Christmas, the most awaited festival of Christians around the world during which people come together and celebrate the eve, but before celebration, comes the most hectic part of preparations which people have to do to celebrate the Christmas in full joy and the preparation consist of preparing delicacies, shopping and the most important one is Decoration.

Decoration for the Christmas are done with a lot of decorative items but here we bring you something which is not only uniquely trending but also will take your décor a level up and that one element is twinkle lights which people are using more these days for decoration as they are made available in various colors, shapes and sizes which makes it easy for us to decorate our house.

For Christmas, paying special attention to the exterior is equally important besides interior, therefore, make the atmosphere magical for the Christmas Eve in the front and the back yard that gets admiration by all who visits you and passes by. Use enough lights to glow the atmosphere.

Here we bring you some fascinating ideas to help you convert your exterior in to an astonishing paradise and share the holiday spirit with your home décor. Fairy lights and electric strings can add a festive, warm and romantic mood to your space and create lovable scene for Christmas.




The beautiful and gorgeous multi pointed star can go on display on any festival throughout the year which makes us say thank you to this because it is light in weight and made from a durable polypropylene material. Swapping in a porch décor, the shape can fold flat for an easy storage.




The bright light snow flake canvas is a perfect option for your wall in the dining room and / or yard décor.




Display your best figures in a crafted bird cage wrapped up in Christmas lights or take some notes from the lanterns and vases and put few ornaments or pine cones in the cage. You can use this décor whole year around as it has become popular in the recent years. The actual light décor is minimal but it still looks impressive against the dark background. You can use white light wires against white bird cage or a light background. For best effects, play with the lights.




This is for those who reside in warmer climate. Just take your lights out, most probably, on the terrace for a perfect décor. You can also consider collaborating with your neighbors for a house to house string of lights.




Without ruining the effect of your sparkling door decoration with an extension cord, create this wreath décor which has a hidden battery which will keep it glowing and a timer feature which will help you not to worry about turning it on and off. You can use trimmed pine cones, glitters and red berries to make it look a little more beautiful.



Spell any word of your choice and get a beautiful marquee sign that can be used to light up the yard.



This idea is for those who have limited floor space in the house. In this idea, the Christmas lights are woven to fill the space without becoming too structured. Try to keep it dense so that you won’t need any bed side lamp.



This idea is for those who do not have a room for a full size Christmas tree. Simply illuminate a small tree that can bring in a pop of Christmas fun and joy in the house. Add presents as a bonus point.



Opt for natural looking strands rather than the hassle of wrangling string lights around swaths of evergreens. Twist them around banisters, porch poles and front doors using command hooks.


An easy to make and inexpensive shooting stars that will strike the yard and create a striking effect this holiday season.



Do not worry about the sizes and shapes of both the lights as they work in harmony because they use the same bulb color. Gauzy canopy gives a wonderful touch. You can try the style in your reading or a cozy corner. You can also experiment by replacing the lanterns with a garland of ribbon or snowflakes.


HANG A STRING OF LIGHT ABOVE THE MANTLE: Go for a minimalistic theme in the small space and thread a single strand of lights above your mantle. You will find this much enough to illuminate your stockings and the presents under the tree perfectly.

TWINKLE STAR STRING LIGHTS: With Plug –In LED strands which comes filled with 100 stars across 49 feet, make a starry night and light up whole of your porch. You can also choose slow fade or a twinkle mode in this option.

GIFT BOXES FOR OUTSIDE DÉCOR: The lighted Christmas gift boxes are a wonderful option to offer a vintage chic touch to the outer décor. You can create this idea at home as a DIY.

FAIRY LIGHT VASES: These gorgeously delicate and tiny fairy lights can add a touch of whimsy to your vases and the mix of vase fillers adds up to the beauty. The lights are a perfect option for a vase filler and table top décor projects because the trailing wire tails won’t look unfinished.  The fairy lights will become dense, glowing net around the objects inside in the vases. The slim size of the wire and the spacing between the lights will make the tails unobtrusive. You can also use a pine bough or a bit of tinsel, if you want to conceal them.

ALTERNATIVE LIGHTING: In your holiday themed home, Christmas lights do not have to be the only source of brightness. You can use your hardware store for hanging bulbs and pair them with lots of seasonal greenery for an offbeat and different look to your festive décor.

NOVOLINK MINI GLOBE MULTI COLOR LED LIGHTS: The lights are available in White, Warm White and Colored options along with a wireless smart control feature which lets you control the flashing patterns, brightness and timers through its app. There are 200 Mini Globes in a 50 foot string with 6 flashing modes.

GLOWING GARLAND FOR STAIRWAY DÉCOR: Reveal your crafting skills with this idea and add some Christmas lights along with some latest ornaments to the evergreen garland and witness the festive result. This idea is a perfect option for the stairway banister decoration.

WRAPPED GLOBE LIGHTS: The globe lights are very interesting as you can easily see through them in places and it will be hard to take them down at the season end. The round shaped lights are elegant with bulbs in different shapes which can change the entire décor and its impact. You can size it down with tiny fairy light strings or wrap the globes loosely with big bulbs. Trailing droplets can be created from each globe using icicle lights.

DRESS UP EXISTING LIGHTING: The best way to save space and time is to build upon the lighting you already have. Use evergreen branches and drape them around a hanging light fixture and impress the guests as the light bounces through the branches and on the dining table in seasonal style.

LED MULTICOLOR BALL LIGHTS: The battery operated option never goes out and is always available for beautiful festive environment. The best part is that you do not need any extension cords.

CHRISTMAS LADDER TREE WITH COLORFUL FAIRY LIGHTS: Get a ladder, hang ornaments on it and compliment it with colorful Christmas lights. This décor idea is great for both indoor and outdoor corner decoration.

