Vintage Christmas decorations should be something unique, elegant and stylish and something already old but not am antique. Here is some Christmas vintage decorations ideas that will help you to do a vintage Christmas decorations for your house.

Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is more than just an annual family reunion each year. It is more than an intimate get-together of people who share a common belief.


It is more than just giving gifts and expecting one in return. You may get disappointed a lot of times during the yuletide season but you will get through it and perhaps for the next upcoming years, you will still expect to receive something from them.

Now every person has their own meaning for Christmas. Hopefully the definitions are good memories you have been holding onto. Now your definition would show on your Christmas decorations placed on your bode.

Vintage Christmas Decorations
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Old shabby cabinets are a good match for your white Christmas tree. The worn outlook of the door gives a nice contradicting theme to the whole décor. Hang a thin wreath on the door to give it color. The chipped paint and sides of the door makes the look more interesting.

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Old bottles topped with burning white candles give your tabletop something nicer and appealing.  The silver-colored star each hanging from the lid gives it radiance and sparkle. The green leaves on the garnishing the bottom part of the candle adds hue to and color to the décor. The whole pieces give an aura of peace and serenity.


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White Vintage Christmas Tree


have a look at above Christmas tree. You will love it!!!


Old rusty lamps on your front door can also be turned into an authentic vintage piece. The brown hue of the metal lamp matches the richness of the color of pine cones. The brown cloth turned into a ribbon adds more appeal to the piece. It is easy to make yet so simple.

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Stairways that are often used in barns can now be something much beautiful. The stairway can be decorated with any known Christmas decoration like a wreath. The white socks hanging on the steps can work like your own fireplace. The old wooden staircase just keeps the whole thing the vintage twist.

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Recycle materials but at the same time, decorate your house this yuletide season. Old rusty springs that are so ready to be thrown away can be turned into one unique Christmas tree. Place the springs on any old wooden plank. Finalize the whole thing with a star cutout from leftover cardboard.

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Unique Vintage Christmas Tree


The above Christmas tree is a classical example of a unique Vintage Christmas tree. I loved it. I am sure you also will love.


Create something a nice Christmas décor from old wagon and wash-line wheels. Turn it something similar into a wreath and hang the piece on your wall. Pine leaves give it more color and refinement. One big red berry on the middle of the wheel gives the right amount of garnishment.

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Transform those old used wooden sleds into one fine piece of Christmas floor decoration. Decorate the top part with greens and red berries for that Christmas spirit. The checkered red fabric tied on it gives it more color and fun. The single golden bell on the center gives it shine and brightness.

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Turn those vintage mirrors you have into something fit for Christmas. Line some old cards on the mirror. Use a tiny white piece of garland to hold the cards together. This is something that is not just vintage but has is that one thing that is close to your heart, with every matching memories intact on them.

Beautiful Vintage Christmas Decorations


See the above Christmas tree. This mind blowing Vintage Christmas tree was found at the below source


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Those old but still lustrous Christmas ornaments make up one lovely piece of vintage Christmas décor hanged on your front porch. Attach one old card on each ornament to give it more tone and volume. The brown coffee-like stain of the paper gives it that nice vintage look. The gold string used gives it more magic and shine.

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Old white picket fences that are no longer in use could be one nice piece of indigenous Christmas tree. The faded white paint it gives it a snowy touch. Make it shine by some white or yellow Christmas lights to give it warmth. Place old white towels on the bottom to create a snowy impression.

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A poinsettia like no other – the Christmas plant has been made from old music sheets giving it a unique print. The mercury glass beads give it nice texture and style. The golden beads on the center of the poinsettia provide the right amount of glimmer. This Christmas decoration is not just cleverly done but is also eco-friendly.

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This one stunning Christmas tree already serves as a family’s heirloom to be passed on from one generation to the next. The white ornaments hanging on the tree complements well with each piece. The teddy bear and the ice skating shoes on the bottom of the tree give it a playful touch. The angel topper signifies the marvel of the entire tree.

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This Christmas wreath made out from glued pearl-like balls gives that snowy effect on the whole piece. The white house on the table has the glitz and shimmer. The vintage aura of this whole décor is nothing less than awesome. The faint yellow light coming out of the house is just magnificent.

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Use everything from old socks, cloth and wooden planks to something suited for the festivities. Old mercury balls can be turned into a unique Christmas wreath. Decorations like this are not just eco-friendly but of vintage class. This décor can be placed either at your bedroom or on your living room.

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If the kitchen is your preferred bode, then decorating it with something close to your heart is spectacular. Decorate your tree with small red and green apples to give it color. Make use of some of your cooking utensils too. The output is more than just a reflection of you.

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Old picture frames can now be uniquely used to hang Christmas wreaths. Sturdy picture frames can give a Christmas décor its vintage appeal. Utilize old jersey fabrics to be used as a tie. Once the festivities over, it allows you to easily take the wreath off your wall without causing damage to it.

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Turn your old Christmas ornaments into wind chimes that can give sparkle into your front porch. Glass ornaments would give it a vintage touch. The set is not just soothing and eye-pleasing but stylish too. The appeal is simply astounding and breathtaking.

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Your old rusty prim tool carrier can be utilized as a Christmas décor. Place some green ornaments on it as well as brown pine cones to give it color. Brighten it up with a couple of candle lights. Use it to decorate your porch and more.

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If you want something vintage but still awesome for the yuletide season, this 19th century inspired Christmas balls would sure get the kick out of you. The yuletide balls are made of paper mache painted with brown and red paint to match the old theme of the era. Good calligraphy skill can also come in handy with this décor.

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Music sheets that no longer needed and other craft and scrapbooking materials could be used into something elegant for Christmas. The rustic bell on the center of the flower gives it motion and style. You save money and help save the environment both at the same time. This could be used as Christmas tree ornaments or table centerpieces.

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This gorgeous dining table centerpiece is a mix-and-match combination of your old and new decors. The mercury glass balls give it a little bit of sparkle. The pine cones add a little bit more of the vintage look. Use your unused wooden dough bowl and place everything perfectly to it.