Looking for some natural Christmas decorating ideas? Well, we’re here to give you some good collection of natural and earth-friendly Christmas decorations that might give you inspiration. Green and red signifies nature during Christmas. Although most trees have lost their leaves on fall and awaits the arrival of spring for new sprouts of greens, some trees loves the winter season and are in full bloom. Green means abundance and red will always be the ripest color of them all. Make your Christmas rich and abundant with joy and cheer using all natural decoration.


Unite with nature and feel Mother Earth hugging you with its abundant fruits this Christmas. Maximize what she offers and make them beautiful to share with your family and friends. Christmas is the time to give and share the blessing this earth has offered us. So decorate your houses with the natural fruits of winter and go green. Here are some ideas to create a green and red natural Christmas decors.

Natural Christmas Decoration Ideas


Decorate your outdoor with this natural christmas decorating idea. Spruce up your mail box by attaching greens and earth-friendly decorations like pinecones and burlap wrap. This will not just make your outdoor ready for Christmas, but will also attract passerby’s eyes.

Image Source: Radiobutlers

Wooden Snowman Decorations


Want a snowman but your area doesn’t have snow yet? Worry not, you can make your own snowman out of chopped woods. Just stack 3 pieces of woods of different size. Attach twigs that will serve as hand. Complete the look by putting a cap-like decor on the top.

Image Source: Indeed Decor

Nature Christmas Door Decoration


Here’s another easy and earth-friendly christmas decoration idea. If you have spare pine cones from the previous Christmas, you can tie ’em up and hang in a wood hanger.

Image Source: The Way We Play

Warm Welcome


Welcome your guests with this spectacular and easy-to-pull-off Christmas decoration. Fill up a tin bucket with natural Christmas decorations like pinecones and Christmas balls. Complete the look by adding lights and some mesh ribbons.

Image Source: Pinterest

Natural Christmas Luminary


You can easilu make your own luminary with just mason jar, candle and pine cone. All you have to do is to put the candle inside the mason jar and decorate it with desired embellishment like frosted pinecone and pine needles.

Image Source: Pinterest

Fruity Christmas Wreath

Image Source: livinginwilliamsburgvirginia.blogspot.com

Forgo the rounded wreath and make a flower bloom shape door ornament. Gather leaves and winter berries. Add some pine cones and pine needles and make it look like a bloom. Voila! It looks just as pretty as flower bloom on spring.

Grand Staircase


Create a spot for grandeur in your staircase by decorating it with greens and ribbons. Complete the elegance by wrapping bright Christmas lights around it.

Image Source: Southern Hospitality

Tangy Christmas Centerpiece

Image Source: countryliving.com

Instead of your usual plastic baubles, use fruits as trinkets on your table. Oranges make good substitute. Carve some interesting shapes and designs on the peel and add pine cones and winter berries on a tray. Fill the empty spaces with pine needles to complete the all natural fruit centerpiece you are aiming for.

Mason Jar Luminary

Image Source: bhg.com

Create a layered look with a mason jar. Pine needles at the bottom, winter berries at the middle and a tea candle at the top. Natural and elegant looking of a never-before-seen kind.

Natural Window Christmas Decor


Another spot where you can hang your pinecones is your window. This will definitely give your window a Christmassy look!

Image Source: Radiobutlers

Scandinavian Candle Decors


A set of bottles can be used as candle holders. Accent it with pine twigs and yarn and you have this all-natural Christmas decor.

Fresh Christmas Star


Here’s another fresh idea for natural Christmas decorations. Who says pine tree are only good for Christmas tree? They can be good as Christmas decor too! You can form a star out of Christmas pine.

Image Source: Sa Vitt Jag Vet

Grand Entrance

Image Source: pinterest.com

Greet your guest with nature as you decorate your door with pine needles and baskets of green apples and pine leaves. Dot a few fairy lights and voila! You’re giving a peek of what more to come inside your home with a few nature-loving decor at your door.

Greens and Candles


Here’s another way to decorate your home with pinecones and pine needles. You can put them all in a wooden bowl. Accent with candle wrapped with ribbon above it and voila! you have this natural Christmas decor.

Image Source: Indeed Decor

Easy Natural Christmas Decorations


Here’s an easy and very simple way to decorate your porch using natural decorations. Fill your pot with Christmas ornaments like pinecones and Christmas balls. Use ornaments that is contrasting against green to create more uniqueness.

Image Source: Pinterest

Decoration for Banister

Image Source: midwestliving.com

Don’t leave your staircase unattended. Tie a bundle of pine needles, twigs and winter berries. Use green ribbon and apple green baubles to make the look more coherent. Every space of your house must unite with nature with this theme.

