Is your marriage date set for December? Are you planning a Christmas honeymoon? Are you confused, which place to consider for the honeymoon? Then you must read on!

December is one of the romantic months for a wedding, so much of the thoughts must go on the honeymoon as well. But after arranging the entire wedding, trying to pin down the perfect honeymoon destination can be a bit daunting. But don’t dismay. We have narrowed down ten of the best destinations where you can enjoy your honeymoon while celebrating Christmas.

1. Hawaii:


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Hawaii is blessed with a perfect weather all year round, but Christmas is extra special in this region. The Christmas celebrations in Hawaii far surpass any other state of the Caribbean. The wonderfully decorated streets, the illuminated buildings and the crowd at the beach, everything, looks inviting here.  The winter here is unique for various other reasons as well. Whales visit from November to May. The surfing season begins from October and runs through March. The favorite viewing spots here include the Auau Channel and the shallow waters of the Maui’s west coast. So if you are a beach lover and are looking for places with tropical weather, then Hawaii is the place to be.

2. Argentina:


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Christmas honeymoon in Argentina means summertime. The place has something to offer to every visitor, right from the street performers and the monument-studded venues to the painted house. You are sure to enjoy your honeymoon here. The must visit activities here include doing the tango with your partner at one of the dance shows and shopping in Palermo. The market is known for its leather goods, but the prices may be sky high during the Christmas. Argentinian cuisine here is truly delectable, especially during Christmas. The grilled sausages, chicken, and steak, are to die for. You can also head to the Mendoza wine country for a day or two. There you can ride horses, stay in a ranch and sample the varietals like Torrontes and Malbec.

3. India:


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The tourism season in India kicks off in the early December and goes on until New Year. Christmas in India is unique in the truest sense. Yes, you won’t experience the typical European or American Christmas here. Christmas here is very traditional. The Indian Catholic or Anglo-Indian, as they are called, begins their day by visiting churches and then feasting in the evening and night. If you want to experience the hip and happening Christmas, then Goa should be your pick, and if you want a calm and serene Christmas, then Kerala should be your ideal spot. And the weather in most of the country is fresh and wet, perfect for a honeymoon. But do not forget to tour the rest of India, especially Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. You wouldn’t want to miss on the Indian history for sure.

4. Australia:


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Australia is for the happening couples out there. Christmas is seriously mind blowing. The pleasant weather combined with hundreds of attractions and fine dining makes it one of the best places to spend with your partner. And you have fantastic selections of things. First, you have miles of coastline to discover, which will be a bit crowded during the Christmas. Do not miss one the Aussie-style romance in the city of Sydney. You can take surfing lessons on the Bondi Beach or witness the excellent entertainment at the Opera House. Or go for scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Yes, you can indulge these activities during Christmas as well. Just make your Christmas and honeymoon memorable.

5. Iceland:


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The picture perfect natural beauty of Iceland will astound you for a moment. Reykjavik is the perfect honeymoon destination in Iceland. Christmas in Iceland will be more of an adventure tour.  It is also the perfect place to explore more of countries like the Blue Lagoon, a spa and the Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site. You can also visit the Northern Lights here. Hotel Borg is the best place to stay in Reykjavik. It combines the Art Deco design with contemporary style. And since you are a honeymoon couple, you can upgrade to a suite where you can get enhanced amenities.

6. Caribbean Island:

Caribbean Island

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The Caribbean Island is another great place to spend time with your beloved during Christmas. Caribbean Island is a place where you can head to if you detest white Christmas. The cheerful ambiance, fuss-free sightseeing, 9 hours sunshine, average temperature and the gentle breeze create perfect tourist conditions. Barbados and Cayman Islands are the best places to visit here. There are hundreds of beautiful Caribbean resorts, which also organize Christmas party. So you are sure to have fun here.

7. Maldives:


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Maldives, a small island nation is an idyllic place to spend a Christmas+ honeymoon with your partner. It has a string of a thousand islands, all skimming the Indian Ocean surface. Yes, we all know that the Maldives is luxurious and romantic, but it is fun too during Christmas. Being a secular country, Maldives celebrates Christmas with as much fervor as any other Catholic country. And the fireworks on the beaches are not something to miss. If you want to be in seclusion, then you can stay in the water villa. And if you wish to enjoy the festivities, then we would advise you to remain in the main city, Male.

8. Lapland:


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Lapland is a winter wonderland during Christmas. Staying with your lover within the Arctic city will be unusually romantic. Here, you will go for husky rides through the snow, reindeer sledding, stay in ice hotels and snowmobiling. Lapland covers four different countries, but Finland and Sweden are the best choices for Christmas honeymoon. The beautifully decorated buildings and monuments are remarkable sights.  The sight of the snow-kissed mountains will surely astound you. And even the cuisine of these countries is delectable.

9. Austria:


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If you want to enjoy skiing with your partner during the season of Christmas, then Austria is the place to be. Head to the Tirol region of Austria or the lovely Innsbruck for a snowy mountain skiing. If you want to experience traditional Austrian Christmas, then you must visit Kitzbühel resort. And do not forget to take some amazing photographs.

10. Switzerland:


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Switzerland is the place for fairytale romance. The frozen lakes surrounded by mountains, the mountain chapels, and the ice igloos, everything about Switzerland is amazing during Christmas. If you want to experience incessant snow, then you can visit the ski resort of Zermatt. The place is also renowned for its Matterhorn towering about the resort and delicious food.

Prices will be touching sky high if you want to visit any corner of the world during Christmas and New Year. And most of the hotels and resorts will give you houseful signs if you have not booked your accommodation in advance. And even flights can be very difficult to get this time. So make sure your book the tickets in advance.

We hope our compilation helps you decide which place to go for your special vacation. Whether you go east, west, north or south, Christmas season is a fun time to enjoy with your beloved. Do not forget to share your choice with us.


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