The advent of December marks the beginning of the Christmas preparation. Christmas is all about creating the appropriate vibe and atmosphere of the holidays. The Christmas tree is a tradition of this festival. People usually purchase ready made ornaments to adorn their tree. But if you want to add a personal touch to the Christmas tree, then decorate the tree with these do-it-yourself ornaments. Homemade Christmas tree ornaments, just like treasures, are handed down from generations to generation. The handmade ideas will not only provide a unique look to your tree, but will also transform your home into a warm and inviting place for the holiday. Here are 15 simple homemade Christmas tree decoration ideas for you to try out.

orange slices ornaments

1. Dried orange slices ornaments from 

This is an easy to prepare Christmas tree embellishment. Slice some oranges in uniform size and bake in an oven for about 4 hours at minimum temperature. Make sure the slices have a bit of moisture so that they still have an orange color. Create a small hole on top of each slice and slide a pretty ribbon through it.  You can also use a leopard print ribbon for the loop. This will provide an unexpected punch to this traditional tree. Alternatively, you can also tie whole oranges on the tree. Embellish the citrus fruits with beads and glitters and leave it aside to set. Cut notches across the orange’s navel and loop though the navel. The orange ornaments will bring a fresh look to your tree.  The Christmas light will reflect the glistening citrus slices, making a pretty sight.

cookie cutter ornaments

2. Cookie cutter ornaments from 

Baking is an important tradition of Christmas, with the cookies being the highlight. However, did you know that you could use your surplus of cookie cutters for decorating your Christmas tree? Yes, the cookie cutters are useful for many more things besides being used for producing cutout cookies. Trace the cookie cutter onto a newspaper or colorful scrapbook paper to make a pattern. Glue on some buttons, trims and glitter to make it more attractive. Alternatively, tie some pretty ribbon though a cookie cutter and hang it on the Christmas tree. Use different shapes and varieties of cookie cutters like gingerbread man, stocking, angels, stars, flowers and many more. The cookie cutter can also be used to adorn the wreath and garlands.

gingerbread ornaments

3. Gingerbread cookies from 

Gingerbread is a perfect way to start the Christmas tradition. Bake some gingerbread and hang on the Christmas tree to make your home smell like ginger, molasses and cinnamon. The aroma of baked gingerbread will last even after the holidays are over. Chill the dough for at least an hour and then let it sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes before cutting. This will make it more pliable, making it easier to roll the dough. Alternatively, you can also make gingerbread ornaments from polymer clay. Decorate the gingerbread with acrylic paint and glitters once they are dry.

sugar cut out cookies

4. Cut out sugar cookie ornaments 

Making Christmas tree ornaments with dough can be fun and easy. You just need some salt, flour and water to make these beautiful ornaments. Roll the dough and cut out the cookie in different shapes and sizes. Do not forget to poke a small hole through the top of each cookie. Allow it to dry overnight so that it hardens and then decorate with craft paints. Sprinkle some glitter before the ornaments dry. Lace a string or ribbon though the each hole and hang on the Christmas tree.

ice cream cone ornaments

5. Ice cream cone ornaments from 

Ice cream cones Christmas tree ornaments can never go out of trend.  They are colorful and cute and make an excellent addition to your glittery Christmas tree. You just need some colorful tissues and a grocery bag to make these simple, yet amazing Christmas tree ornaments. Use simple and plain ribbons for tying the ice cream cone to keep the focus only on the ice cream. The balls for the ice cream should be big enough to fill the opening of the cone, but not very big that they overpower the look of the decoration. Your kids will scream for these ice cream cone crafts.

red felt bird ornaments

6. Red felt bird ornaments from

Red Felt bird symbolizes the grand and cheerful atmosphere of Christmas. This cute little bird with tiny yellow beak is perfect to add the festive flair to your home. Red felt bird ornament looks intricate and is very easy to make. Some basic stitching and craft skills can create beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. Create different embellishments and variation of the red felt bird ornaments to perch on the branches of your glistening Christmas tree.

