Top Country Christmas Decorations

Whether you have an urban home in the suburbs or a cozy cabin, decorating the house in country style can create an inviting retreat.

Country style, also known as English rural style, is all about blending creative holiday decorations and rustic vibe into a pleasant and eco-friendly décor. Whether it is placing large portraits of the family in the house or using bits of checks for the table turner or cushion cover, country decoration creates a perfect old-fashioned décor. We’ve gathered a wonderful collection of country decoration ideas for you to use as inspiration. Just scroll down!

  1. Country Living Room Decoration

A hint of green is all you need to transform your all white living room into a country house. The vintage chair is complementing the overall look.

  1. Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the center of attraction at a Christmas party. And honestly, nothing looks better than a Christmas tree decorated with traditional metallic ornaments. Wrap your tree with a silver garland for maximum effect.

  1. Country Christmas Porch

How can a Christmas decoration be complete without decorating the porch? Everything in this porch decoration is lovely, right from the evergreen and red ornament garland to the lamp decorated with a green wreath.

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  1. Country Door Decoration

By placing, burlap wrapped Christmas tree near and a burlap stocking on the door, you can create a countryside decoration.

  1. Place Chair On The Porch:

If you want to make a positive impression on the guest, then traditional red and white theme would be the safest pick. Just placing a wooden chair on the porch and decorating it with red and white elements would do the trick.

  1. Rustic Living Room:

Rustic ideas add warmth to the décor. They tone down the modern theme and transform into a country house. Even the centerpiece is very appealing.

  1. Wooden Shelf:

Make old basement staple a gorgeous holiday display with this idea. Just decorate the shelf with metallic ornaments and a bit of greenery. Do not forget to hang the tiny lights.

  1. Bucket Centerpiece:

Show off the influx of seasonal greetings with this magnificent centerpiece idea. Just paint a bucket to make it look appealing and tie a scarf or ribbon around it. Fill the bucket with flowers, greens or berry stems.

  1. Terracotta Plant Candle Decoration:

These small terracotta pots decorated with greenery and candles are looking adorable.

  1. Red And White:

Creativity is all you need for decorating the outdoors. This creative blogger placed a dwarf tree, a sled, a Santa cap and lanterns to create a winter wonderland.

  1. Rustic Wooden Mantelpiece Decoration Idea:


It cannot get any more rustic. Just see how the blogger has incorporated the wooden dolls to beautify her mantelpiece.

  1. Country Table Ware:

Setting your table with old-fashioned cutlery is the easiest way to add country charm to your home. You may not realize, but placing a pine cone, a sprig of greenery and a berry can make a great deal of difference.

  1. Red And White Tableware:

Here’s another example of country tableware. Just see how a simple red and white cutlery is making the table look so alluring.

  1. Country Stairways Decoration Idea

If you want to give your stairways a countryside makeover, then use evergreen garland to decorate it. Do not forget to tie the burlap ribbons.

  1. Country Chandelier Decoration Idea

Here’s a country Christmas decoration idea with a hint of coastal. This elegant chandelier is decorated beautifully with evergreens and a clay starfish. But the burlap ribbon wrapped around it is giving a country charm to it.

  1. Cozy Living Room

Here’s a contemporary Christmas décor marked with neutral colors and items. The wooden sofa set is giving the country look. But it is the large Christmas tree that we liked the most.

  1. Country Window Decoration Idea:

It’s the little things that make a great difference to the overall décor. Placing some greenery on the window can cheer it up like no other thing.

  1. Country Dinner Table Idea

Let’s tell you an easy way to create a countryside table. Place a burlap table runner and top it with a white lace. Put the centerpiece like candles surrounded by pinecones and you are good to go.

  1. Snowman Wreath

Create an eye-catching display this Christmas with the whimsical snowman wreath. It’s very easy to create and will make a huge impression on the guests.

