Let’s face it. Christmas is every homeowner’s favorite holiday. It’s every homeowner’s dream to decorate their homes with the best and the prettiest Christmas decorations available. But if you’ve been decorating for the past ten years or so, your arsenal of design ideas might be running low by now. Well, it really is no easy feat topping your spectacular holiday decorations year after year. If last year’s theme of Holiday in Candyland sapped the energy and creativity out of you, you can go for something less complicated but equally lavish. Why not make your Christmas decorations all gold this year? They look fabulous with everything, and you don’t have to have too much for them to be noticed. Here are some cool ideas about Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas we found on the internet on how to decorate with gold without looking gaudy or tacky.

Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas
Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas

Everything looks better with gold. And I’m not just talking about gold jewelry here. There’s an easy elegance and beauty with gold Christmas ornaments. It’s amazing how a bunch of gold baubles can make a corner look very festive, just like this one in the photo. You can hang gold trinkets and trims in a bunch or individually, and they will still look great.

Gold Christmas Decoration With Christmas Stockings

Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas

Gold and white stockings against an all-white background? Sounds lovely, looks even lovelier. Hang these pretty little things on the fireplace and add some accents in gold color, too. The overall look is tasteful and subdued.

Gold Christmas Tree Decorations

Gold Christmas Tree Decorations
Gold Christmas Tree Decorations

Bring your holiday decorations up a notch this year with this grand decorating idea. Go all out this year with bright gold as your theme color. Mix and match with gold Christmas baubles, pine cones, bows, and poinsettia flowers and leaves. The more textures and sizes of décor you put in, the better!

Golden Christmas Ornaments

Golden Christmas Ornaments

Looking for a quick and easy way to decorate for Christmas? Nothing could be easier and more fuss-free to put together than this wooden box with golden baubles and Christmas lights. Just throw in some golden balls in a chic-looking basket. Add the Christmas lights for a dramatic lighting effect.

Image source: pinterest.com

I didn’t realize you can dress up ordinary candles into these fancy and stylish holiday decorations! In a candle holder, place some white candles and glue some gold and festive-looking ribbons. You can add more trinkets and Christmas baubles for that more jolly cheer.

Image source: homestylediary.com

Why not make black and gold your theme this Christmas? The contrast in colors is quite striking and dramatic. The colors are still festive and cheery, not at all dreary and dour. Also, it’s got this big sophisticated charm that even the biggest Scrooge will appreciate.

Living Room Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas

Living Room Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas

These majestic Christmas décors can bring your fireplace and dining area to life. No matter how big or small your space is, these will make your family and friends feel right at home. Spruce up your fireplace with sparkling Christmas baubles and garlands. Add some fresh flowers and pine leaves for that authentic Christmas atmosphere.

Living Room Golden Christmas Decorations

Living Room Golden Christmas Decorations

This combination of gold and silver Christmas decorations is absolutely breathtaking. It’s grand without being ostentatious. It’s rich without being expensive. Easily recreate this look by hanging gold and silver Christmas baubles like a garland over your fireplace. Get creative and fill up silver bowls or glasses with anything shiny and glittery.

Image source: pinterest.com

Got a gorgeous staircase at home that you wish to show off to your visiting relatives and friends? This Christmas décor idea is guaranteed to make it stand out and impress everybody. Wrap some garlands on one side of the banister and adorn with big golden Christmas baubles. Add some gold ribbons and twigs for more dramatic effect.

Image source: etsy.com

One look at these pretties and you’ll instantly fall in love with them. This potted Christmas tree of golden baubles are gorgeous and will look beautiful anywhere in the house. The big golden ribbon as accent even made it more beautiful. Put them on your coffee table, at the porch, or by the foot of the stairs and dazzle everyone!

Image source: pinterest.com

This is another gorgeous idea to do up your staircase for the holidays. This grand staircase is made even grander with an elaborate golden wreath that spans the length of the staircase. You can put big and small gold ornaments. Mix with green and golden garlands and watch your staircase come alive.

Image source: designmom.com

Repurpose old or antique-looking picture frames into beautiful holiday decorations. With just some chalkboard paint, you can get this chalkboard finish on a piece of wood. Write your holiday greetings in your own handwriting for that more personalized touch. Bedeck with tinsel and other pretty holiday-themed ornaments.

Image source: loulousucreblog.com

How beautiful is a tree embellished with shiny gold and the colors of the season? Get inspired with this magnificent-looking Christmas tree and start decorating your own. All this beauty and elegance in your tree, minus the hassle of thinking what else to put for decoration. Now aren’t you glad you’re reading this now?

Image source: pinterest.com

This Christmas wreath made of gold leaves is such a stunner. It’s got such an understated elegance but not lacking in holiday appeal. You can festoon this wreath with greens and reds for that more Christmasy feel. You can also leave it as is and keep its simple elegance.

Image source: onsuttonplace.com

These holiday decorations for your stairs are different levels of adorable. And they are so easy to recreate for your own home, too! Make use of lanterns and fill them up with golden Christmas baubles. Top them with happy and holiday-related words for that beautiful accent.

Image source: bhg.com

You know what else goes beautifully with gold decorations? Lots of browns! Gold and brown complement each other perfectly and when mixed together, they make their colors really stand out. Get inspired by this pretty arrangement of gold Christmas baubles, gold ribbons, pine cones and brown garlands.

Image source: pinterest.com

The simplicity of this holiday décor will thrill people who hate clutter or ostentatious Christmas decorations. Place white candles on gold candle holders and use them as table centerpieces. Adorn with some simple but festive holiday garlands. You can also place on top of your Christmas-themed table runner. Say hello to your no-sweat holiday décor!

Image source: modernmindy.blogspot.com

Give your regular Christmas baubles an elegant and fancy twist this holiday. Turn a decorative glass candy jar into a gorgeous Christmas table centerpiece. Simply fill the candy jar with different sizes of Christmas baubles. You can choose all gold, or you can also mix them with different colors. Lay it on some fresh leaves or wreaths for that instant holiday feel.

Image source: paperdaisyme.blogspot.com

Don’t you just love chalkboards and chalkboard art? Get creative and practice your calligraphy with this simple but really fun and chic holiday décor for your home. Grab your favorite line from your favorite Christmas carol and write it down on a chalkboard. Simply use a gold frame and hang it on the wall, and adorn with other gold trinkets and decorations.

Image source: jenneliserose.blogspot.com

How precious is this golden Christmas tree ornament? The glitter and sparkle from a bunch of these Christmas baubles can surely turn any Christmas tree into something very elegant and festive. And what’s so great about these is that you don’t need to decorate your tree too much with other ornaments. These gold babies are enough!