Christmas is such a joyful event with so much fun to endure. From amazing food feasts to sparkling houses with mind blowing decorations. With blissful get together with families and friends to Christmas tree decorations, saying prayers and getting excited on the thought of Santa Claus fulfilling on of our wishes.

One of the other things that comes as a package with Xmas is the building of Snow Man. Yes, it is so very exciting to create one of those cool, mysterious and cute looking snow man with a fat belly, a cute face and those round eyes. Every year, building your own personalised snow man is one of the things that keeps us waiting the entire year from our very childhood.



But have you just not got bored of building the same old snowman with the same attire and the same stuff? Well here let us ease it out for you. We have sorted down a few ideas which may boost how dashing your snow man is going to look this Christmas season. Go for the below given snowman decoration ideas and leave behind all the other snowmen with yours.

Mesmerizing Christmas Snowman Decorations

Add a little magic this Christmas to your snowman.

Add lights to your snowman

Anything that shining and glowing is attractive. Decorate your pale looking snowman this year with a lot of fairy lights. Instead of his woollen muffler that he usually wears round his neck, get him a garland of lights to go with. Replace the carrot nose of his with a solar red coloured LED bulb. I am sure this glow in him will make your snowman outstand him from all the other snowmen.

Flowers always work

Well who does not love flowers? Our snow man will love wearing some of the around. Instead, of the regular hat that you put on his head every year, get him a side flower or even better a tiara of flowers. I can totally imagine, how amazing it is going to make your snowman look. Pretty yet super cute. Get him a garland to wear round his neck of flowers in red with a matching tiara and he is good to make an amazing impression on all the other snowmen out there. They better watch out now.

Woody snow man

Instead of making a snow man out of snow like everyone, get a rectangular wooden plank and paint it in white. Paint him two round eyes and a red nose. Wrap him up with a pretty ribbon round his neck and he is ready to adorn your show case in all amazing ways. You could also gift one of these to your loved ones and trust me they are going to love you so much for this as they can also adorn their walls with the same now. It will last you pretty longer than our snowy snow man because it’s not going to melt people.

Cold snow man

Like everyone the snow man also gets cold in this freezing weather at the time of Christmas. So why not make a snow man out of a wool yarn and get him some warmth. Grab a ball of yarn in different sizes and place the in pairs of two one above the other. You could also add some colour if you are not specific about your snow man being white only. Get him a pair of paper or button eyes and a nose with a woollen muffler in red or green and he is all warm now. The snow man is going to love you back for this. Also, this can be gifted to kids at your place as it can come to be a new toy for them. You could become their favourite elder this Christmas.

Show man or snow man

Do you have pretty vases at your place that you use as show pieces at the counter in your living room or on the corner table? Well here is another way to get a snowman done without the snow. Turn your show piece vase into a snow man or now you can also call it a show man. Paint the vase at your place in white and get rid of the flowers if any. Paint him two eyes and a nose and put a small hat on the neck of the vase. Tie a thin ribbon or any pretty cloth piece just a little below his face and a show man is ready to adore your living room in a spectacular way.

Is that a snow man? No wait, it’s a door!

Do you have a white coloured gate at your place? Are you thinking the same to what I am? Yes, you guessed it right. Well grab yourself some coloured papers and cut yourself two black coloured eyes, a red nose, a black hat, a cute smile and a few other cuttings and paste them on your white coloured gate and make your boring looking gate into an amazing snow man that is all ready to surprise the guests that are coming to visit you or anyone who is going to pass by. This way you can send Christmas chills to all the visitors who come by your place or just pass by. Is it now amazing to be greeted by a happy snow man?

Its melting but it’s not snow

What else can you think of that is white and does melt? Yes, people it’s wax. Get yourself some white candles and draw a snow man face on it and cute little ribbon round the neck. Light up the candle and place them in your dining room while you feast with your family and let the praise how creative of a person you are. These candles will melt in sometime but now you now it won’t be the snow.

Did you like any of the ideas? Which one of this are you going to do? Hope this Christmas your snow man stands out all the other snowmen in town.

Merry Xmas 😊