Top Green Christmas Decoration Ideas

There are lot of ways to decorate your house on this Christmas. Here is a collection of top green Christmas decorations that will help and inspire you to decorate this Christmas. While deciding on the decor of the house during Christmas, some times we may decide to stick with a color scheme. Red, gold, silver, blue are common color schemes followed during the Christmas. So if you are thinking of going green this Christmas, you’ve landed at the right place. Below is our collection of 30 green Christmas decorating ideas for you! Green, the color of nature, is beautiful, fashionable and relaxing. It makes the entire decor cute, calm and cozy, making you believe that you are amidst nature

  1. Green Door Wreath:



If you want to make a grand entrance, make this teardrop wreath for the door. It’s basically a bundle of fragrant greenery and floral wire, finished with satin ribbon.

  1. Jolly Sign:

If you feel you need to remind your guests what holiday is all about, hang a cheerful Jolly sign from the table.

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  1. Evergreen Garland:



The door in this pictured is framed with an evergreen garland affixed with LED lights. And we loved the Christmas tree drew on the wall with the chalkboard.

  1. A Star Shaped Wreath:

The star shaped wreath here is looking very cheerful placed on the mantelshelf. The bright and cheery presents and country style stockings are creating a perfect Christmas scene.

  1. A Bowl Of Ornaments:



This one is absolutely stunning. A box is lined with paper and green ornaments in different colors are placed in it, along with a few sprigs of pine leaves.

  1. Green Christmas Tree:

This Christmas tree is decorated with metallic ornaments and ribbon bow. The poinsettias in the containers are enhancing the look.

  1. Green And Gray Living Room:

This decoration idea is creating a wintry effect, but without the chill.

  1. 3-Tiered Wreath:

This one of the unique ideas we’ve seen in a long time. The wreath is decorated with berries and flowers and then topped with candles.

  1. For The Napkin Ring:

Go au natural for the napkin ring. You can use vines of leaves attached to fruits of flower buds for the napkin ring.

  1. Limelight:

Empty bottles have been used as candleholders for ages. Just wrap it with silver wrapping paper and green ribbon and you are good to go.

  1. Tiny Trees:

These rosemary plants are trimmed to resemble conifer trees. They are then dressed with plant labels and tied with a ribbon.

  1. Green Candles:

To replicate this idea, place white pillar candles surrounded with sprigs of greenery.

  1. For The Entrance:

Decorate your entrance with three evergreen wreaths hung from the green and white wall. Try to incorporate everything green in the décor.

  1. An Elegant Candle Setting:

This is such an elegant candle setting. A silver platter is filled with tray and candles in ice cream bowls.

  1. Fancy Fruits:

Would you believe if we say that these are faux fruits? They look so real, right. Dust the green fruits with glitter and put it on display on a glass cake stand.

  1. Felt Christmas Tree Ornament:

We’ve included the tutorial of an adorable felt Christmas tree ornament for your help.

  1. A Platter Of Green:

In this idea, several natural elements are using, including pinecones, pine leaves and evergreen tree branches.

  1. A Lovely Green Christmas Tree:

Here’s a lovely, green Christmas tree decorated with green ornaments. The ornaments are selected keeping the theme in mind.

  1. Fruit Basket:

Here’s a unique decoration idea. A basket is filled with greeneries and fruits of all kinds.

  1. Make Use Of The Pears:

Who thought that ripe pears could make perfect cardholders? These pears are also laid with the tiny ornaments and greens for the table centerpiece.

  1. Illuminated Branches:

Bring a winter scene outdoors with this lovely idea. Apart from the string lights, evergreen branches, pinecones and firewood are required to create this look.

  1. A Green Hallway:

To further dress up this green hallway, arrange the branches in a vase to create an impression of a tabletop tree. The tree is then adorned with gold-painted walnuts and chandeliers.

  1. Green Wreath:

Here’s an easy to make green wreath to décor your entrance. The blogger has carefully selected the color of the ornaments to go with the theme. The wreath here is hung on the door, but you can hang it anywhere you like. We believe it would look great hung on the mantelpiece.

  1. Stunning Green And Silver:

This decoration idea will fill your house with the festive mood. And the color combination green and silver is looking marvelous.

  1. A Green Mantelpiece:

In this decoration idea, spruce seedlings are popped into galvanized buckets and arranged on the mantle. The look is completed with bead garland.

  1. A Neutral Setting:

This full-fledged living room is decorated with green Christmas tree and a green wreath. The stone fireplace is making things toasty.

  1. For The Outdoors:

  1. A Tabletop Tree:

Select an out and out holiday centerpiece by placing a miniature evergreen tree on the dining table. Ensure that you top it with a ribbon.

  1. A Stunning Centerpiece:

Here’s a lovely centerpiece idea for you. You do not necessarily need to restrict this idea to your dining table. You can use it anywhere you like.

  1. Green Gifts:

It’s important to make your gifts a package deal during the Christmas. So to go with the theme, pack the trees with green paper and top it with mini ornaments.


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