The basic principle of decorating a house is to never leave a space unattended, which means that every part of the room, or the house must be decorated in coherence to the theme. Here are some Christmas windows decorating ideas for you so you’ll never forget to furnish those windows, whether it is small, big, has wide windowsills or not. Such simple windows would be magnificent and ready for the festivities in no time.

christmas windows decorations

Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

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Window Decorations for Christmas

Window Decorations for Christmas
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One simple way to give your window a lively cheer is to hang candy canes on top. Perfect for your red and white theme this Christmas. Use a stretch of pine needles garlands to furnish the top so it will look as if the candy canes are fruits of winter.

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Sweet tooth? Play with candy, or should I say, candy-like baubles and hang them on top of the window. Give your window some life with trinkets and a candy mobile. Make sure to be coherent with your color scheme!

Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

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Push the curtains to the side and open those windows, or at least let sunlight in. Tie baubles on the empty space on the curtain rod so you will not be tempted to draw the curtains shut. It is rare to see the sun after all during Christmas. There’s a chance to be the first to see the first snowfall of winter as well.

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This design is perfect for those who live where snow is not possible. Cut-out different shaped snowflakes on white paper. Make sure you cut the spaces inside the snowflakes as well and then adhere it on your window. It will be as if snow has arrived and is continuously falling from the sky. Be amazed at how light seep in through the small spaces inside the snowflakes an into your room.


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Lighted Christmas Window Decorations

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An oddity of trinkets is sometimes more beautiful than expensive ones. Hang various trinkets on a curtain rod and wrap some fairy lights. It will be best if the mobile consists of valuable things for nostalgia inducing mood whenever you look out of the window.

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Stars are too out of reach. You need millions of light years to actually reach one, and even then, it will be too hot to touch. But it is possible to have them in your home. At least an imitation. Hang star-shaped Christmas lights on your windows as if they just feel from the sky, in lieu of your curtains. Put figurines on the window sill, maybe figurines of the shepherds who say the Star of Christmas.


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Colorful Christmas Window Decorations

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Santa’s elves might be busy preparing our gifts for Christmas, but that does not mean that they don’t like to party. Place elves figurines on your window, in party clothes and lively colors. Put candy-shaped ornaments on top of the window and voila! Even your elves are in a party mood for Christmas!

Simple Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

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Instead of baubles, pin Christmas cards instead to decorate your window. It is the perfect design for the minimalistic theme you want. If you have kids at home, hang the cards that the make and feel the pride and love as you look at the window while the cards are hanging.

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For an elegant feel, use shiny trinkets to hang on your curtain rod. Make a long beaded garland with shiny baubles at the end and place it on the rod while showcasing not only the trinkets but the beads as well. For a more balanced feel, use two long strands of beaded garlands.

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Wreaths are not just for doors, windows can have wreaths as well. Give it a new spin by using a star shaped wreath instead and tie it on the curtain rod using red ribbons. That window will not look as empty as it had before.

DIY Christmas Window Decorations

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Be amazed at how light play by using transparent baubles as your key design material. Hang them on your window. Accentuate with a few opague baubles and red ribbons. It is the perfect accent for your white Christmas theme.

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Large glass windows only mean one thing, that is more space to decorate. But putting every ornament can be too messy and might lack coherence. Hang gifts and bells as mobile instead of stacking the gifts under the tree.

Vintage Christmas Windows Decorations

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An old window can also be an advent calendar! Hang four wires horizontally on your window and pin a twenty-five trinkets on those wires. I suggest using Christmas related paper crafts as trinkets and number each. Stand two miniature Christmas trees on the sill if you want to, and voila! You have your very own window advent Calendar.

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That door window looked so empty, so why not decorate with the perfect greeting. A snowman greeting the guest is a nice idea. Decorate the outside of the window first with small garland and trinkets hanging on it, while you paste a snowman and Christmas tree as if it is looking at the outside world and greeting your guest.

Rustic Christmas Window Decorations

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If you have windows that are next to each other or perhaps a really large window and you don’t want to go overboard with decoration, opt for simple wreaths as hanging mobiles instead. You can put a letter cutout on each wreath to make a word that will inspire you this Christmas. It is a simple and classy style that will compliment your elegant house decors.

Outdoor Christmas Window Decorations

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Because flowers are not blooming in winter, fill your flower pot on the window with other things. Fill it with pine needles and large colorful baubles instead. It is an inexpensive design and you don’t need to water them every day unlike the flowers you are so fond of.

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Instead of garland made of pine needles, use baubles and  hang it on the window. Stack the baubles side by side and adhere using strong glue. Make a thick strand for a fuller look. If you want something elegant, use gold and silver baubles. As light reflects on it, it will look like a long expensive pearl necklace.

Easy to Make Christmas Window decorations

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Hang wreaths of different sizes on the curtain rod using various length of ribbon. Place a smal reindeer figurine and perhaps a gift on the window sill. It will be as if the reindeer is on its way to deliver the gifts while the wreaths are the stars guiding its way.

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If you have an odd shaped window, it will be better to put ornaments on the outside to highlight the shape and give life to your house. Follow the shape of the window and play with different sizes of baubles to decorate.

Christmas Window Displays

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If you’re opting for a simplistic design, use doodle cutouts to paste on your window. Hang some star cutouts on a piece of wood and tie it on the window. Make cutouts of houses and churches and adhere it at the bottom of the window and voila! You have your very own diorama of a Christmas night.

Creative Christmas Window Decorations

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Be resourceful this Christmas by using old picture frames. Use it as a hanging mobile and decorate the space inside the frame with baubles. Your design will look neat, clean and systematic.

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Another window Advent Calendar idea is to use treat bags instead of Christmas trinkets for every day of December up to Christmas day itself. Fill each bag with candies and goodies and count the number of days left while enjoying the treat inside the bags until the big day. Then, you’re sure that Santa brought you the biggest treat of them all.