Christmas is very near to us now and we can’t wait for it to come. Christmas is as we all know is an annual festival which we celebrate to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on 25th December and the date to celebrate is fixed. Christmas is a religious and cultural festival which at today’s time is celebrated by all people around the world may it be Christians or non Christians. Christmas Day is a public holiday in almost all the countries around the world.


For many, Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it doesn’t come without hard work and also some amount of stress. And the reason for that is not buying too expensive computer game, or welcoming this Christmas time a rich family with whom you are not comfortable. It can also feel like you are burning the candle at both ends. Office parties as well as Christmas meet-ups with friends also is too expensive these days as we all know so that also creates huge stress, While on the other hand if you get to organize a Christmas party and getting relatives and friends at your home then it’s like a burden. The reason for this to look as a burden and a source of stress is a huge amount of expenditure at a time. The expenses incurred during this Christmas festival time are countless sometimes. It may be related to buying of new clothes for everyone in the house starting from the youngest to the oldest, arranging good menu for everyone, Christmas cake etc. On top of all these the thing on which the maximum focus and expenditure is done is Christmas tree and its decoration along with nice decoration of our house.

Decoration is the most important part of our lives these days. Everywhere we go we judge the place by looking at the way the place is decorated. There are different types of decoration done for every other place. Nowadays decoration is available for every place; be it a school, hospital, office, shop, mall, amusement park, hotel or home. Interior designers have so many options on decoration that the person gets confused what to choose and what not to after looking at so many options. If we talk about home itself then also they have so many options to make the interiors of the house look awesome starting from the living room to bedroom, bathroom to kitchen and each and every corner of the house. They suggest different types of decorations and then leave upon the owner to decide what decor idea to finalize depending upon his pocket. They work on every aspect of the interior starting from color of the walls to even a small thing kept in a corner to give a new look to the house. But once it’s done it’s done and it is not possible for everyone to hire an interior designer for arranging parties like Christmas party and so the decoration methods have to be decided by members of the family. Suggestion are taken regarding decoration from every member and then the final decor is decided keeping in mind the budget that fits in the pocket of the person who is going to pay for the purchasing of decorative items. But here I have a solution to your this problem of huge expense on decoration.

Today, we bring you a method of decoration which you can do easily at home spending minimal amount of time as well as money and that is through the use of paper. You might be thinking that I am kidding but trust me I am not. You can really decorate your home and Christmas tree this Christmas using papers. You just need to take out some time from your busy schedule or utilize your Christmas holidays and turn your home into a beautiful and attractive place. In case you do not trust me just try out the various paper decoration methods which I will provide you right here and then see the change.

The art of paper folding is a fascinating part of Japanese tradition and making an incredibly delicate sculpture out of nothing but a square sheet of paper truly is really breathtaking. Below is the collection of Christmas tree ornaments that you can make yourself from paper to make life a bit easier for you. We all love our environment so use of this recycling paper is a great way to make use of what we consider as waste laying around as scrap.

Christmas Tree- I have two methods for you to make: the first and foremost part of the Christmas celebration that is auspicious Christmas tree. You can make so many small Christmas trees along with big one using below methods:

  1. Cardboard, paper and glue stick along with some colors. In this case you need to have colored papers. Now just draw the shape of a Christmas tree on the sheet of green paper and put in over the cardboard to cut it of exactly same shape and size. Then paste the sheet on the cardboard using glue. After that don’t forget to paste brown color paper on the stem of the tree to give it a nice look. You can also use green and brown colors to do it if you made the tree on white sheet of paper. Pasting of colored paper or usage of colors can be done on both sides of the cardboard so that it does not look odd from one side.
  2. To make tree having the shape of original tree you can use this method. In this method you need paper, glue and stick. What you need to do is, cut the paper in the form of circle and make 3 circles of different sizes small, big and then large. Now fold the paper into half then its half and then again its half and then open it. You will have so many lines inside it. Now fold the paper between two lines in an inside way to give it a shape of tree. Once you are done with all three circles put the circles from center into the stick and paste them one on the top of other and your tree is ready.

