These stunning contemporary Christmas decoration ideas will make you extra creative and adventurous on decorating for this Christmass. Here, we’re gonna show you a collection of eye-catching, fresh ideas for modern Christmas decorations.

contemporary Christmas decoration ideas

With the Holidays just around the corner, don’t you think it’s time to start thinking about the decoration of your abode? But this time, give yourself a break from same old decorations year and year. How about spicing up your house with some fresh, contemporary decorative items? If you’re in the same boat as we are, take a look at our compilation of contemporary Christmas decoration ideas for some inspiration.

White And Gold Christmas Decorations

contemporary Christmas decoration ideas

White and gold reign supreme in this contemporary Christmas decoration idea. The beauty of this living room sure to remind you all of the Christmas stories heard as a child. While staying classic and elegant, trying out other elements like rustic decor and lacy ornaments can give you this contemporary look.


Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Not everyone has enough space in their apartments to go for a full-fledged Christmas tree. So why not create a washi tape Christmas tree? We particularly love the tiny ornaments hanging from the tree.


Merry Christmas Garland Decorations

Decorate your house, or office party with his lovely Merry Christmas bunting. It features green and red pennants spelling out Merry Christmas. Jute twine is enhancing its overall look.


Minimalist Christmas Tree

Here’s another lovely alternative to your regular Christmas tree in case you’re short of space. This is perfect for small-space apartments.


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This one’s for all the animal lovers out there. Get hold of some gorgeous animal decals to dress up our living room, as seen in the picture. The image of the stallion brings both warmth and coldness to the décor.


Technicolor Décor

This décor, full of technicolor-inspired shades will make an eye catching feature in your house. The wreath, made with colorful baubles and pompoms is the highlight here. This is definitely one of the most contemporary Christmas homes to see. 


Incorporate Some Pinks

Replace traditional red and green with pops of pink to create a contemporary Christmas décor. The white miniature Christmas trees, decked with pink are bringing the color center stage. This will not just give your home a “happy” ambiance but will also tickle the heart of pink-lover guests and family. 


Crystal Christmas Tree

Be among the first of your relatives to place this gorgeous Christmas tree that lights up to spread glow in the entire house. Isn’t it magical to look at?


Use Citrus Shades

If you have some groovy and bright furniture in your living room, you’re just a few efforts away from creating this playful décor. The bird ornaments, especially, are taking the cake here.


Steel And Gray

This is one of our most favorite contemporary Christmas decoration ideas. Mirrors are affixed strategically in the room to reflect natural light. It’s giving a cozy and inviting feeling to the house. The minimalistic Christmas tree centerpiece may not be that eye-catching but it is definitely giving the Christmassy aura to the whole set-up. On the other note, that gray been bag is a must-have!


Unique Christmas Tree for Contemporary Christmas

Place this lovely Sisal tree on your mantel or tabletop to add an exuberant festive flair in your house. This can also be a perfect addition to your Christmas table decorations. 


A Modern Christmas Tree

This modern Christmas appears to have ripped off straight from a winter wonderland. The glistening lights look so much like snow. This modern Christmas decoration is perfect as centerpiece. This will surely give a magical ambiance to your Christmas eve dinner.


Geometric Ornaments

These fun, colorful geometric ornaments will add a perfect pop of color to your décor. You can hang them from kitchen cupboards, door knobs, and fireplace as well.


Geo Table Christmas Tree Decorations

These tabletop trees are adding a perfect contemporary look to your decoration. The geo trends and neon tones make it ideal enough to be used all year round. Don’t be afraid to use non-traditional colors as they will complement well with conventional Christmas ornaments. 


Give It A Modern Plus Rustic Look

While the entire setting in this picture is thoroughly modern, right from the pillow covers to banister garlands, the shelf beneath the staircase is giving it a rustic look. The wonderful quote written on the wall also adds to its beauty. Holiday-inspired pillowcases and centerpiece surely give more Christmassy look to the living room. 


Fringed Christmas Wreath

This unique and contemporary Christmas wreath with fringes is a perfect alternative to the traditional tear drop or round holly wreath for your door. It will make your home a little less ordinary this time.


Give Gray Touches

Give gray touches to your décor with this contemporary Christmas decoration idea. It’s perfect for people who are not much into colors. You can use gray, silver and white combination to achieve this look. Use christmas lights with pingpong balls on the bulbs to achieve that magical look. 


Contemporary Paper Christmas Decor

Gone are the days when people would hang flower or leaf wreath during Christmas. It’s time to be as creative as possible, and opt for paper wreath as seen in the picture. Outline a wreath design on paper and hang them using a ribbon. Go extra as well by using non-traditional colors like purple and lavender. 


The Three Kings Christmas Decorations

Who said you cannot incorporate traditional Christmas elements in modern décor. You just need to make the setting as modern as possible. This is pretty witty!


Contemporary Christmas Decoration Idea For Your Bedroom

This beautiful and cozily decorated room is another example of classy decoration. A well decorated Christmas tree is placed near a white bed dotted with red pillows.  We loved the idea of presenting the gifts in the basket.


Ribbon Tree Topper

You don’t have to go for angel tree topper all the time. Think out of the box and go for this black and white striped tree topper. Don’t you think it’s looking chic? Add even more humor with statement pillow case. It’s pretty clever and hilarious!


Blue And Gold

Honestly, before seeing this image, we never thought blue and gold could look so amazing. Just look at the picture? It has contemporary written all over it. The modern wreath, miniature Christmas tree ornaments and wrapped gifts speak so contemporary! 


Unusual Christmas Tree

Have you seen such a unique Christmas tree before? We bet you haven’t! And it’s easy to recreate too! No need to settle for a traditional Christmas tree. You can turn 6-stick frame into this unusual Christmas tree. Decorate it with garland, balls and pinecones, then put the gifts under it.