  1. Red And White Dinner Table

This red and white dinner table is looking beautiful. To create this look, use a red and white wrapping paper and tape it underneath your brown table. And make sure you use white tableware for his idea. Fold the napkins and place on the plates. Top it with a pinecone, berries and a sprig of greenery.

  1. Place A Sled

This is perhaps the easiest and the most popular way of adding a country touch to your decoration. Just place a sled anywhere on the porch or near the door. But do not forget to add some holiday elements to it.

  1. Wooden Log Candles

Doesn’t it look beautiful? And it isn’t very difficult to make too! You just need to drill holes in the birch logs and place the battery operated votive inside. You can even place the real tea candles inside it if you want. Then put some red or blue colored snowflakes around it to create a holiday ambiance.

  1. An Elegant Country Living Room

The blogger has done an amazing job in mixing colors and metals to give her house a traditional décor. Did you notice a single coated bucket placed on top of the showcase?

  1. Country Outdoor Decoration Idea

Look no further than your backyard for creating this Christmas decoration. Just get hold of the natural bark, give it a round shape and tie using twine.

  1. Place Wooden Reindeer On The Porch:

Placing reindeer on the porch can add a lovely, country touch to your outdoor Christmas décor.

  1. Twine Wrapped Candy Cane Ornament

If you are bored putting regular, peppermint candy canes on your tree, then try jute candy cane instead. Just wrap twine around a faux candy cane and hang on the tree.

  1. Twig And Berry Wreath

This traditional twig and berry wreath will make a perfect addition to your outdoor décor. You can either make it yourself or purchase from

  1. Country Candle Decoration Idea

Using wooden, weathered pallet, you can create an amazing candle decoration. Just throw some wooden blocks, greenery, and berries in the wooden pallet for maximum impact.

  1. Use An Old Door For Decoration

Old-fashioned decorative items are in these days and go perfectly with the country Christmas decoration theme.     The old door has been used beautifully by the blogger. And instead of placing it on the porch, she has put it in her gallery.

  1. Christmas Tree With Red Ornaments

How beautiful does this heavily decorated Christmas tree look I this picture? Doesn’t it remind you of Christmas in London?

  1. Wood And Ribbon Star Christmas Decoration

Turn your wooden board and left over ribbon into a stunning piece of holiday décor with this idea.

  1. Burlap Ornaments

Burlap ornaments give a contemporary look with a rustic, countryside appeal. These ornaments will make a perfect addition to your Christmas tree.

  1. Metal Vases With ‘JOY’

Now that’s what we call creativity! It’s one of the most brilliant ways to decorate your mantle. But remember, the wooden letters, JOY are crucial for following this idea.

  1. Rustic Christmas Tree Decoration

Placing brown paper wrapped Christmas first boxes can give a countryside look to your Christmas tree.

  1. Use An Old Chair For Decoration

Is there an old chair lying in your basement? The transform it into a piece of a decorative item by following this idea. You just need to apply a clear coat of the pair, cover it in pinecones, greenery and burlap and top with a red bow and it’s ready.

  1. Outdoor Country Decoration

The moss and lichen wreath placed strategically on the window will set an unfussy tone for the visitors. And the idea of using a rope for decorating the fence is novel.

  1. Cola Crates For Decoration

This Christmas display is overflowing with retro style, all thanks to the vintage soda crates. And as we said before, you can never go wrong with red and white color combination.

  1. Hot Cocoa Loved Here

This country house is looking like a cozy cabin from Northwood’s. Who wouldn’t want to take a stop and sip hot cocoa here? And we LOVED the Santa shaped mugs.

  1. Country Tablescape

Here’s a lovely way to deck up your dining table. You are free to follow the color combination of your choice.

  1. Country Table Decoration Idea

If you wish the decorate the table in an unconventional way, then place lanterns filled with pillar candles and create a zigzag pattern using a pine cone and greenery garland.

We hope you find our ideas helpful. How did you give your house a countryside look? Tell us by commenting below!

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