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Christmas is our season of decorating and dressing up our homes with red and green, or blue and silver things. Dress your house up with these beautiful do-it-yourself ideas and make your home fabulous for this holiday season. So gather up your tools, prepare your creativity, create your own decors, and make your home fabulous this Christmas season.


Usually, Christmas is filled with colorful and shiny decorations and ho would have thought that a log can be an attractive holiday decor for your house? This picture shows not only creativity but also resourcefulness, so if you want a holiday decor that can also be your bonding time with your kids, try this one! I personally suggest this if you have time to create your own decors and you are the artsy-artsy type of person.

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Popular Christmas Decorations



I love how this creative wooden tray was made from materials that can easily be found during the Christmas season, and most of the materials are biodegradable so after the holidays, it will not add up to the trash; creative and eco-friendly! The candles give the room a cozy vibe, perfect for spending intimate time with your loved ones this season. Say goodbye to your boring centerpiece and try this one!

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Having an apothecary jar as a home decor sounds sophisticated! I love this idea! Make your Christmas not just merry and jolly, you can add some elegant elements too. I seriously suggest this if you want to give your home the elegant vibe. Who would have thought that inside those jars are just tiny candy cranes bought from the grocery? Creative!

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This one is the picture-perfect Christmas theme for your living room. You will love taking pictures in here, you’ll also like looking back to this year’s pictures because of the beautiful background. You can also take your family picture in this beautiful living room and send it to your friends as your family’s holiday card. Isn’t that sweet and wonderful? So, what are you waiting for? Make a replica of this on your living room!

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Popular Christmas Decorations.


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Christmas Staircase Decorations

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Creative and simple


A very creative use of a shadow box, and a fantastic Christmas decor too! Of all the holiday decorations I have seen, I believe, this one is the easiest to make. The colors of the Christmas balls is your choice too, so if you want your Christmas to be themed “Winter Wonderland”, fill the box up with silver balls. Great, isn’t it? This is one of the best DIY decors I’ve seen. Whether you’re the artsy person or not, you can easily create this one. Try it!

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Mason jars are becoming a trend these days because it really gives the vintage vibe, whether you are using it as a food or drink container, a giveaway, and now it can also be a decoration too! I never thought of this one, and I’m the type who likes DIY decors. This one is a perfect holiday décor, and can also be a holiday give-away (that is if you have a lot of time to create a lot of this). Loved it!

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Aw, what a fantastic way to make beers adorable! For me, beers don’t usually make the best impressions on a house but when dressed like this, I would definitely want a 6-pack! This is not just a holiday décor but also the best gift for dad and grandpa. This is the Christmas gift that will not be a hassle to buy. I call this one, the Rein-beers! Adorable, aren’t they?

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Depending on colors you will use, this is not just a Christmas décor, but can also be just a normal day decoration at home. This can also be a project you can do with your sisters or your kids if you have one. It’s cheap and it really is easy to do, you just need to find the best leaves out there, and voila, you have a unique décor that shows how creative you are. An instagram-genic holiday décor! Highly recommended.

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This jar décor is one of the cheapest DIY décor I have seen. For this one, all you need to buy is glue and if you do have a glue at home, then you can make this awesome décor for free! For the whole year, remember to collect empty jars, and when you are ready to decorate, gather your old music books back when you are in primary school. Style the jar however you like, for sure, this jar will be a fabulous addition to your home’s Christmas décor. Try this one!

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It is undoubtedly obvious that this home decoration gives us the Christmas vibe we want, the vibe that suggests intimacy, calmness, and peace of mind. This is perfect for homes without kids, because it is not that much colorful and it is more romantic than cheerful. So, if you want to have the romantic Christmas you and your husband have been talking about, try this décor and let him do the rest.

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Are those lids? Are those bracelets? Are does little plates? Who knows! All I can see is a beautiful Christmas tree. This is a really creative idea, and an easy to create project that your kids will surely love. Spend time with the little ones and unleash their creativity with these DIY Christmas trees that everyone will surely like!

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This is literally the sweetest holiday décor I have seen! When you are born creative, even mint candies can be a centerpiece. Show your relatives your creativity and create your own centerpiece like this. You can try different candies if you are not a fan of mints. Just make sure that you are putting it where ants could find it because your centerpiece might not celebrate Christmas with you if they do!

