These mesmerizing outdoor Christmas tree decorations for your home will show you some fantastic Christmas decorations ideas and tips to get you started. Christmas trees and their decoration with lights, toys and ornaments have been dynamically linked with changing trends. The trend of using artificial Christmas trees is gradually gaining momentum as there is a great variety in such trees. We, therefore list a great number if innovative and decorative ideas for your Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations ranging from many sober to flashy decorative ideas to suit each and everyone’s surroundings! Read on to explore these ideas and plan out an amazing Christmas!

1. Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations : Fruity Christmas

Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations

Image Source

Decorate your outdoors with this beautifully arranged fruits and leaves aligned into a very innovative outdoor Christmas Tree lookalike! Surprise your guests with this innovative decorating idea and make it a fruity affair! You can also add oil lanterns to give it a glow in the evening.

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2. Let-It-Be-Frozen

Silver Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations

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Make the most of this snowy season and get some really beautifully decorated outdoor DIY Christmas trees just like this one. It can be of any reference, like here it is of the movie, Frozen! Cast your outdoors with ribbons and handmade snow crystals and icicles and adorn your custom made tree!

3. The Handmade Christmas Tree

Wooden Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations

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Carved out of wood, this custom design is one to look out for. Gather your beautiful stuffed toys and align them around this wooden tree and get the most out of this simplistic design!

4. Outdoor Wreath 

Outdoor Christmas Tree (41)

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For those who love wreaths and adorn their outdoors with them, here is a great decorative idea for you all! With the abundance of ideas to design the wreaths, here is one with various fruits and flowers. Get into the festive mood and design one of your choice!

5. Hanging Craft for Your Outdoor Christmas Tree

Outdoor Christmas Tree (40)

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Adorn your outdoors with these fruits, bells and various other handicrafts hanging from the branches of  the trees and make it look as Christmassy as ever! The snowy environment makes it further attractive and actively blends into the happiness of the festive season!

6. Pajama Barks 

Outdoor Christmas Tree (37)

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Wrap the branches of your lawn’s trees with these colorful polka dotted or stripped red and white pyjamas just as it should be during this time of the year! This outdoor christmas tree decorating idea is both innovative and somewhat unique in its display and makes one wonder about the various ways to commemorate the festive celebration!

7. Lighted Twigs

Outdoor Christmas Tree (36)

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These lighted twigs make a great outdoor tree decoration because of their thin twigs and tiny branches which can be easily lighted up with just a couple of halo lights wrapped all over them. You van also place these outside your door supported on the bundle of sand just like in the picture. They make for the decorations fully and also is less time consuming!

8. Intensive Lighting:

Outdoor Christmas Tree (34)

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Similar to the decorative twigs, this one also requires the same methods of decorations but here the lighting is far more intricately done and the twigs are replaced with branches. This idea is quiet commonly portrayed in houses with a lot of trees!

9. Aisle Of Trees

Outdoor Christmas Tree (35)

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This is a great outdoor Christmas decoration idea since it strikes the celebratory mood in the right way! An aisle filled with decorative and well lit Christmas Trees is a treat the eyes! A lane of houses adjoining each other and marking the advent of the festive cheer in this way is simply gorgeous!

10. Sledge And Snow

Outdoor Christmas Tree (33)

Image Source

This is precisely the most fun decoration for both children and adults! What is better than a beautiful Christmas Tree decorated with the Snowman and the a Reindeer? Yes, it gives the best view of the classic Christmas cheer and you would not like to miss it! Thus, this outdoor tree decoration comes super handy!

11. Pipe It Up

Outdoor Christmas Tree (32)

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The various PVC pipes available can be used in this manner to give the view of the Christmas Tree, just that this one has a lot more lighting! A pipe in the center with beautiful lights hanging from top to bottom makes up for a great decorative Christmas Tree! Give it a try!

