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Christmas Day is an important holiday which is generally observed on 25th of December. People celebrate this auspicious occasion to commemorate the day known to be the birth of Christianity’s central figure – Jesus Christ. Although Christmas Day is supposed to be a Christian festival, it is now widely celebrated around the world even by those who are non-Christians. There are many Christmas traditions and forms of celebration being held in different part of the world.

Spirit of Christmas

As mentioned, there are number of customs being observed during this special holiday. Over the centuries, these customs vary and have been modified because of culture difference. In some countries, christmas celebration has been commercialized whereas giving christmas gifts and special christmas hampers has become the focal point.

However, the focal point of Christmas hasn’t changed. That is the joy, harmony and merriment that is associated with the occasion. People, regardless of culture and the country they live in, celebrate Christmas with cheerfulness and merriment along with the spirit of sharing, love and hope.

Christmas Customs

Some of the popular modern Christmas customs include caroling, Christmas gift-giving, exchanging Christmas greetings and holiday cards, preparing special Christmas menu meals and attending special church mass.

  • Christmas Gifts – giving Christmas gifts and Christmas hampers to family is one of the most prominent aspects of Christmas celebration. This is where people are exchanging Christmas gifts as they get together during the Christmas Eve. Many stores offer Christmas sales which make it easier for shoppers to choose which Christmas gift is perfect for their family and friends. They even offer luxury Christmas hampers and gift baskets.
  • Exchanging Christmas greetings – greeting family, friends and co-workers a “Merry Christmas” is also part of the celebration. This can be in a form of greeting cards or ecards. Greetings can be sent either via regular postal service or via electronic (emails, SMS)
  • Christmas Caroling – is a fun part of celebrating Christmas. Carols are hymns whose lyrics describe the holiday season or the Christmas itself. They are conventionally sung days before the Christmas Eve. Some of the popular Christmas carols are “Jingle Bells”, Hark the Herald Angel Sing”, “Joy to the world”, “Silent Night” and more.

Christmas Decorations

Decorating homes for Christmas is also a popular part of the Christmas celebration. Some of the most commonly used decorations are beaded garlands, greeneries, poinsettia, Christmas lights, Santa figures, bells ornaments and colorful balls. Decorating Christmas tree is also a fun activity during this holiday.

Christmas Dinner

There is a special family meal being prepared on Christmas Eve. The food varies significantly from one country to another. For example, in country like England, a traditional meal being served on Christmas is goose or turkey, potatoes, bread and cider. In some countries, chicken, beef and ham recipes are served as their Christmas dinner. Preparing chocolates and sweets is also popular worldwide

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