Top 40 Christmas Door Decoration Ideas From Pinterest

Christmas is almost knocking at the door. The trees have been trimmed; the mantle has been decorated, and the Christmas menu has been decided. But what about the front door? How can you leave the front door empty? After all, it is the first thing that your guests will see while coming to the party.

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There are plenty of decorating ideas to make your entrance cheerful and more welcoming. Using some colorful wreaths, garlands and lights, you can have the prettiest porch on the block. For your assistance, we have compiled 40 door decoration ideas from Pinterest, the treasure trove of images. Have a look at the ideas below!

  1. Black, White And Green Theme:

Did you ever think that black and white could look so beautiful? Well, it does, and hints of green are enhancing its overall appeal.

  1. Country Style Door Decoration:

Add some country style to your door with this decoration idea. The bright green wreath and garland is looking stunning against the black door.

  1. Full Of Green:

Here’s another excellent way to incorporate greens in your door decoration. Even Mr. Husky is having a great time sitting amongst the greens.

  1. A Traditional Look:

If you want to bring the holiday spirit on a dime, then this idea is just for you. Hanging Christmas Carol on the door is a novel idea.

  1. Red And White:

Red and white door decoration idea never fails to impress us. And honestly speaking, nothing could look better on this black and white house.

  1. Joy Wreath:

Bring joy to your house with this beautiful decoration idea. The idea of using a wreath in place of the letter ‘O’ is incredible.

  1. Elegant Beige And Green Door Decoration Idea:

Stunning is the word for this door decoration idea. Sometimes muted colors can make all the difference.

  1. A Magical Porch:

This house looks magical decorated with wreaths and garlands made with red and silver ornaments and greens. We even liked the inclusion of wooden Christmas tree at the entrance.

  1. Vase Placed Near The Door:

Placing a vase of a contrasting shade filled with Christmas ornament can enliven the décor like no other thing. We’re pretty sure no one in your neighborhood would have thought about this idea.

  1. Happy Holidays:

Make your neighbors feel envious with this lovely door decoration idea. It’s simple and still looks beautiful. You just have to get hold of the happy holidays’ ribbon.

  1. Decorative Lanterns:

Add a glow to your entrance by placing decorated lanterns near the front door. But make sure you decorate the lanterns a bit first.

  1. Front Black Door Decorated With Greens Wreath:

If you have a black, wrought iron door, then this door decoration idea would look magnificent.

  1. Snowman Wreath:

This wreath is just adorable. The idea may seem a bit intimidating but is actually pretty easy. Making the snowman’s hat can be a bit tricky, but with a little effort, you can easily pull it off.

  1. Christmas Tree On The Porch:

This is a relatively simple door decoration idea. The blogger has decorated her door with pine leaf garland and wreath. Did you notice the black mat at the entrance?

  1. A Regal Door Decoration:

Ornate doors and wide entryways do not need much of a decoration. Adding accents to the surrounding areas will create a perfect holiday look.

  1. Pretty In Pink:

Red, green and jewel tones are very common during Christmas. So why not break the monotony and go for a pastel wreath this year? This pink wreath is looking very refreshing.

  1. Nutcracker Welcoming You:

Bring your porch back to basic with this red ornament nestled in a green wreath. And there is also a nut cracker to welcome you.

  1. Welcome To North Pole:

Doesn’t this image remind you of North Pole? Well, even you can create a winter wonderland in your house by following this door decoration idea.

  1. Door Decorated With Mesh:

Mesh Garland is a great way to decorate the porch or front door. The color combination used for the garland is also unique. Never before have we seen olive green, golden and mauve mesh.

  1. A Regal Door Decoration Idea:

This Christmas door decoration idea is looking regal. It looks ultra-sophisticated and will work great with both contemporary and traditional home.

  1. Symmetrical Design:

Whenever you are in doubt, go for symmetrical arrangement, as seen here. The decoration is looking very polished and elegant.

  1. Candy Themed Door:

If you are organizing a Christmas party for kids, then this Christmas door idea would be perfect for you. Did you notice the wreath? Doesn’t it look unconventional?

  1. Add Fresh Leaves Or Flowers:

If you reside in a temperate climate, then you could decorate your front door with a leaf garland and wreath. You can even select a bright colored ribbon for a pop of color.

  1. Pomegranates And Greens:

You do not always need to use ornaments for decorating your porch. Go crazy and use pomegranates instead. No, we are not asking you to make a pomegranate wreath. Stuffing green leaves and pomegranates in the spaces of the door would look fantastic.

  1. Ice Skates Door Hanging:


Are you wondering what to do with the old pair of skates lying in your house? Then put them in use by decorating your door with it. You have to string up the skates with a beautiful ribbon and hang near the gate.

  1. The Classic Green Decoration:

If you are new to the Christmas door decorating, then you can use this idea for inspiration. It’s simple, still looks outstanding.

  1. Red Frame:

Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, why not you try this simple, yet attractive alternative? Just take a frame and paint it bright red. Hang a few Christmas ornaments from the frame and you are done.

  1. Hand A Low Wreath:

Be the first one in your neighborhood to hang the Christmas wreath low on the front door. It looks both modern and welcoming.

  1. Bold Ornaments:

The bold ornaments, silver garland, and the green and red stocking are giving a cool Christmas look.

  1. Seasonal Colors:

Play up with the traditional red and green color combination, but with a modern color scheme. The wreath is looking lovely. So is the reindeer doormat.

  1. Felt Christmas Tree Door Decoration:

Yes, wreaths do look lovely, but there are other items too that can add seasonal interest to your door. This felt Christmas tree is looking is a great way to dress up the front door.

  1. Grinch’s Themed Door Decoration:

If you have a colorful front door, then you are definitely in luck this Christmas. The blogger has incorporated the Grinch’s theme for the décor. We loved the colorful mesh the most.

  1. Reindeer Door Hanger:

This reindeer door hanger is looking adorbs. You can even place a vintage wooden sled next to the door for maximum impact.

  1. Santa Stop Here:

Here’s another candy themed Christmas door decoration idea for you. We think that it’s Santa’s home. What do you think?

  1. Match The Front Door To Your Architectural Style:

A traditional home looks great in classic decoration like the one we see here. Three evergreen wreaths hung from a red ribbon are giving a simple and elegant finish.

  1. Garden Inspired Christmas Decoration:

This large, leafy garland is made with evergreen branches, berries and silver ribbon. The intertwined lights are adding a cheery glow.

  1. Joy:

Spread the Christmas joy in the neighborhood by handing the wooden letters ‘JOY’ from the front door. The moss finish is giving an earthy contrast to the dreary surrounding.

  1. Red And Blue:

If playing with colors is your style, then this idea is perfect for you. Funky color combinations are a great way to add visual interest to the porch.

  1. The Black Beauty

It’s very easy to customize an evergreen garland for a maximum compact. Just add a few tiny ornaments and red bows to the garland and you are good to go.

  1. Beautiful Evergreen Wreath:

Deck your Christmas door with this gorgeous Christmas wreath. You can even hang a few Christmas ornaments to add cheer to the overall look.

So which of these ideas will you try for the Christmas? Share with us by commenting below!

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