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This holiday décor is a delight to the eye, this is not your usual green and red balls or cloths. If you want your home décor to be not too traditional, try this one! A winter wonderland inspired reindeer shadow that is glittering with silver glitters. Fabulous! If you can make it bigger, that’s better. It can be a background for all the photos you will take this holiday season. I am pretty sure you’ll get many likes from that.

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This jar is not just for Christmas, it is a year-round home décor! It is not just easy to do, not just cheap, but can also be used in many different ways. These jars truly are a catch. If you have time today, visit your favorite market place or grocery store, maybe they’re selling these kinds of jars, and start stuffing it with colorful things. It will make a fantastic centerpiece!

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Oh, look at those tiny reindeers! Who would not love them? This DIY idea offers you a new way to recycle your wine bottles, in this case, your wine corks! The kids will find them cute, the adults will find them fabulous, and others can’t find these reindeers on their home because only you has them. So say goodbye to the usual reindeers and create your own cork reindeers this Christmas.

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This lantern is not your usual Christmas lantern, with blinking lights and plays Christmas songs. This lantern is a more elegant and sophisticated, and this goes best with homes without kids because kids like the colorful ones. This is a perfect décor if you like hosting wine parties during the holiday season. Can you imagine how fancy that looks like? Try it on your homes now, it’s so easy to do anyway.

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Christmas is a wonderful occasion and a beautiful view to see. This home owner got the brilliant idea of bringing the Christmas view outside inside their home. Looking at these wonderfully decorated room, even when you are inside the room, it feels like you are not missing the view outside while staying cozy and warm. I like how intimate this room has become because of these decors. Try this one at home! I am sure your guests will love it.

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We’re used to seeing wreath that is made of wonderfully arranged flowers but this one’s different, it is made from an old, used picture frame. Creative and smart! Flowers wither, and when they do, you can’t use them as decors anymore. But this one, you can use it as many times you want, restyle it if you like, and hang it on your door. Isn’t that great? I totally recommend this décor, not just creative but also economical.

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Who says you cannot have a snowman inside your home? Well, they must be crazy because look at this snowmen! Staying fabulous while inside your home, feeling cozy and warm. I am pretty sure these will be an excellent conversation starter if you host a party this holiday. And it will not just be a conversation starter, I think it would capture everyone’s attention so, it will be the star of your party. I totally recommend you try this one out!

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Want a holiday décor that only you have? Put together an arrangement like this one! Express your excitement this Christmas and create a unique piece like this one. You can browse online for materials and for ideas, then show off your creativity with your very own Christmas décor! Try this one and unleash the artist in you.

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This décor will not take up much of your time, most of its materials are already in your house. You have the candle holders or stand and candles ready, all you need to do is dress them up with these beautiful candle rings! Fantastic idea, because you do not need to remodel your living room, just dress it up. These ornaments can also be found outside your home if you do not want to buy synthetic ones. Try doing this with your kids, your spouse, or your friends, it will be a fun bonding activity.

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Having these decors on your front door will definitely give you a lot of big “wow” every time someone pass by your house! Who would not want to take a picture with it or at least look at it a little longer? It’s a delight to see. So, what are you waiting for? Start gathering your ribbons and glitters and make one like this, recommended for all types of houses because… it’s really beautiful.

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Oh, look at how this front porch looked homey with these decorations. It’s like everyone is welcome. Who would not agree that this one’s easy to do? Gather up your old coffee table, old lantern, and some poinsettia, and put them like this outside your house. In an instant, you’ll have a wonderful front porch design! It would be best if you paint them first. Try this, I am sure you won’t regret it.

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This is not your traditional Santa-filled Christmas home décor! If you want to make your home different from all the rest, then this one’s the best set of décor that will suit you. Aside from being different, you get this awesome look at the most affordable price or free if you already have these materials at home. Get away from the usual Christmas ornaments and try this one!

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Want to spice up your fireplace but not with the usual Christmas stockings? Try this one out! Make your fireplace Christmas-y with a board like this one (which you could make your own too, by the way), and this Christmas mantle. A photogenic holiday view is what you’ll get when you try this one at your home.

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