If you are planning to decorate your house on this Christmas something different? If so I think blue Christmas decoration is a perfect way to decorate your house. People try to find new ways to decorate the houses for Christmas and blue Christmas decorations is one of the most unique way. You can also go simple and basic and just stick to a small Christmas tree and a few Christmas lanterns here and there. The good news is that we found these beautiful blue Christmas decoration ideas that we think you’ll absolutely love.

Easy Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas


Blue Christmas Decoration Idea


Blue Christmas Living Room



Some of these are really easy to do, which will only take a few minutes. Some are quite challenging enough to require you a few days, and a few friends, to help finish setting up. But whatever design you go for, we guarantee only brilliant and incredible results. We’ve picked out our favorites and we can’t wait to get started. Now it’s time to pick out yours!

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Blue Mason Jar Luminaries


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Blue Christmas Table Setting

There are so many Christmas decoration ideas you can do this year to celebrate the holidays. In fact, there are too many decoration ideas out there that it’s so hard to decide on which particular one. You can go big and bold and go for really extravagant decors.


Blue and Green Christmas Decor Combo


Blue Christmas Balls and Jars


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Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Image source: treetopia.com


Have a full-blown blue-themed Christmas decor this year with this beautiful and magical blue Christmas tree. Spice it up with baubles of different colors.

Blue Christmas Ornaments

Image Source: 4DIYhome

Blue Christmas Wreaths

Image source: houzz.com

This Christmas wreath is stylish, modern and festive. The use of fabric with metal, paper, and other materials of different textures just prove that you can work with anything and turn it in a décor as impressive as this. Want something different and gorgeous to be the first thing you’ll see when coming home? This blue holiday wreath is it!

Image source: globalfriends.net

Turn plain vases into something that fits the holidays. These slender vases were decorated with blue glitters and embellished with ribbons in a lighter shade of blue. You can bring the bling out, too, and use them to wrap around the shiny vases. These babies will look great as table centerpieces, or as ornaments on top of the fireplace.

Image source: countryliving.com

These Tiffany blue Christmas stockings are all kinds of dreamy. Adorn them with artificial snowflakes. Stuff them with blue-colored trinkets. Prettify and hang them all over the house. The blue and white combination is just too pretty for words, don’t you think?

Image source: wisheslol.com

Are you ready for this bold and bright blue? Try to picture these blue decorations on your pristine white Christmas tree. Gorgeous, aren’t they? They will look perfect on a green Christmas tree, too, if that’s what you’re worried about. So go blue this year for that extra pop of color!

Blue Christmas Tablescape

Image source: ngyilian.com

Easily recreate this look for your next holiday dinner. There’s something so arresting and charming about these different shades of blue on the dining table. Blue drinking glasses, baby blue and silver garlands, Tiffany blue table napkins, glossy blue and silver baubles, and some fresh flowers — you’re good to go. Definitely Instagram-worthy!

Blue Christmas Mantel Decorations

Image source: pinterest.com

I’m looking at this pretty sight and wishing that it’s Christmas all year round. Everything about this holiday decoration is perfection. Blue and silver Christmas baubles, matched with green and silver holiday garlands and glittery mini Christmas trees, made this fireplace the house’s focal point. The look is full and festive without looking too busy or cluttered, don’t you think?

Image source: centsationalgirl.com

This is another example of a blue-themed Christmas decoration that will look lovely anywhere in your home. There’s an understated elegance in this decorating idea. It just goes to show that picking out the right ornaments will make a space look festive enough. For this, less is definitely more.

Blue Christmas Wine Luminary


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Blue Christmas Door decoration

Image source: etsy.com

How adorable is this holiday snowman wreath? Your heart is made of stone if this does not make you smile even just a teeny bit. That gorgeous snowman cap? That pretty scarf? That sweet little smile on the snowman’s face? This one is definitely a winner!

Blue Table Centerpiece for Christmas

Image source: pinterest.com

Here’s a fun and elegant decorating idea.  Set up your dinner table in matching baby blue tablecloth, table napkins and Christmas baubles. Dress up your napkins with shiny silver clips and place them inside your wine glasses. You can also place sparkly silver table centerpieces for added drama. That’s fancy in a snap for you.

Blue Fireplace Christmas Decorating Idea

Image source: remodelandolacasa.com

We just love the explosion of soft blues in this living room. The little blue bottles and the unique wall decoration are to die for! Even the matching blue and white stockings, with the shimmering pearly finish, look perfect on top of that fireplace. This just makes me want to light a fire, kick off my shoes, open a bottle of wine, and relax on that comfy couch right there.