12. Naturally Decorative

Outdoor Christmas Tree (31)

Image Source

Lucky are those who live in the Snowy regions because truly, they enjoy the snow and nature’s decorations on these trees giving it a beautiful view and moreover makes it the most classic decorations of all times! You might want to scrape the extra snow away to give the trees a more perfect look or leave it up to the snow to decorate it. Mesmerizing!

13. Cut OutsOutdoor Christmas Tree (30)

Image Source

Such Christmas tree cut outs and proper lighting makes up for a great decorative idea! If you love crafts, you should go for this one for your outdoor area like lawn and patio!

14. Minimalist Decoration

Outdoor Christmas Tree (29)

Image Source

Minimalist Christmas tree designs for outdoors are much sought after especially when you’re short of time. They seem to be really simpler but have their own charm!

15. Let The Words Decorate It

Outdoor Christmas Tree (28)

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This decorative idea brings together a great outdoor tree decorative idea. Putting the words ‘Merry Christmas’ and a huge bow over a bush is simply an amazing idea!

16. The Lighted WallOutdoor Christmas Tree (27)

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Another amazing idea is lighting up the wall of your house. It is beautiful and easy! Should go for this amazing outdoor Christmas tree decorating idea!

17. Game Of Lights

Outdoor Christmas Tree (26)

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This one is just a great alignment of the lights into the tree form which makes it look extremely pretty during the evening and adds to the happiness of the festive season! These outdoor Christmas tree will not only light up your lawn or porch area, but will also spread that festivity into the air.

18. Lights And Snow

Outdoor Christmas Tree (25)

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There is no better combination than the one with the snow and few yet pretty lights on the Christmas Tree.This totally adds to the list of simple yet immensely attractive decorative ideas!

19. Warm Christmas Tree Decorating Idea

Outdoor Christmas Tree (23)

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Oil Lanterns, candles and a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree will surely give you and the guests a warm welcome to the house.  This will warm the cold winter of the Christmas Day. It is best for indoor, but can also be used outdoor.

20. Christmas Photo Booth

Outdoor Christmas Tree (21)

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Make your guests love you by putting up a small Christmas photo booth in your house adorned with the Christmas trees, snow and a great background! This is perfect if you’re gonna hold a Christmas party in the house. Photos taken from this photobooth will serve as your souvenir.

21. Classic Decoration:

Outdoor Christmas Tree (20)

Image Source

Probably the best and the most classic of all the decorations is this one. It gets along the festive mood just as brilliantly as the Christmas cakes! yes, this idea of the decorative tree can be used for both outdoor and indoor decorations!

22. Unique Tree Decoration for Outdoor

Outdoor Christmas Tree (19)

Image Source

This unique idea is just brilliantly executed! A colorful array of lights just makes this decoration a visual treat! A must have decoration this festive season!

23. Miniature Outdoor Christmas Tree

Outdoor Christmas Tree (13)

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Welcome your guests with this awesome welcoming decor that makes the entrance overwhelming. It posits a warm and welcoming message, too! There are miniature artificial tree that you can get from dollar store. Decorate them with lights and small decor and you’re good to go.

24. A Simple View

Outdoor Christmas Tree (14)

Image Source

Sometimes all you need is a simple, innocent yet effective decorative idea for your Christmas Tree! This is just the one you might like!

25. Christmas Decorations for Outdoors

Outdoor Christmas Tree (15)

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This idea is the most festive one. Red, sparkling balls hanging from the branches of the trees looking like pretty cherries! Brings out the most of the Christmas cheer! This is literally one of the best outdoor Christmas tree decorations ever.

26. LED Lighting

Outdoor Christmas Tree (16)

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One of the most attractive decorations you could do with lights all around your house and on your Christmas Tree! Today, there are many stores and online merchants that sell LED Christmas lights for outdoors. Just be careful on picking and make sure that they are suitable for outdoor use.

27. The Snowman Tree Hugger

Outdoor Christmas Tree (17)

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This is probably the cutest decoration for outdoor to attract the kids and adults alike! Who wouldn’t love a cute snowman hugging a tree? Everyone will surely love him.

