Christmas cannot be complete without the Christmas tree. The size of the Christmas tree might vary from one place to another or from one house to another; but there is a tree nonetheless. Just bringing a Christmas tree and keeping it in the house is not enough. The tree has to be decorated and decked up to make it attractive. Various kinds of ornaments and baubles are used for decorating the Christmas tree. Lights are also put up to make the tree look fascinating. Christmas tree baubles and ornaments are available readily in the market, but they can be expensive.

Instead of purchasing these ornaments and Christmas tree baubles, why not make them at home? Try involving children and other family members in the DIY baubles making process so that the whole thing becomes interesting. Once the Christmas tree is decorated with these handmade baubles, it has a special effect and appeal. In fact, you can keep these ornaments and baubles to be used for next Christmas.

Mentioned below are some DIY Christmas tree baubles:

Using colorful yarn on plastic or foam surfaces

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Round shape plastic or foam items need to be taken. Balls would be just great for this kind of ornamentation. Attach a string to the base of the surface so that the ornament can be hung or tied. Use colorful yarn to wrap the surface religiously. You can use yarns of two contrasting colors in the same bauble to make it striking. There might be layers of colors by switching the hues. Instead of the common red and green color, try using orange, pink and grey from the color pallet.

Twig arrows for that rustic appeal

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If you are looking for a different kind of décor for your Christmas tree, you can definitely try the rustic appeal by using twigs for the tree décor. This brings a bohemian approach to the tree and makes it look pretty interesting. Use feathers and twigs and make them look like arrows with different items like threads, pieces of cloth, beads and so on. Use a string so that all the arrows can be strung in a line and hung from the tree. Making this décor will take some time, but the effects are really nice.

Photo ornaments

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How about using some nice pictures of your family members for Christmas tree décor? Well using photo ornaments is quite an interesting way of decking up the Christmas tree. For this, first and foremost, you need to select some good photos of your family members and make copies of the same. You will also need some rounded wooden ornaments on which the photos will be pasted. The wooden ornaments come with the provision of hanging them. While some of the ornaments are plain and simple, some are decorated. Select ones which will look best on your Christmas tree. You can also try mix and match option.

Craft stick snowflakes

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Snowflake baubles are quite commonly used for decking up Christmas trees. There are different materials with which the snowflake design can be created. One of them is craft sticks. You can color the sticks in different colors. While some of the snowflakes are in a single color; others might have a combination of two or three shades. Along with the colors, there might be decorations on the sticks with beads, sequins and other materials. These can either be hung or pasted on the leaves of the tree.

Crayon Christmas bauble

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Making this Christmas bauble is a little difficult task. If children are making baubles for the Christmas tree, they will need assistance of elders for making this particular ornament. You will need clear glass baubles for this project and pieces of broken crayons. Collect as many colors of broken crayon as possible. Put the broken crayon pieces inside the glass bauble. Now use a hair dryer and heat the bauble from outside so that the crayons inside melt. It might take some time to show the results. When the crayons melt inside, the bauble looks colorful from outside. Lovely décor for the Christmas tree.

Using sequins and glitter inside the Christmas bauble

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Transparent glass or plastic baubles are readily available in the market. Purchase these. You also need to buy abundant quantities of sequins and glitter, which will be filled inside the baubles. Take a brush and apply some glue to the interiors of the bauble. Now put the sequins and the glitter inside each bauble. While some of these elements will stick to the inside body of the bauble, others will be left loose. When hung from the tree, this bauble looks beautifully colorful. Simple but attractive decoration!

Cinnamon stick and rosemary décor for Christmas tree

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All of us keep talking about using organic things in our daily lives. So when it comes to decking up the Christmas tree, we can think natural and organic as well. This decoration is about going natural; rather going spicy and flavorful! Take a long cinnamon stick. You will need a wire with which you need to make a loop and insert both the ends into the hollow of the cinnamon stick. Use glue for affixing the things so that they don’t come out. Use sprigs of fresh rosemary and attach them to the cinnamon with glue. Use small gems and sequins for decking up the sprigs. Though the décor is small, it looks really attractive along with imparting a nice flavor of cinnamon and rosemary!

Matchsticks for making a striking star

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Star shapes and Christmas trees are closely related to one another. In every Christmas tree you will find star shapes hanging in some form of the décor or other. This star décor will need many matchsticks. Take a cardboard and cut out star shapes from the same. Take four matchsticks and cut off their heads. Create a plus sign right in the center of the star and use an adhesive to stick the matchsticks to the place. With the tips of the matchsticks on the outer side, place the matchsticks as per the shape of the cut star and fix with glue. Fill all the sections of the star; there should be no gap in any place. Use embroidery floss for hanging this Christmas tree décor.

Creating a sled with Popsicle stick

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Kids love creating different shapes with Popsicle sticks and similar items. How about creating a sleigh with Popsicle sticks by gluing them together to bring the desired shape? Children are just going to love this craft idea as this will bring out their creativity and innovation. Making a mini version of Santa Claus’s sleigh will be fun for sure for the little ones. Use a wire to make a loop for hanging the sleigh properly. Make sure that the sticks are glued properly so that they do not fall apart by any chance.

Snowman with bottle caps

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Christmas is all about snow and Santa Claus. How can these be missed from the Christmas tree décor in any way? Bottle caps are usually thrown away. Try storing them and see how beautiful craft items can be made from them. This craft idea is quite simple for kids and these will keep them engaged for long. For creating each snowman, three bottle caps are needed. Paint all the caps in white color. Now place three caps in a line and join them using a single strand of ribbon. Now embellish the caps in the way you want to make it look like a snowman. It is great fun indeed!

French Macaroon embellishment

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If you intend to make your Christmas tree look different from the rest, try adding some unique elements in the same. How about trying adding some French theme to the tree with help of false French macaroon décor? Try making French macaroon ornaments with fondant or polymer clay in different colors. When hung from the tree, they look really pretty and nice. A different twist to the Christmas tree will surely be appreciated by all.

Homemade paper ball ornaments

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In every home there is scar paper left here and there in different designs and colors. Instead of wasting them and throwing them away, why not use them for making attractive paper balls, which can be used as baubles for decorating the Christmas tree in the house? The papers need to be cut in different shapes and then glued together to be given the shape of a ball or a sphere. Attach beads or large sequins on the two bases of the ball so that there is some weight to the bauble and it can be hung easily. Try making balls in different colors and sizes to add vibrancy to the Christmas tree.

All the ideas that have been provided here are easy and simple to do. In some of them little adult help might be required; but majority of them can be handled by the children alone. Make decorating the Christmas tree a fun event for the whole family with everybody participating in making these DIY Christmas tree baubles.