DIY-Christmas-wreathsNot just Christmas hampers and Christmas gift baskets that most people are looking and shopping for during Christmas season. Malls and major stores are also showcasing and selling different kinds of Christmas decorations and ornaments.  But wait, have you ever thought of making your own Christmas wreath?  Most people don’t, but now you can do it without a whole lot of effort at all and you can use the materials you have on hand.

There are so many DIY christmas wreath tutorials online that you can learn from. Most of them just require simple materials – as simple as paper, fabric, buttons, etc.  Here, I collected some of the easy Christmas wreath DIYs that I’ve found online for your inspiration. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your scissors and get ready. Good luck and start crafting.

How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

You’ll need:

  • Wire coat hanger or other type of thick wire that you can bend into a circle
  • Newspaper
  • Tapediy-christmas-wreath
  • Ribbon, scrap material, bows, glitter, tissue paper (anything you have left over that would look pretty on a wreath) You can also use old christmas gift wrappers and christmas gift basket covers.


  • If using a coat hanger, bend it into a circle leaving the hook on the top (makes it easier to hang), and if you are using thick wire, bend it into a circle.
  • Roll pieces of the newspaper up so that it can be wrapped around the hanger and tape it together.  Do this to cover all the way around the wire.
  • Start placing your ribbon, tissue paper, and anything else you’ve chosen to use, on the newspaper to cover it. Some Christmas hampers use twigs and woven laces as their design. Feel free to use these old hampers and gift basket covers.
  • Cover the hook of the hanger with ribbon, yarn or material and add a bow if you’d like.
  • You now have a beautiful wreath that you can hang on your door or hang on a wall in your home and it cost you nothing except a little bit of your time.

Paper Dahlia Christmas Wreath

Image source:

You can never go wrong with paper flowers. This paper dahlia wreath can easily be replicated with just a bunch of colored papers and glue. Cut strips of paper and twirl into small cones. Glue all together until you form a bouquet. You’ve got yourself a pretty flower bouquet that will never wilt and will look great as a Christmas wreath!

3D Paper Star Wreath

Source: LittleBirdieSecrets

Do you have some gift wrappers or colorful paper left overs? Then you may want to turn them into cute and creative Christmas wreath. With just some folding, cutting and assembling, you will be able to make your own unique DIY Christmas wreath!

Wood-Slice Wreath

Image source:

How about a DIY Christmas wreath made of branches? Cut small branches of different sizes to look like coins. Once you have enough to cover an entire wreath, start gluing them on. Mix the big ones with the small ones, but still keep a balanced look. Impress everyone who will come knocking at your door with this unique and gorgeous wreath.

Burlap and Fabric Wreath

Source: Mommyapolis

For those who want simple yet easy to make Christmas wreath for their door, this design is for you. Basically, this wreath is just a layer of burlap and fabric, pinned together and assembled into wreath. This is really easy and very nice to make with your kids on Christmas.

Pinup Christmas Wreath

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Don’t you just love personalized Christmas décors in your own home? Doesn’t a pin wreath sound just lovely? Grab some wooden clothes pins and pin them on your wreath. Include holiday photos, greeting cards, or inspirational quotes, whatever you fancy. Top it with a big bow and show it off to friends and family.

Ornamental Frame Wreath

Source: Bluecricketdesign

Who says wreath should be circle? You can try different design, a frame with ornaments perhaps? If you have old wooden frame and excess Christmas balls, you can have one-of-a-king wreath on your door in less than 30 mins.

Under Wraps

Image source:

Here’s another creative DIY christmas wreath. All it takes is small gifts and a sturdy circular wire and you’ll be able to have one creative wreath.

Bow Wreath

Source: Designimprovised

Does this wreath seem complicated for you? But it isn’t, I’m telling you. You just need a wreath form, colorful bows and glue and voila, you can have a beautiful christmas wreath!

Paper Christmas Wreath

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But if you want to keep your homemade Christmas wreath simple and easy, you can use paper as your material. Cut leaves in a colored paper (preferably green) and put them together to create a wreath. Adorn it with red ribbon to complete the look.

Chalkboard Wreath


This is one of the easiest and simplest Christmas wreath that you can try creating. You just need a chalkboard in a shape of wreath, put a ribbon that will serve as the tie, and voila! It’s Christmas time!

Stick Christmas Wreath

Image source:

Christmas wreaths don’t have to be always leaves and balls. It can also be made out of Popsicle sticks. Paint the sticks wtih green, glue them together and form a round shape. Put some red dots (it can be a punched red colored papers) and wrap it with ribbons.

Holiday Hankie Wreath

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Another holiday project that is sure to be a hit with your family and friends is the fabric Christmas wreath. Got leftover fabrics from your sewing projects? Put them on the wreath! Make it as colorful as possible. Add an assortment of designs and patterns, and when it’s done, show it off like a proud parent.

Layered Leaf Wreath

Image source:

Go natural this Christmas by making this lovely and rustic Christmas wreath. Gather some assortment of dried and fresh leaves. Put them together and voila, you have a wreath!

Striped Paper Straw Wreath

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Who knew that straws can look this fabulous on Christmas? Get this holiday décor on your front door and make it a fun family project for you and the kids. You should have a mix of short and tall straws for that sunburst effect. You can use one color, or a combination, it’s up to you. Glue the striped straws on your wreath and add a pretty bow for that nice finish.

Candy Wreath

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Even holiday candies can make great Christmas wreaths! Glue the candies on to your wreath until everything is all covered up. Finish up with a huge bow on top. Sweet and beautiful indeed!

Christmas Popcorn Wreath

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Craving for some popcorn? Did you know that popcorn makes a lovely Christmas wreath as well? Glue popcorn bits on a wreath until it is completely covered and tie a festive-looking bow on top. It’s ready to hang on your door. Why not try making this at home and amaze your family and friends?

Wood Flower Wreath

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This Christmas wreath made from tapioca wood flowers looks amazing and elegant on your front door. All you need for this project are tapioca wood flowers and a craft wreath ring. Glue the flowers on the ring front and back. Tie with a pretty holiday bow. Pretty impressive for something so easy to make!

Button Wreath

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Love collecting buttons in all shapes and sizes? This is the perfect holiday craft project for you. Using a craft wreath ring, glue different buttons on it. The more buttons, the better. Make sure the colors stand out, too. You can use a clip or a bow for the finish and, voila! A button Christmas wreath.

Deco Mesh Wreath

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How about making your own Christmas mesh wreath? Just combine two or three different color mesh and glue them on a wreath ring. You can add ribbons or other Christmas ornaments that you like to make it look bigger and fuller.


These lovely DIY Christmas wreath projects are sure to get you busy during the holidays. They’re fun, easy to make, and as beautiful as the ones you see in stores. Have you picked which one you’ll be making? Happy crafting!