SNOWMAN WREATH: Red and Green always garnish the beauty and give a feminine touch to the décor. Use this décor idea and watch out the gauze overlaying the lights on the wreath and making it look beautiful. Use white poinsettia flowers, purple snowflakes and pine boughs to create this beauty. You can also personalize a snowman with an initial and convert it in to a lovely gift.

HOMEY GLOW: Create a 3D paper Christmas village and illuminate it by LED lights. There is nothing better for a small space than a mini village.

LED BIRCH TREES: Use saplings for indoor or an outdoor décor which comes along with sparkling lightings. You can order them online in different sizes for creating a beautiful forest effect.

SNOW BALLS LIGHTS: Cover the lights in snow balls to make snow lanterns. It is a perfect project for outdoor decoration through which you can light up your front porch.

STRING LIGHT FRAME: Creating a string photo board is a complete DIY project in itself but using Christmas lights to draw the eye to holiday photos is a wonderful option. If you are limited on space and still want to show holiday cheer then using lights in this way is a great option for you. You can create the look on rustic wooden frames or even modern metal ones. The best part is that, you can weave the lights In and Out of the strings and around the photos or run few strands across the back of an open frame.

CUSHION YOUR FOOD: Around your showcased dishes, illuminate a garland or place a lit garland runner in the center of the dining table to brighten the dinner.

HURRICANE LANTERN: Pop up the camp side classic on the porch for a warm greeting or bring it inside the house and use it as a home décor. The real LED flame in the lantern means you do not have to deal with kerosene. Just paint the lantern in the color you can match up with your surrounding and it is good to go.

DIY LIGHTED HANGING NESTS: Simply fill up your hanging baskets with garden goodies, LED lights and then push some through to the outside. This DIY décor idea is perfect for the patio decoration.

TINY STARS AND EVERGREENS ON A TIERED TRAY: Make your own tiered stand with cake trays or you can also pull out dessert displays for making an attractive center piece. The use of simple color scheme will make your display lovable. Decorate it with pine cones, white berries, green pine branches, candles and yellow lights. For contrast, mix some red and silver ornaments. It is a free standing idea with low mess. The rims of each tier will help you contain the needles and loose ornaments and the lights can be used to tie everything together.

PAINT TYPICAL HOLIDAY LIGHTS GOLD: In your apartment, even if you have space only for few lights then you can increase their style by spray painting the cord and bulb holders in gold that will complement the rest of your holiday décor.

REINDEER STRING LIGHTS: You can now get the whole gang of reindeers in a set of string lights which is powered by solar so make sure to put the battery in a sunny spot and watch out Dancer and Dasher, Vixen and Prancer, Cupid and Comet and Blitzen and Donner.

FLOATING HULA HOOPS WITH LIGHTS: Try this marvelous project inside or outside your home, in case you have enough space. With instructions, it is not too difficult to make. Wrap or cross stitch the hula hoops with the twinkle fairy lights. To add the visual interest, use hoops of different sizes.

ORNAMENT LANTERN: By adding ornaments, take the Mason jar lights a step further. Decorate it by the front door to welcome your guests or use it as in indoor lighting source. You can make it an amazing center piece by using different ornament in various shapes and sizes. The décor idea is simple and easy to make. You can use fake snow balls or pine cones as an alternative. Use a light colored lantern for a striking effect in a dark color scheme.

LIGHTS IN THE CURTAINS: Let your neighbors know that you are in the holiday spirit with some window lighting, if outdoor décor is not an option for you. Using a waterfall of lights, you can create it perfectly over the window with a sheer curtain on top.

GARDEN LASER LIGHT: Not using ladders saves you from a lot of hassle, therefore, here simply point a single laser light towards your house and get thousands of green and red twinkles instantly. The best part is that you can control it with a remote from inside the house.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS WINDOW DÉCOR: Do not forget your window decoration for the holiday. This is a wonderful décor idea which you can implement using star lighting which will create a beautiful ambience in the house that can be seen from the outside.

RUSTIC CHIC BURLAP GARLAND: The lighted burlap garland is definitely for those who think and dream about incorporating a barn door in to home décor and also if you love vintage photo frames and galvanized steel. The idea is simple and the burlap ribbon has a wonderful feature that contrasts with the lights. You can skip the green and red ribbon for all natural burlap to use year around decoration. You can also use all green as a replacement for fake evergreens and accessorize it with popcorn strings, bells and velvet bows.

CREATE OWN TREE: If you get creative with your string lights then you can fit a Christmas tree in to any space, no matter the square foot. You will have to tack up some pins and sculpt a decorative tree that the cats cannot knock down.


PLASTIC LUMINARIA BAGS: With this idea, line up the walkways with battery operated festive bags and welcome the guests with warm glow.

RUSTIC LIGHTED BUCKET: Fill up your summer bucket with lots of bright lights, trimmed branches, firewood logs and adorn it with some oversized ornaments and turn it in to a beautiful piece of decoration to be used on the front porch

TREE FULL OF STARS: If you miss growing things and green trees then create an indoor plant sculpture which will be helpful to get through winters. The DIY project utilizes the dark wires of string of lights to form the branches and trunk of the tree.

CRAFTY FIREPLACE: If you have a non – functioning fireplace then take advantage of it and replace the logs with your favorite holiday scented candles to see the beautiful glow which is sure to impress the guests in the holiday spirit. You can also use a string of beautiful lights.

WICKER LANTERNS: Wicker baskets are a decorative and a colorful DIY project for holiday which can add warmth to any décor. You just have to add some candles and string lights to make the stunning outdoor lanterns for the Christmas. It will bring in the necessary natural element and a bit of romance.


Here ends our trending list of lights decoration.