Top Traditional Christmas Decorations

Christmas is the biggest festival of mankind, and all over the world people celebrate the birthday Jesus Christ as Christmas, with Christmas carols, Decorating their house with wonderful Christmas decorations. As you know traditional Christmas decorations never fail to make the space warm, sweet and cozy. They are timeless and would look great several years, even if you don’t have time and money to update the decoration every year. Below we’ve gathered 40 ideas for you. Have a look!

Let It Shine:

This idea does not just look sophisticated, but is also stress free. A simple set of candles, packed in the centertable and wrapped with wreath made of green leaves. And we’re quite sure that it will last you until the New Year.

A Traditional Christmas Holiday Table:

This Christmas table is decorated in the most traditional way possible as the part of traditional Christmas decorations. We loved the idea of using wooden plank instead of the table runner. The Italian baroque dinnerware is the highlight of the table.

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This porch is decorated beautifully with green wreath and garland beautified with red bows. There’s also a mobile, Christmas tree on one side of the porch. The ribbons tied in wreaths and christmas tree add beauty to the whole setting.

Traditionally Decorated Bedroom:

A pristine white bedroom is decorated with an evergreen wreath and of course, stockings. It may not be visible completely, but there’s also an ornament chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The red ribbons also help the stockings to stand out.

Bar Counter Decorated In A Traditional Way:

This bar counter is decorated in the most traditional way possible. It’s decorated with candles, wreaths, pillar candles. The elegant backdrop was enhanced by the traditional-looking decorations and made the whole setting elegant and luxurious.

For The Stairs:

Bookshelves, especially on the stairs, often gets overlooked. But you can give it a graphic jolt by with affordable red and white gift wreath. And do not forget to drape the banister with garlands.

A Cluster Of Ornaments:

Ornaments do not look good just on the trees, but would make a lovely holiday centerpiece too! Here’s an example of the same. Make use of those old serving ware, fill them up with Christma balls and pine needles and voila! You’ve got this simple and easy christmas table centerpiece.

Celebrate Nature:

Mix faux garland with some real greenery and weave in pinecones in between. Do not forget use a matching thick ribbon. White garlands and leaves can make a difference too.

A Classic Décor:

Use the craft store letters to make a traditional display for your house. Here faux moss letters are pasted on a paper and put on the door. The colors used perfectly complemented with the plain-colored door.

Use Ornaments In Different Shapes:

Use ornaments of different shapes and sizes to decorate the garland of your banister. The green garland, wrapped around the banister, accentuated with bright and glossy Christmas balls make this decorating idea even more elegant.

Traditional Giant Christmas Tree

A great way to set the festive mood is by decorating your home with lots of Christmas lights and stylish ribbons. They’ll feel the Christmas cheer just by being inside the room. The lights will make the room look and feel warmer and the ribbons will add some color.

Traditional Colors for Mantel

This is probably one of the most beautifully decorated mantels that I’ve seen. The plaids, greens and pinecone made this decoration idea a luxurious one. And don’t forget to mention that reindeer in plaid pattern. That is simply cute and beautiful!

Merry and Bright

The trick to pulling of a wonderful arrangement is to keep the decorative elements simple. Try filling up the mantel with garlands and throw some classic red and silver ornaments to it, and then set up the colorful gifts on the bottom. This create a Christmassy feeling in your living room.

A Wonderful Time of the Year

Traditionally, an angel or a star is used as tree toppers. However, you can choose what will be the crown of your tree. You can have something Christmas-y like a Santa or a snow man tree topper, or you can be more creative and personal with a homemade topper.

Source: The Four Generations

Traditional Green and Red

Traditional Christmas decorations usually include reds and greens. In this kind of decor idea, you can use green garlands to accentuate your windows. Make it even more elegant with red poinsettia flowers and traditional Christmas wreath.

Winter Wonderland Outdoor Decor

If you have a plain white house, you can fill up your exterior with the traditional colors of Christmas. To brighten it up, try to add some wreaths with a splash of red and silver ornaments to your fence and windows for a striking effect.

Source:  Between Nap in the Porch

A Giant Wooden Sleigh

Who wouldn’t love to this decorating idea which incorporating a giant wooden sleigh. It is a perfect place to set up those gifts. Added with faux snow, this setting is simply breathtaking!

Red, Green and White Decorations

One of the most essential Christmas ornaments. There are a lot of Christmas ball designs to choose from so your tree definitely won’t look too bare or too boring this Christmas. It is recommended to stick to a specific theme when you decorate your tree, especially when it comes to the Christmas balls. Having multi-colored Christmas baubles hanging on your tree is great for people who like the traditional approach but if you’re the type who prefers the clean cut look with a bit of dazzle, having a color scheme is a good idea.

Source: Pinterest

Hot Cocoa Corner:

You can also double up food as décor. Here. We’ve created a cocoa brewing station, complete with dispenser, mugs and stirrer. Added with that cocoa label, this setting is surely a brilliant one!

A Lovely Traditional Display:

This miniature of Santa on his sled, placed on faux snow and log would make a lovely display on your table. Matched with christmas-themed pillow, your living room or wherever you set up these decorations will surely have that holiday and festive ambiance.

