Top 40 Tabletop Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to get started with the decoration. Every year, we see a trend when it comes Christmas decoration. This year, it’s the trend of using miniature, tabletop Christmas trees in place of giant trees.Tabletop Christmas trees do not just look elegant, but are also practical, easy to set up, frugal and space and time saving. And they add big style wherever they go. Below, we’ve gathered 40 ideas to decorate and use tabletop trees.

  1. Tabletop Tree For The Bedroom:



This is such an adorable decoration idea for your bedroom.  A pine tree is placed on the side table. We loved the ornaments hanging from the bed.

  1. Cranberry Tabletop Tree:

Who thought tabletop cranberry tree could look so beautiful. This tree is made with a cone-shaped topiary decorated with loads of berries.

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  1. Beautiful Twins:



Tabletop trees make the strongest statement when you display them in a group. These evergreen trees are decorated with colorful glass ornaments.

  1. Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees:

You do not need frosting for these cuties. They look great anyway. Just stack the cupcake liners and put it on display.

  1. Pearl Laden Trees:



This miniature tree is laden with pearls, which is giving it a sophisticated look. The blogger has also placed a bowl filled with ornaments near it.

  1. A Colorful Display:

This tabletop tree is planted in a garden urn and then decorated with antique ornaments.

  1. A Mantel Display:

This mantelpiece is decorated with mercury Christmas trees, silver ornaments, and evergreen garland.

  1. Rock Candy Trees:

Here’s a lovely rock candy tree for you to display on your dining table.

  1. Ruffled Christmas Tree:

Here’s a beautiful ruffled Christmas tree to display on your mantelpiece.

  1. Golden Tabletop Tree:

Here’s a cute, golden Christmas tree for you to place on your table. It will look great in any corner of the room.

  1. A Cozy Setup:

If you want to create a charming set up in your house, try making these wooden tabletop Christmas trees.

  1. Glittery Tabletop Tree:

Here’s a shimmery tabletop tree to display on your mantelpiece.

  1. Go Pastel:

This ornament tree is made with ornaments of pastel color. A star is used for the tree topper.

  1. Burlap Christmas Tree:

These burlap Christmas trees are downright adorable.

  1. Blue And White Tree:

Here’s a simple wig tabletop tree decorated with blue and white ornaments. It’s creating a beautiful look in the white house.

  1. The Very Merry Rosemary:

Purchase a rosemary plant, prune in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorate with ornaments.

  1. Tabletop Tree For Your Kitchen:

This tabletop tree would look great in your kitchen.

  1. Citrus Tabletop Tree:

Stack the lemons and oranges in the shape of a pyramid and use it as a centerpiece for your dining table.

  1. The Cutest Trees:

These are the cutest tabletop trees ever.

  1. Silver Tabletop Trees:

These pristine, tabletop trees will go very well with the white and silver décor.

  1. Fill In A Basket:

This Christmas tree has a basket as the base. And the tree is decorated with ribbons.

  1. Tabletop Trees Made From Musical Note Papers:

Here are cute tabletop trees made from musical note papers. We’ve handpicked it, especially for the music lovers.

  1. A Cute Tabletop Tree:

Here’s an absolutely adorable tabletop Christmas tree decorated with some incredibly adorable ornaments like lollipops, candies, and gingerbread figures.

  1. Teeny Tiny:

This is one of the most magnificent ideas we have seen. The tree is decorated with metallic ribbon.

  1. Paper Cone Tabletop Trees:

This is the easiest we could get for you. The blogger has wrapped a cone shaped Styrofoam with paper and topped with a tiny ornament.

  1. Laden With Ornaments:

This Christmas tree is laden with ornaments of all shapes and colors. It will make a fun-filled addition to your child’s room.

  1. Tabletop Tree Decorated With Pigeons:

This adorable tree is decorated with pigeons, pinwheels, and baubles. The tree topper is really unique.

  1. Simple, Yet Stunning:

This idea is exuding raw vibes. It’s subtly decorated with light colored ornaments.

  1. A Minimalistic Décor:

Despite being minimalist, this tabletop tree idea exudes a festive vibe.

  1. Ornament Tree:

Here’s a gorgeous ornament, table top tree for you to display on your window. We think it will look best on your kitchen window.

  1. For The White Christmas:

Here’s a beautifully decorated Christmas tree ideal for people following the white Christmas theme. It’s decorated with artificial white owls, ornaments, and several other shimmery things.

  1. For The Outdoors:

Here’s an adorable tabletop tree decorated with top hats, faux candles, and oversized flowers.

  1. A Gorgeous Tree:

Here’s another beautiful tree for you to replicate.

  1. Design A Vignette:

Labels and banners with holiday messages will make this tabletop tree a sparkling centerpiece in your house.

  1. Button Trees:

This table tree is sure to be the highlight of your décor. The Styrofoam coated is covered with buttons in three colors and different shapes and then topped with a star.

  1. Lovely In Red:

Instead of restricting yourself to just one tabletop tree, place three of them on a buffet table to elevate your décor.

  1. A Classy Décor:

This tabletop tree is decorated beautifully with green and blue ornaments. And the small gift boxes near it are giving it the look and feel of a full sized tree.

  1. A Neutral Base:

No, it isn’t a greenery covered with ornaments. It’s a full-sized tree decorated with gold and pastel orbs placed on the table.

  1. Elaborately Decorated:

This mini Christmas tree is decorated elaborately with ornaments. It would suit rustic décor the best.

  1. Tabletop Tree In A Galvanized Tub:

This tabletop tree is decorated with jingle bells and affixed in a galvanized tub.

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