Top 40 Christmas Star Decorations Ideas

Stars are the charm of Christmas decoration, isn’t it? Whether you hang the massive stars from the ceiling or use tiny stars, Christmas decoration seems incomplete without them. Today, we’ll share 40 ways to use stars for Christmas decoration. Just go through Christmas Star Decoration Ideas I have found for you, Read on!

  1. Tiny Stars:

Christmas Star Decoration Ideas


Here’s a lovely idea for white Christmas. The mantelpiece is decorated in a rustic way with old frames and logs. Besides, a wooden pole decorated with stars is placed.

  1. Candle Decoration:

This candle decoration would make a lovely addition to your white and gold theme.

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  1. Christmas Star Decoration Ideas For Your Dining Hall:

Christmas Star Decorations


Hang oversized star paper lanterns to give a magical touch to your house. The color combination is also stunning.

  1. Wooden Star:

This idea is authentic, simple and lovely. It’s a wooden star cutout hung from the mantelpiece with a ribbon.

  1. Star Ornaments:



Here are two beautiful star ornaments for you to hang on your Christmas tree. The second one is looking elegant.

  1. Jingle Bell Star Ornament:

This jingle bell ornament would look beautiful hung on your Christmas tree. It’s not over the top and would go well with other ornaments too!

  1. A Lovely Display:

The mantelpiece here is decorated with three different sized star cutouts. White pillar candles are placed beside the stars for an added effect.

  1. Star Decorated In Conifers:

Purchase a star wreath form and decorate it generously with conifer leaves. Hang the wreath outdoors.

  1. Decorate The Wall:

If you are good at crafts, try making this lovely star mobile. It will require a bit of time and patience, but you will get a decorative item that can be handed down the generations.

  1. Christmas Tree With Stars:

This unique Christmas tree is created by hanging stars. We applaud the mind of the blogger for this brilliant idea.

  1. Jingle Bell Stars And Ornaments:

Take a clear glass bowl and put a jingle bell star along with candy canes.

  1. For The Scandinavian Theme:

Create a star shape using twigs and place it anywhere in your house. We think it would look great placed in a drawing room.

  1. Decorate The Trees With Star:

This Christmas tree is decorated generously with stars. Of course, there are baubles and other ornaments too!

  1. Star Centerpiece:

Here’s a lovely centerpiece you can make using stars and Christmas tree cutouts.

  1. Hang Star Lights:

You can even hang some star shaped lights from your door, window or wall. It will fill your house with a warm glow.

  1. Wooden Star Blocks:

This idea would look amazing in bedrooms. Take a pair of wooden star blocks and decorate with rose buds or cranberries.

  1. Simple And Sweet:

Here’s a simple and sweet decoration idea for you to try. Ensure that the ornament you make is of the contrasting color.

  1. The Christmas Table:

This is a unique Christmas table centerpiece idea. A paper bag is filled greeneries and twigs, and some tiny stars are hung from it.

  1. Star Stocking Holder:

Instead of hanging the stockings from nails, use these cute hangers instead.

  1. Unusual Star Wreath:

Another grand and frugal idea for you to try out this Christmas. A star shape is made using twigs and then decorated with ornaments, ribbons, and snowflakes.

  1. Star Lights:

This star LED garland would look great wrapped on the staircase railings. Or use it the way it’s shown in the picture.

  1. A Twinkling Wreath:

Here’s a sparkling wreath you can hang in your house. It looks classy, sophisticated and beautiful.

  1. Hang It Outdoors:

Hang a star shaped light from the window for outdoor decoration.

  1. Star Tree Topper:

Use an adorable star shaped tree topper for your Christmas tree to create a fun look.

  1. Twig Wreath:

This twig wreath is decorated finely with stars of different shapes. Paint the wreath white for an added effect.

  1. Star Origami:

Place a tea light candle in a clear jar and surround it with star shaped origami.

  1. Hang The Stars:

Here’s another idea to hang the stars from the ceiling.

  1. Hang Star Lanterns From The Porch:

Hang some star lanterns from the porch for a quick and easy decoration.

  1. DIY Wooden Star:

We’ve included a DIY for a giant wooden star to help you decorate your house. You’ll need some paints, pallet, and a wooden star.

  1. Hang Fabric Ornaments From The Windows:

Hang some star shaped from the kitchen windows to add the Christmas spirit to your house.

  1. Make A Star Using Ribbon:

Take a wooden plank and make a star shape on it using ribbons. You can put it on display anywhere you like.

  1. Knitted Stars:

You can even use these understated knitted stars for the decoration. Just get hold of some old sweater and get started with it.

  1. Paper Ornament:

How beautiful does this paper ornament look from the cranberry tree? Breathtaking, right?

  1. Star Shaped Lanterns:

This one is such a welcome break from traditional lanterns.

  1. Decorate The Stairs With Stars:

Decorate your banister with an evergreen star wreath for a subtle decoration. You can even wrap some string lights from the railings.

  1. For The Rustic Decoration:

This star decoration idea would look great with a rustic theme.

  1. Hang It From The Door:

Hang a steel wreath form from the door and decorate with leaves, clay starfish or whatever you like.

  1. Felt Stars:

Here are some felt stars to use for decoration in your house. We’d suggest you use it for your child’s room.

  1. Another Jingle Bell:

Here’s another star decoration idea made with jingle bells. A mason jar is used for this decoration.

  1. Star And Twig Centerpiece:

Pick some twigs from your backyard and stick small sized stars on it. Place it in a clear glass jar and it’s ready for decoration.

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