Joy Sign:

Instead of a typical JOY sign, you can try making this wreath. You can replace the ‘O’ with a fabric wreath. Dont forget to match it up with a DIY wooden christmas tree which uses drift woods. You can also add stockings and pillows into the the decorations to complete the set-up.

Add A Glow To Your House:

To create these beautiful luminaries, cut red paper bags in half with the decorative scissors and trim the top of the brown or white bags. Please some lights inside and there you have your DIY luminary.

Make Use Of The Gingerbread House:

You can also make use of a cute gingerbread house for the decoration. As you can see in this picture, a gingerbread house in placed on top of the vintage books t give an understated festive décor.

String The Cookies:

Use applesauce and cinnamon dough base for this gingerbread garland. But we careful? You might want to eat it! Tie ’em up with decorative ribbon and hang in your mantle or kitchen cabinet.

A Traditionally Decorated Mantelpiece:

Dress up the red stockings with a ball fringe and hang it on display on the mantelpiece. In this decorating idea, the saying “less is more” is quite on point. Without too many decoration, just evergreen, stocking and candles, this set-up is simply divine.

A Red And White Living Room:

This living room is decorated beautifully in the red and white theme. Keeping the christmas tree simple, with just a few red christmas balls, so as the mantel. The simple candle centerpiece also add beauty to the whole setting. I love this!

Use Bells:

Instead of wrapping the garland around the railing, we’d suggest you weave it around the base. You can also hang the bells from the stairs.

Decorate With Stockings:

Add some cheer to your banister by hanging red and white stockings along the stairs. Do not forget to highlight it with twinkling lights and a garland.

Make A Mason Jar Tree:

Here’s a fun decoration to make for Christmas. Mason jars filled with ornaments are stacked in the shape of a Christmas tree. We loved the addition of a tree topper.

Luxe Décor:

Give your mantelpiece a preppy look with this luxe, traditional décor. The plaid plaque and the reindeer ornament are looking fantastic.

Mini Marble Tree:

Instead of a grand tree, you can also put marble trees in several corners of the house. This one is going well with the room’s theme. The combination of green and cold in a contrasting white background is quite epic on this one.

Lovely Hanging Décor:

In this decoration idea, velvet ribbons, pinecones and glass ornaments brighten the staircase. While keeping the traditional look, the decorator made this set up quite rustic too, perfect for those who like country and rustic setting.

Bring A Cozy Vibe:

Here’s another lovely example of traditional décor. Right from the rug to the Christmas tree, everything here is traditional. You would love to just hang out with your loved ones on this living room on the morning of Christmas day while sipping a hot chocolate drink.

A Rustic Décor:

Ditch the brightly colored baubles and opt for a rustic approach instead. Mantelpiece has been made the focal point here. The approach is to use minimal decoration, keeping just brown and green, for traditional yet rustic look.

Beautifully Decorated Porch:

This porch is decorated beautifully with evergreen and cranberry Christmas trees and wreath. But it’s the dog that’s generating ‘Awwws’.

A Traditional Loving Room Setting:

This one’s traditionally beautiful! A huge christmas tree decorated with ribbons and balls, red stockings hanging on the mantle, evergreen on the top and red floral centerpiece, this is quite a breathtaking and stunning living room!

A Traditional Table Setting:

Here’s a lovely table setting for you to follow this Christmas. It’s not just traditional, but also very sophisticated and elegant.

Noel Sign:

Here’s a festive mantelpiece with a NOEL sign. A mini, jingle bell garland is used in place of O. do not forget to place the greenery lavishly on the mantelpiece.

Incorporate Loads Of Nature:

This mantelpiece is decorated with pinecones, apples and leaf garlands.

For The White Christmas:

A beautiful green Christmas tree is decorated with silver and glass ornaments. There’s also a white reindeer dressed with a green wreath.

Colorful Ornaments:

Here’s a lovely decoration idea for you. The colorful ornaments in a clear jar is looking amazing.

For The Cottage:

Here’s a lovely decoration idea for people following a cottage theme.

Decorate Your Kitchen With An Evergreen Wreath:

The kitchen here is decorated with greenery wreath. It’s looking stunning against the white background.

Traditionally Decorated Tree:

The Christmas tree is decorated in the most traditional way possible.

Traditional Wreaths:

Here are a few traditional wreaths to dress up your house.

The Traditional Stockings:

This Japanese house is decorated in the most traditional stockings ever. So you know whom it belongs to? It belongs to the elves.

A Beautiful Candle Arrangement:

Here’s a lovely candle arrangement for you to incorporate into your décor.

A Lovely Candle Decoration:

Take small sized flowerpots and fill it with moss, greenery and cranberries. Put pillar candles on top of each pot.

Elegant Living Room

Create an elegant and luxurious ambiance in your living room by setting up a giant Christmas tree, decorated with gold trimmings and string lights. Added with some touch of greens in the center table and you have this beautiful living room.

Just Red and Wreath

For those who love green and red for their living room, this traditional christmas decor idea is for you. Match those sofa and pillows with green wreath on the wall and you’re good to go.

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