40 Fabulous Wooden Christmas Trees

Christmas is definitely a time for some celebrations and the first thing that comes into consideration is new, fresh ideas of decorating your beautiful Christmas tree. Why not go a little non-traditional this time?

We’re here to inspire you to think more creatively about the type of tree you’ll be putting up this year. The following 40 ideas are some of the coolest and the prettiest wooden Christmas trees we’ve found around the web.  Go ahead! Choose the one you think would fit perfectly with your Christmas mood!


1. Stack Them Up:

Wooden Trees (1)

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Insert a number of sticks in a zig zag way to stick them together into the shape of the Christmas tree. This wooden Christmas tree can then be decorated with all sorts of baubles, yarn balls and whatever you think would suit you.


2. Repurposed Pallet:

Wooden Trees (10)
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This is a unique idea of decorating your Christmas tree made out of repurposed pallets. It’s super easy and makes a great impression amongst the guests.


3. Edgy Christmas Tree:

Wooden Trees (11)

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