ones! They will love these!

37. Stick Angels:

Last_Minute_Christmas (35)


This is the cutest item in the list! Make these cute little Popsicle stick angels and get a whole lot of admiration!

38. Candle Decorator:Last_Minute_Christmas (36)


Go for ready made candle decorators and you have a huge life saver for last minute Christmas decoration!

39. Earthy Garland:



Bring the outdoors in by stringing fragrant pinecones and pine leaves onto a piece of yarn. Hole-punched paper ornaments and stars add pops of color. Secure each end of the string to the wall using office pins.

40. Doorknob:



Tie a bit of velvet and a sprig of holly onto a doorknob for a fun holiday touch.


These are amongst the many essential last minute Christmas Decoration ideas. Hope you liked them and feel free to add your own innovative picks in the comments section below!