Black And White Setting

If you’re feeling apprehensive using an out and black and white theme, you can add bits of green and red in it. It will look stunning. Don’t forget to hang those stockings! 


Black And White Christmas Tree

This black and white Christmas tree with gold accents will go very well with your contemporary theme. And it will make you stand out of the crowd as well. Come on, how many times have you seen a black and white Christmas tree in your neighborhood or relatives’?


Honeycomb Christmas Decorations

This vibrant duo Christmas decoration will add a dash of festivity to any room you put. Just ensure that they are away from flames or fire. We believe it will look best in the dining room.


Introduce Ferns

Whether you like holly, eucalyptus or any greenery that strikes your fancy, add a few in your Christmas décor to make it pop. The one in the picture is especially superb. The candle holder and pine cone ornaments matches well with the potted pine tree!


Make Use Of Embroidery Hoops

You can even make use of the embroidery hoops to hang the ferns and other greeneries. Hang them up and attach hollies on it. As suggestion, you may also add berries on it to add more colors.


Flamingo Ornaments

These got to be most gorgeous and eye-catching ornaments you can put on your tree. You can even send them as gifts to your near and dear ones. 


Hang Wreath

Another trend that has been taking the world by storm is hanging lightweight wreaths from the ceilings, as seen in the picture. But you need to ensure that the wreaths are light weight and not large in size.


Rustic Table Setting

A rustic but contemporary look with this Christmas table setting. The bright color of Christmas balls served as the focal point of the whole setting, making it inviting and charming. What makes it contemporary? The contrasting colors of gold and purple against the woodsy elements of the decoration.

Contemporary Mantel Decoration

Here’s a beautifully and festively decorated Christmas mantel to welcome the holiday season. The combination of red and green against the white background makes the whole setting wonderful and good to look at. The miniature stocking garland adds beauty on it as well.


Forest Mantle

Decorate your mantel with bleached bottle brush trees and set up a forest-like decoration in your living room. The turquoise and aqua blue colors made the space relaxing and refreshing.


Modern Christmas Table Decoration

Get your home ready to welcome the holiday spirit with this chic and modern Christmas table decor. This dried branches with Christmas light will surely give your home some lift this Christmas. Not to mention that non-traditional miniatures that add elements to the whole setting.

Red and Bold

This simple yet stylish Christmas table is perfect for the holiday celebration. The bright colors of red against the white is very vivid and striking, making the table setting festive.

Winter Wonderland

Get mesmerized with this charming and cozy Christmas decoration. A few modern Christmas trees, decorated with sparkling LED Christmas lights will lift the mood of your home.

Red and White Fireplace

Glass and Pinecones

Here’s a simple yet elegant pieces of Christmas decoration. A tall, clear glass, filled with faux snow and pinecones cane make a beautiful centerpiece or window decor.


Cozy and Contemporary

Decorate your hallway this Christmas using this inspiration. Spread those rustic Christmas stars and lamps. Sparkle it with beautiful Christmas lights across the hallway.

Holiday Container Display

Turn an old container into something beautiful this Christmas season. Paint it white, then fill it with twigs and pines. This is perfect as outdoor Christmas decoration and for your entryway.

Unique Contemporary Christmas Decor Ideas

This christmas, dare to be bold in decorating your home. Don’t be afraid to use vibrant and contrasting colors. Other elements like hanging ornaments can be a good option too. No need to have a chandelier when you have that branch and twigs with hanging Christmas decorations.

Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

Want something out of the box this Christmas? You may want to try this extra modern Christmas tree. A spiral Christmas tree with modern ornaments would surely wow your guests and your family too! This is perfect for those who are tired of the usual evergreen or artificial Christmas trees.

Unique Christmas Ornaments

For those who don’t like vibrant and bold colors for christmas, you may go for this kind of Christmas decorations. Using neutral white, silver and black, you may keep the holiday ambiance without being all-out with the colors!

Modern Christmas Decorations 2018

Here’s another contemporary Christmas tree idea. A sparkling christmas tree with very minimal ornaments and decorations. This is for those who don’t like huge traditional Christmas trees. This will also come perfect for modern and minimalistic homes.

Modern Holiday Decor Ideas

This is one of the best pictures of contemporary Christmas homes. It seems like you can keep these decorations all-year round because while the stars means Christmas, the whole set-up is so modern that you can get away of having it even if it’s not Christmas! How cool is that?

Minimalist and Unique Christmas Decor

This is where the saying “less is more” perfectly applies. This contemporary Christmas ornament is so simple but creates the look of beauty and elegance. This only tells that you don’t have to have bunch of Christmas ornaments in the tree, you just need to choose which one will suit it more.

Just White and Green

Make your Christmas decorating simpler by combining minimal colors. In this modern Christmas decorating idea, the main colors used were white and green. While it is being simple, it gives the setting a calming and very refreshing holiday look.

Natural Contemporary Christmas Decorations

Bring the nature inside by using natural ornaments in your home decorating. Fresh pinetree and pine cones can make a good centerpiece. This can be a perfect Christmas decorations especially if you’re aiming for country or rustic look.

Rustic Modern Decorations for Christmas

A metal basket, drift wood, pinecones and Christmas light. Who knew that by combining these elements, you’ll be able to get this majestic and stunning contemporary Christmas decoration. No need to go for huge traditional Christmas tree. This one can do the job and you may hang whatever ornament you want. You may keep it as simple as by hanging stars and ribbons.

Contemporary Chic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Spruce up and give your home a chic modern look with this stunning contemporary Christmas decorating idea. The combination of black and white give the room a very classy and elegant feel.