cup cake ornaments

7. Cupcake ornaments from 

This homemade ornament is perfect for decorating your Christmas tree. If done properly, your guests will probably mistake these ornaments for real cup cake. You can also give these yummy looking ornaments as a return gift. Use a strand of golden thread for an eye-catching look.

candies ornaments

8. Candy ornaments from 

There could be nothing sweeter than Christmas tree decoration themed on candies. Trees made of peppermint sticks, balls and candy canes with Santa figures will make a charming selection. Peppermints are the best candies for decorating the tree. Take a few peppermint candies in a wrapping paper and swirl to form a wreath. Bond both the sides with icing and adorn the front of the wreath with tiny mints. Let it dry for a few hours before hanging.  These ornaments will surely make the kids loitering near the Christmas tree.

candy cane ornaments

9. Beaded candy cane ornaments from 

Candy canes are an iconic Christmas sweet treat. Decorate your Christmas tree with the beaded candy cane ornaments for a simple, yet beautiful look. This ornament requires just a handful of red and white Christmas beads and chenille stems. Even younger kids can help you with it. Beaded candy cane ornaments can also be used for decorating the Christmas gifts. It will make a lovely decoration for the windows as well.

light bulb ornaments

10. Light bulb ornaments from 

You can easily turn an old night bulb into a festive ornament with a few artistic strokes. Paint the bulb or apply some glitter and let it dry for 20 minutes. You can stick the family photos or personal messages to both sides of these ornaments. You can also try some metallic embroidery on the bulb.

bird seed ornament

11. Birdseed ornaments from 

Birdseeds Christmas tree ornaments are easy and fun to prepare and make an excellent outdoor decoration. This way you will be sharing the holiday spirit with the birds.  A jar of bird seeds and a few basic ingredients is required to make bird seed tree ornaments. Decorate the tree with a wide range of bird seeds to attract different species of birds. There are several methods to prepare birdseed ornaments. Gelatin and peanut are best used for this ornament, as you will be serving the ornaments to birds. Even your little ones will have a blast making the birdseed ornaments.

glass ball ornaments

12. Glass ball ornament from 

The empty glass ball with silver collar offers a catalyst for creativity. There is a plethora of ways to decorate a glass ball. You can fill the glass with wood chips, dried pine, moss, acorns, tiny seashell, peppermint sticks or colorful thermocol. Adorn the glass with paper lines, polka dots, glitter and anything you want. You can also attach a peacock feather to the top of the ornament with glue.  If you are a good artist, you can create a Christmas scene by dropping a fir tree in the globe and dusting with artificial snow. Use the tweezers to position the branches.  Make sure you keep a set for yourself to treasure it for generations.

beaded snowflakes ornaments

13. Beaded snowflake ornaments from 

There could be nothing better than having a tree full of snowflakes. Beaded snowflake is very quick to assemble. Kids with all ages can make these ornaments with parental supervision. You can use this versatile ornament to decorate the cards, gifts and of course, Christmas trees. All you require is a wire, preferably in the form of a snowflake, beads and a hot glue to affix the beads.

pizzelle candy cone ornaments

14. Pizzelle candy cone ornaments from 

Pizzelle candy cone will spread a sweet holiday cheer in your home and its surrounding. The process might be a bit time consuming, but it is worth every effort. You can make some pizzelle cones yourself or use the ready made ice cream cones. Make two holes on each side of the cone with a wooden skewer. Apply gentle pressure so that it does not get cracked. Then paint the cone in different patterns or dip it in colored sugar. Leave it aside to set. Make sure the cone is completely dry before moving the string or ribbon through the holes. Tuck a paper towel into the cones and fill with peppermints, raisins, almonds, gumdrops and butterscotch. Fill the cones lightly so that the cones do not get very heavy. You can use the cone in various creative ways.

pine cone ornaments

15. Pinecone ornaments from 

Pinecones grow in a variety of shapes and sizes during the fall and winter. These amazing looking organ of plants look beautiful as glittering Christmas ornaments. They are super easy to make and can be done by the kids. Use silver and golden metallic spray paint to highlight the pine cones. You can also gild them with glitter for an added luster.