Christmas around the World

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Christmas is one of the largest celebrated festive season throughout the globe and different countries around the world have different ways of celebrating Christmas. But in spite of the differences in customs and traditions, Christmas celebrations all over the world share the same essence. It is all about sharing, giving, loving one another and rejoicing at the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated with Christmas Presents, Christmas gifts, Christmas hampers, Christmas cards and Christmas Greetings exchange and many other Christmas  Crafts.

Although the basic customs remain the same this festive spirit is expressed differently by people from different parts of the world based on their own traditions; hence celebrations vary from culture to culture. Here is a glimpse of what Christmas celebrations are like in different countries around the world.

Christmas Around The World:

Here we have some of the best Christmas celebrations around the world.

Christmas in Europe :

In Europe, people spend their Christmas with their whole family. Family members do activities together such as making fudge, baking Christmas cookies and preparing festive Christmas foods for dinner. People love to spend this day together with Family and Friends and love to see what each of them got as presents. People also decorate their entire houses inside and out and have Christmas trees decorated and lit up with lights. They buy Christmas gifts and Christmas hampers for their friends and relatives. Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe is also used for decoration. There are many Christmas Carol services and native Plays during this season. Children believe that Santa Clause would bring them many toys and they keep stockings and pillow cases near the fireplcae for Santa Clause to leave the presents .  Many families leave pies and Brandy for santa Clause to eat and drink while he’s at their home. Children would play games and share the gifts and toys that Santa Claus brought for each one of them. Some important customs which generated from Uk include Wassailing ,  Boxing Day and more. Some parts of this vast region celebrates New Year’s Eve more than Christmas and some believe that the first one to set foot in a home on New Year brings them good luck . Countries within Europe also have some differences in their ways of Christmas celebration, but the underlying zest is basically the same.

Christmas in America :

Source : MorgueFile
Source : MorgueFile

Christmas celebration in America is a mixture of Belgian, Polish, Austrian and Irish traditions. Because of their multi cultural status Christmas is celebrated in various ways throughout the country.  Families would spend a great deal of their time travelling over the holidays. Houses are decorated with Christmas trees (with the star of Bethlehem on top), nativity scenes, Santa Clauses, snowmen, reindeers and snowflakes. Many people use christmas lights and there are special shops which sell Christmas Decorations year round. On Christmas people usually prepare big Christmas meals and invite their friends and relatives to come over to join in the celebration. A traditional Christmas meal in the USA is turkey or Ham with Cranberry Sauce. Those with Italian roots prefer Lasagne whereas the ons who have Eastern European roots love Turkey, keilbasi, Dishes made with Cabbage and soups. On this day they also wrap Christmas gifts and prepare Christmas gift baskets for friends. Many families also celebrate their Christmas by going to church and by fostering the spirit of giving to the less privileged. There are many parades and social gatherings on Christmas .



Christmas in East Asia :

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East Asia is composed of China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea and Vietnam. Christmas is also celebrated with excitement . As very few people from China and Japan are Christians it is not widely celebrated everywhere. In major cities however Christmas lights are strung, Christmas trees are decorated and roads and shops have Christmas decorations and supplies. Whereas in South and North Korea and Vietnam where there is a good proportion of Christians in the community people celebrate this special day with huge public gatherings, parades, Midnight mass Services  etc. They go out to enjoy the decorations . in these countries celebrate Christmas day by lighting their houses with paper lanterns, putting up Christmas trees or “Trees of Light”, which they decorate with paper flowers, paper chains and paper lanterns. Children would hang stockings and wait for Santa Claus to visit for their Christmas gift, which they call “Dun Che Lao Ren” which means Christmas Old Man.




Christmas in Australia :


Australians celebrate their Christmas by singing Christmas carols, decorating their houses with Christmas flowers and plants. Christmas in Australia is a celebrated with family and people usually travel great distances to be with their families on this special Christmas holiday. The weather is also an important factor on how Australians celebrate their Christmas. Unlike USA and UK christmas is never a winter holiday for Australia who celebrates Christmas with summer-like weather. December in Australia is an ideal time for going to the beach, which is what most Australian families do to celebrate the Christmas season. Wreaths are hanged on the front doors and carol services are popular for this season. Christmas bush is used to decorate the houses which is a native Australian tree with deep shiny red flowers. Of course, exchanging Christmas gifts and hampers during this day is also observed. Special meals are made which are usually Lunch instead of Dinner and traditional English dishes are served in Dinner along with Fish and seafood.  There is a grand display of firecrackers and neighbours also compete with each other for the best display of lights.

Christmas in India :


Christmas celebration in India is of one of the grandest in the world. The Christmas celebration lasts from the eve of December 24 until New Year’s Day and Indian families make their Christmas preparations at least a month in advance. On the actual Christmas Day, which they call “Bada Din”, households serve the traditional Christmas cake which is to be enjoyed not only by the members of the family, but also by their neighbors and non-Christian friends. Midnight Mass is an important feature of Indian Christmas celebrations. People decorate their homes with christmas trees or display mangar in a front window. Children of Christian as well as Non-Christian children wait year round for Santa Clause to deliver their favotite toys to them.

Christmas in Germany :


Advent is an important part of Christmas celebrations in Germany . This tradition celebrates the coming of Jesus christ . Many Churches hold native fasts which go on for as long as 40 days. From early December up until Christmas Eve, people in Germany usually prepare baked fruit loaves, lebkuchen or spicy cookies, and roasted nuts. They also shop for “prune men”, which are figures made of figs for their bodies, and threaded prunes for their hands. On the first Sunday, four weeks before Christmas, a Christmas wreath is prepared where a candle is placed every Sunday until Christmas Day.

Christmas in Africa :


Caroling is common during Christmas in Africa. You would find groups of carolers roaming all over the villages. For Christmas dinner, people in Africa prepare turkey, mince pies, roast beef, yellow rice with raisins and plum pudding. Carol services and firecrackers are a known part of African Christmas Celebrations . The most important activity in African Christmas celebration is the love offering where everybody goes to church to give a Christmas gift to the child Jesus. families reunite and enjoy their Christamas with meals and presents. Children leave stockings for santa Clause t present them with gifts.

Christmas may be celebrated differently but inside the main theme remains the same. It is the day to celebrate the birth of jesus and to celebrate our life and thank those who mean a lot to us.