28. Elegant Lights:

Outdoor Christmas Tree (12)

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Here’s another practical and easy outdoor Christmas tree decoration. Light up your festivities with these elegantly lighted trees in your garden and spread the Christmas cheer! This is perfect for those who don’t want the traditional evergreen and pinetree looking tree.

29. DIY Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations

Outdoor Christmas Tree (11)

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If you have old jars or glasses, don’t throw them away; instead put them in good use this Christmas. You can wrap them with wire and hang them on the tree branches. You can even put it inside your house. They look extremely pretty and take up the least space.

30. Little Pots Of Happiness

Outdoor Christmas Tree (10)

Image Source

If you do not want to decorate your outdoors with the traditional Christmas Tree, you can opt for these little yet extremely decorative flower pots that can line up  outside your house just as shown in the picture! You can use ordinary clay pots, fill them with pinecones, twigs and balls and voila! Here goes your easy-peasy outdoor Christmas decor.

31. The Decorative Glasses

Outdoor Christmas Tree (9)

Image Source

You can also create a miniature Christmas tree using other ornaments like ribbons and Christmas balls. You just need to pile them up and form a Christmas tree like the idea above. They are great for entryway, patio and even for table decor. What creativity, a must try!

32. Gorgeous Outdoor Christmas Tree Decor

Outdoor Christmas Tree (3)

Image Source

Another of all the splendid tree decorations is this one! A plant trimmed into balls then wrapped with berry garlands that beautify and add aesthetic to the tree. Added with rustic style candles and hanging red snowflake, this decoration is beautifully executed and quite attractive!

33. A Stick-y Affair

Outdoor Christmas Tree (4)

Image Source

This is probably the most innovative idea to look forward to this Christmas! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to decorate your outdoor. You can use whatever you may find in your lawn like dried branches and twigs. Stock them up and form into a Christmas tree. This is an easy and inexpensive rustic outdoor Christmas decor that you can try.

34. Lights:

Outdoor Christmas Tree (5)

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If there are miniature Christmas tree decor, there are also huge and gigantic Christmas baubles that you can use to decorate your entryway or patio. There are so many DIY tutorials online that you can look at if you want to create your own. Complete the decor with Christmas lights.

35. The Traditional:Outdoor Christmas Tree (1)

Image Source

What is better than a traditional decorative Christmas tree just outside your house like it has always been in the ages? Yes, this idea is here to stay. This gigantic outdoor Christmas tree, wrapped with fantastic lights and Christmas balls will surely create a Christmas and festive ambiance in your yard.

36. One With The Sock At The Entryway

Outdoor Christmas Tree (2)Image Source

Another very contemporary decoration that every house desires! Put your artificial Christmas tree in a wicker basket, wrap with with burlap ribbon and decorate with twigs and Christmas balls. You can even out up a sock on the main door just like this!

37. The Cardboard Christmas Tree

Outdoor Christmas Tree (7)

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Stick Christmas Balls in a shape of the Christmas Tree into the Cardboard and there it is, a fully decorated lookalike of the Christmas Tree! For those who are in tight budget but still want to decorate for Christmas, this idea is for you.

38. The Gateway

Outdoor Christmas Tree (6)

Image Source

Adorn your entrance with this beautiful collection of all things Christmas! Lanterns, small plants, balls, ribbons etc! Complete the Christmassy look with alluring colors of poinsettia flowers in a red pot contrasting with the white-painted twigs.

39. Forever Chritmassy


Image Source

This photo clearly depicts the forever Christmassy look and that is what makes it so unique! This decoration is never getting old!

40. Simple Outdoor Christmas Tree Ornament


Image Source

The various beautiful accessories that Christmas comes with. Choose the best that goes with your decorative ideas! They say that simplicity is beauty and that’s true with the decoration idea.

Stunning Outdoor Christmas Tree

These are just some of the many decorative ideas that we thought would catch your eye and help you decorate your Festive season with more fervor. Any more suggestions or ideas, drop them into our comments section! Have a great Christmas!