This Creative Christmas Craft Ideas for The Family are among the most popular activities for both kids and adults alike. This will demonstrate some of these crafts like Christmas ornaments, greeting cards or presents. A lot of people would be excited to engage in some craft project, whether kids or adults, teenagers or seniors. We are sure that, these Christmas crafts will make our days merry and well-occupied. Happy Holidays!

Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Paper Christmas Wreath

Creative Christmas Craft Ideas for The Family

Christmas wreaths are very popular during the Christmas season because it looks so lively and festive. They can be made of anything these days now that people are exploring their creative sides. Kids too can make their own wreath and in just a matter of minutes, too. All they need is a pair of scissors, some colored paper and glue.

To make the paper wreaths, the middle part of the green colored paper is sliced evenly in horizontal straight lines about half an inch apart from each other. Then, the two ends where the slices meet are glued together; then the two ends of the cylinder shaped paper are glued again. And the Christmas paper wreath is done. For embellishment, ribbons and Christmas ball cut-outs could be glued to the paper wreath.

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2. Simple DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments


Christmas trees alone liven up our homes during Christmas. Adding tree ornaments make it even more so. To make our trees more meaningful and personal, making our own tree ornaments is one wonderful idea. We can even encourage our kids to do so as well.

Equipped with some colored cardboard paper, scissors and strings, our kids can make Christmas tree ornament cut-outs. Popular shapes could be Christmas balls, snowflakes and candy cones. To give the ornaments a 3-dimensional feel, fold two similar cut-outs of the same size as the center. Then, glue the center of the cut-outs together. As simple as that, you can already have your Christmas tree ornaments.


3. Colored Christmas Decorations


We always find our kid’s drawings so adorable. So why not let them making colored drawings of popular icons like Santa Claus, Rudolf and Frosty during Christmas? We can cut out the drawings and use them as Christmas decorations all around the house.

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4. Recycled Bottle Caps Décor


Recycling bottle caps as decorations not only teach kids the value of recycling, it also livens up our house as well. And it is fairly easy to do. Kids merely need to cut even circles that would fit inside the bottle cap and glue them in. Of course, they need to find the most creative papers to make the bottle caps more interesting. They can even draw or paint their own designs into the paper cut-outs.

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5. Santa Claus Hanging Décor

Santa Claus decorations are among the most popular during the Christmas holidays. And we all know just how much kids love Santa. So why not let them make Santa Claus decorations using colored papers, cottons and white yarn? It will be a lengthier project depending on the Santa design but they will have lots of fun doing it.

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6. Ninja Turtles Tree Ornament


Adding a little fun to our regular Christmas ball tree ornaments is always a welcome change. Say hello to Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello.

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Christmas Craft Ideas for Adults

1. Christmas Candle Holder


Every house would need its Christmas candle. So why not make a personalized candle holder using used wrappers, strings and other embellishments? All we need to do is glue them and tie them together and we can already have a very festive candle holder.


2. Snowman Goodies


We all make treats during Christmas. So why not be creative about it? We can place all the yummy treats in small jars and arrange them on top of each other to create one of our favorite icons during Christmas – Frosty. Topping it off with a hat and a scarf as well as painting on buttons and a face will make the whole package too cute.


3. Christmas Mittens


We usually use Christmas socks to hang on our fireplace and wait for them to be filled by Santa. We can be a little non-traditional and use mittens which are equally cute. They are also pretty easy to make as well.


4. Snowman Socks Decoration


Once again, Frosty, our favorite snowman, could be made from stuffed old white socks which are embellished to make them look a little different from one another.


5. DIY Christmas Cookie Container


What is Christmas without all the cookies and milk? We usually have a lot of stash for cookies during Christmas so why not make creative containers from recycled materials like a used can of Pringles? All we need to do is wrap the Pringles container in some lively Christmas wrapping paper and we already have the perfect containers. We can even give away these repackaged cookies as gifts!


6. Christmas Card


Although it is much easier to send emails now, it is always nice to receive a personalized Christmas card that would wish us well. So share the love this Christmas and make your own Christmas cards. You can use various colors and different cut-outs to make the cards more interesting.


Christmas Ornament Craft Ideas

1. Mason Jar Craft Ideas


These mason jar crafts are actually very simple to make. All we need are some clean, empty jars, small Christmas figures and some Styrofoam. We can glue down the figure on the inside of the lid, add the Styrofoam and close the jar. We can make a lot of these in just a few minutes!


2. Christmas Glass Ornaments


There are several Christmas tree ornaments that allow us to add a touch of ourselves into design. There are several empty glass tree ornaments that let us do the design by ourselves. We can paint them, add some personalized trinkets inside the glass ornament or whatever we may wish, we know just by looking at it that they are truly ours.


3. Christmas Knit Ornaments


If we happen to love knitting, we can use several of our projects as Christmas ornaments. We can even use mittens that are in the Christmas colors (red, green, white, silver, gold).


4. Rustic Gingerbread Ornament


We can even use food as part of our ornaments during Christmas. Gingerbread, because of its color, would look great if combined with a wood-like element. To make the whole look more festive, we can add the usual embellishments of ribbons and bough.


5. Christmas Ball Wreath


We probably have a lot of old Christmas balls that we don’t use anymore because we somehow like to keep buying new ornaments every year. Put those old Christmas balls to good use by creating a Christmas wreath out of them.


6. Christmas tree button ornament


Cute as a button, that is what this Christmas tree ornament is. Using only buttons of various sizes and colors, we can make very attractive tree ornaments and enjoy ourselves while making them too.


Christmas Candy Craft Ideas

1. Candy Cane Christmas Wreath


Candy is also very popular during Christmas. So if we have an abundance in those sweets, why not utilize them in our Christmas crafts? We all know how popular Christmas wreaths are, adding candy canes into the design not only would make it look super cute, they make the wreath all too delicious to bear.


2. Christmas Candy Wreath


Candy canes aren’t the only useful candy for Christmas wreaths; there are several other useful candies as well. In fact, why not try them all? Just keep them in the same color theme and you are sure to create a wildly delicious wreath.


3. Candy Christmas Tree


And lastly, what would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? Add a little extra something to your Christmas tree by making it solely out of chocolate or candy balls. Not only will you be dying to open your presents on Christmas day, you can hardly wait to eat your Christmas tree as well!


Happy Holidays to everyone!