Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Apart from Christmas traditions, exchanging Christmas gifts, Christmas hampers and Christmas cards, Christmas decoration plays a big role in every Christmas celebration. Christmas is a time for making happy memories, the spirit of gift giving is there and happy memories deserve a beautiful setting. It’s not just about arranging your table with pretty Christmas centerpieces beside Christmas gift baskets. It’s about setting the perfect theme. So make the best out of your Christmas celebration by creating a festive and cheerful atmosphere using the right Christmas decorations.


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Here are some great yet easy Christmas decorating ideas to help you set the stage for this very important holiday.

Set a Holiday Atmosphere


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Set the mood for a cheery Christmas get together by combining visual and aromatic pleasures to tickle your family’s senses. Find some wicker baskets on your local craft stores, and place some poinsettia plants on it to make a gorgeous centerpiece. The reds and greens of the poinsettia plant makes it a very visually appealing decor and it is laden with meaningful Christmas symbolisms as well. Add some woven garlands of aromatic flowers for a pleasurable sensory experience.


Christmas Fireplace

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Decorate a Christmas Tree

Whether it’s traditional or trendy, big or small, every Christmas tree plays an important role in every family during Christmas. It is where family members place their Christmas gifts and Christmas presents for one another. Adorn your Christmas tree with garlands, glass balls, tinsels, beads and top it off with a bright star or an angel. Don’t forget to include small Christmas gift favors to give to your guests on Christmas eve party.

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Add Natural Greenery and Flowers


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The most beautiful Christmas decorations come from Mother Nature. Poinsettias are very popular Christmas decorations both on account of its legends and its beautiful star-like flowers. They also stay alive for a long time so no worries about wilting. There are many varieties of poinsettia available in the market so you’ll never have trouble finding one to compliment the rest of your Christmas décor.

Create a Nativity Scene



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Remember the very reason for the Christmas holiday is the birth of Jesus of Christ. Commemorate the event by setting up a nativity scene indoors or outdoors. There are many kinds of nativity scenes to choose from: from hand-carved to porcelain, from expensive to cheap, so there’s no excuse about not getting one.

The Manger Picture

Nativity Scene by Petr Kratochvil From publicdomainpicture.com

Decorate Your Christmas Dinner Table


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Make your Christmas meals extra special by decorating your table. Choose table napkins and table cloths that match the rest of your Christmas decorations. Make a beautiful Christmas centerpiece using a basket of flowers or fresh fruits.

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Make Homemade Placemats


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Make some placemats using your old Christmas cards. Cut up the Christmas cards and make an oval-shaped collage. Have the collage laminated to make it last longer.  This is a very good way of preserving Christmas memories and practically useful as well. This can also be a good homemade Christmas gift to relatives and family.

Distribute Holiday Aromas


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Scents have been proven to have a remarkable influence on people’s emotions. This Christmas, infuse your home with holiday fragrances. You can use aromatic flowers or if you want, you can buy some aromatic candles. They are available in scents that are specifically meant for the Christmas holidays. You can also collect different kinds of essential oils and pack them in a christmas hamper or Christmas gift basket.

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