Paper Stars- You can make lovely stars using paper. For this you need rectangular sheets (at least 20-25), glue and a string. Now start folding the rectangular papers in the form of cone and paste the open side. Make cones of all rectangular sheets and then cut a circle shape to paste the cones. Start pasting cones on the circle center sticking one cone next to another and once layer is done create other on its top to give it a heavy look. Your star is now ready. Just put the string on top and stick the star to hang it. This star shaped decoration item can also be used for gifting by writing some message on every cone.

Paper Ball Shaped Lamps- For making it the things you need are paper, string, glue but the most important requirement here is a thin metal wire. Cut the wire into pieces and all pieces should be of same size. After that make the shape of a ball using wires by molding them and fixing one to another. Once the wire ball is ready paste the paper on it to cover the wire framework below using glue. After that tie string on its top so that it can be hanged. You can also make the decoration item layered if you wish.

Paper Lamps- To make this you need scrap book paper which is a bit strong and heavy in quality. Now make 5 broad strips on it, all of equal size in width. After that cut these strips in a form that 1 is small in size and other 2 bigger than it and next 2 more bigger than the 2nd one. Now fix the paper strips together from top and bottom using binder clip. Once they are fixed together hold the strips from top and bottom and press the upper held part down and lower held part up. You will find a shape in the form of lamp. Staple the sheets from top and bottom and you will have the lamp ready to use after tying a string on its top.

Paper spaceship- You can create a paper spaceship using 2 circular shaped paper only. Take the circles and stick one on the top of the other by pasting only the corners when only a bit is left to be pasted press the circles from left and right side together and you will find it rising to give shape of spaceship. From open end insert some paper ball so that the shape remains intact and your spaceship is ready which you can decorate by using colored paper strips and pasting them on top of the spaceship.

Curled strips- You can prepare curled shape decoration item by paper. This can be big or small depending on type of decoration for which you are going to use it. Cut a strip of paper in length a bit longer than of the size you want your decoration item to be. Now wrap the paper on some circular shaped thing like pen, pencil, stick etc. and leave it as such using glue or tape. After some hours un – stick them from the base, you will be amazed to see that the paper is still curled. You can hang it here and there in the house or on the tree as a decoration material. Also you can put it in some transparent ball and hang it.

Paper Bows- Paper bows can be made easily at home and that too so many in a minute. Just cut paper into a strip of thickness you need your bow to be and then fold the paper inside from one side firmly without pressing and staple or stick it. Repeat same on the other side and you bow is ready. Press the paper from center and tie a ribbon to give it a good look.

Paper Headings- You can make paper alphabets by cutting the paper in the shape of alphabets and then use those alphabets to write something like Merry Christmas, welcome, have fun, enjoy etc. The alphabets can be pasted on a string according to the number of words to hang it.

Paper Garlands- Paper garlands can be made by using paper in various forms. Garlands can be made by cutting paper in the form of shapes like stars, bells, fruits, flowers etc. and pasting them on the string.

Paper Snowman- For this you can use paper plates which are easily available in market or you can cut paper into circles. After that using colors give a snowman face look to the paper by making its two eyes, nose and neck and then your paper snowman is ready for decorating.

Paper Huts- To make paper huts you require scrap book paper. Cut the paper into length and roll it to form the stick shape. Then close the stick shape from one end using paper. After that take a square shaped paper and fold it from center to get center line. Open the sheet and paste it in hut form on the open side of stick shaped base to create a hut.

Paper Hearts- Paper can be cut in the form of hearts and then you can decorate it for decoration. Also layers of hearts can be made on the inside to give it more appealing look. You can also use these heart shaped papers to write a message and give it to someone to make them feel special.

Paper Fruits- For making paper fruits you will need paper of the actual fruit colors, like yellow can be used to make mango and banana, red for apples and pomegranate, green for guava, orange for orange etc. You just need to cut the paper in the shape of fruit and your paper fruits are ready. They can be hanged on the Christmas tree or used for decorating kitchen or area where food is served.

I hope after reading above mentioned ideas you will agree that paper ornaments can also be used for decoration this Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and share these simple decoration ideas with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, children etc and help them use this safe and inexpensive method to decorate their homes, offices etc. Using paper décor method saves two things which are both very precious that is time and environment. So try this out and do not forget experimenting by mixing the ideas with other decorative items because there is no limit to the creativity and your own ideas equally matters.

“Merry Christmas”!