Deep Blue Christmas Table

Image source: pinterest.com

Everything about this design idea is wow! Why haven’t I thought of this myself? This kind of glossy blue instantly adds a sophisticated and elegant element to your dinner table. If you want this look for Christmas, better stock up on these blue ornaments and get decorating!

Blue Christmas Tree Decor

Image source: centsationalgirl.com

There are so many ways to decorate a white Christmas tree. So many ways that sometimes you’re just stumped and don’t know where to start. Well, how about this magnificent-looking tree for inspiration? Get all kinds of blue ornaments you can lay your hands on, mix with a few bright colors for that extra pop, and decorate your lovely Christmas tree.

Blue Santa Claus

Image source: horchow.com

Go bold and go different with this blue Santa tabletop décor. I’ve never seen a cuter Santa Claus! I bet friends and family will be going crazy over this blue-suited Santa, too. Those shiny silver boots, those holiday trinkets in his hands, that majestic robe, and that sweet, adorable face? I’m sold!

Blue Christmas Decors

Image source: pinterest.com

Easily recreate this look for your Christmas decorations this year. Hang blue and white Christmas stockings over your fireplace. Complement them with presents wrapped in shiny blue wrapping paper. Adorn with holiday ornaments in soft colors. Absolutely lovely!

White and Blue Christmas Decorations

Image source: marthastewart.com

How precious is this snowflake garland? Just draping it on top of a wall mirror instantly transformed this space into a happy and festive one. Add some tall candles and put them in slender silver candle holders. Take out your silver bowls and fill them with blue and silver Christmas baubles, or holiday sweets and small Christmas presents.

White and Blue Winter Wonderland

Image source: honeywerehome.blogspot.com

Get your inspiration for designing your foyer table with this classy and elegant look. Don’t you just love that combination of blue and silver? From the Christmas baubles, to the chalkboard, to the lanterns and reindeers, down to the throw pillows. It’s gorgeous in its simplicity, and such an easy styling idea to recreate.

Magical Blue Luminary

Image source: puddyshouse.com

Mason jars not only look great on your kitchen cupboards or at Sunday brunches. They also make great holiday decorations! What do you need? Just balled up Christmas lights and a fancy-looking bow! How easy is that?

Silver and Blue Christmas Decor

Image source: seasideinteriors.ca

One does not need a lot of Christmas decorations at home for one to feel the joy of the season. This is true for people who don’t have a big space, or aren’t fans of too many decorations. But this design inspiration strikes a balance between beauty and practicality. From the tastefully decorated tree, to the accent throw pillow, to the glass candy jar and candle holder, everything is beautiful and organized.

Blue Ornaments for Christmas

Image source: pinterest.com

This exquisite blue Christmas bouquet is such a unique décor! This will look perfect on top of the foyer table, or the fireplace. Copy the look and grab a tall, slender, transparent glass vase and fill it with big blue holiday flowers. You can use fresh or artificial flowers for this, too!

Blue Snowflakes Hanging Ornament

Image source: collectionsetc.com

Ever seen a wind chime this pretty? I definitely want one! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this outside your bedroom window and watch it dancing with the wind? And long after the holidays are over, wouldn’t it be a great permanent fixture by your bedroom window, too?

Blue Hanging Christmas Balls

Image source: pinterest.com

A Christmas tree made of bright blue Christmas baubles? Sounds absolutely lovely! You can even make this unique Christmas tree yourself. Gather up Christmas baubles in different sizes and string them at different lengths to create the shape of a tree.

Blue and Silver Christmas Candle Decor

Image source: marthastewart.com

This holiday decoration is one you can make in a matter of minutes. It’s so simple and so beautiful, and very inexpensive to make, too. What you need are some transparent glass vases or candle holders, and lots of shiny and glittery Christmas baubles. Just put all the baubles inside, mix and match, and you got yourself this elegant Christmas décor!

Glittery Blue Christmas Ornaments

Image source: etsy.com

Another easy-to-make Christmas decoration that you can try doing this year is this silver platter of blue Christmas baubles. Yes, you heard it right. You simply arrange your Christmas baubles on a shiny silver platter and it’s ready. Put it on your coffee table as a centerpiece, or put it on a bookshelf as a pretty ornament.

Blue Outdoor Christmas Decor

Image source: blog.christmaslightsetc.com

Want to go all out with your holiday decorations this year? Why not festoon your tree with blue Christmas lights? It’s a big project, so you probably have to get some help from your family and friends for this. But all your hard work will pay off once you light the whole thing up. Pure magic!