Rustic Owl-themed Christmas Tree

Image Source: pinterest.com

While green and red are the focus of this nature theme, brown can still be used. Natural and rustic can go hand-in-hand for your theme. Use twigs and twine wrapped baubles for your Christmas tree. Hang some acorns and pine cones as well. Accent the look with ribbons than go well with your theme.

Minimalist Natural Christmas Decor

You can dress up your average candles and turn them into something eye-catching. Attach some leafy ornaments and tie them with ribbons. Easy and simple way to have nature in your Christmas decor.

Natural Christmas Tablescape

Have this nature-loving, earth-friendly tablescape on Christmas. Instead of traditional sparkling red and greens, you can keep the greens and add some woodsy feel to it.

Apples and Greens Christmas Tree


For those who have lots of apples and don’t know what to do with them, you can use them as decoration. Stack them up, alternating with Christmas pines until you create a Christmas tree form. The apples will serve as the “christmas balls” and you’ll have this unique but magnificent Christmas decoration from the nature.

Image Source: Pinterest

Woodsy Lantern


This breathtaking Christmas decoration will surely give your outdoor a Christmassy feel. A lantern lit with candle and mason jar luminary in a red, rustic sled will bring you to the old-time Christmas celebration.

Image Source: Pinterest

Christmas Table Decoration from Nature


For those who want an easy-peasy, no-fuss Christmas decorations for table, this natural Christmas decorating idea is for you. Fill a wooden tray with pinecones, cinnamon and berries. It’s one of the best ways to add candle on it too. Just put the candles in a glass candle holder and place in the middle of greens.

Image Source: Pinterest

Earth-friendly Christmas Wreath

Image Source: u-createcrafts.com

A wreath made of purely pine cones screams natural from all angles. Forgo the traditional wreath and use this instead! Tie it on your ceiling with a cloth instead of nylon cords. Isn’t this grand and eye-catching Christmas decor? You guests would surely be delighted!

Acorn Christmas Ball

Image Source: hgtv.com

Use acorns and pine cones to decorate your Christmas tree instead of the usual Christmas baubles. Golden and brown with a sprinkle of glitter will complete the look that you want this Christmas. Glitter and ribbons will make this natural christmas decor even more unique and special.

Simple Natural Decorations

Image Source: cherry-blossom-world.blogspot.com

If you want a white Christmas but still want something natural, use clear glasses and candles. Accent the look with dried twigs and pine cones. Add some snow covered cones as well to complete the look. White and black never get old.

Pinecone Garland

Image Source: katescreativespace.com

Mimic pine cones on your cupcakes with biscuits shaped as one. Use it as topper on your cupcakes and have a blast of something sweet as you enjoy the Christmas season.

Green Christmas Table Ornaments

Image Source: homebunch.com

Elegance is the goal of every decoration. Gather some fine leaves and use them as centerpiece. Put a candle atop to set the mood. It’ll be perfect for the formal Christmas dinner party you’ve been planning.

Natural Christmas Tree Decorations

You can use fresh fruits and nuts as Christmas tree ornament. You can use apple by tying it up with ribbon and hanging it in a Christmas tree. As for nuts, pistachio can be a good idea. Just tie them up forming a star shape and hang them in a Christmas tree. This will give your a tree a unique yet fresh Christmas decorations.

Natural Christmas Tree

Got no pine tree for Christmas tree but got lots of pine cones? You can create a tabletop Christmas tree made of pine cones. Attach those dried pinecones in a cone-shape styrofoam. Complete the look by attaching the star of the tree with, what else, pinecones!

Rustic Twig Christmas Ornament

If you want a rustic feel in your Christmas tree, you may want to add some rustic Christmas ornaments that you can make yourself. In a cardboard, glue some twigs starting from short to long, forming a tree-like share. Add wire ribbon to hang in Christmas tree.


Pinecone Ball


Another pinecone decoration is here! Attach pinecones in a styro-balls and hang them. This can be an alternative mistletoe decoration. Use frosted pinecones for more snowy Christmas feels.

Orange Slices Garland

Image Source: bucketsofburlap.blogspot.com

Hang some orange slices as baubles on your wall, with the pine needle garland. Make sure that you’ve dried them out for a rustic feel. Cheap but elegant, simple and natural, that’s the look you want with this ornament and somehow you’ve already achieved it!

Earth-friendly Christmas Wreath

Image Source: findinghomeonline.com

Cut firewood logs so you’ll get thin circular slices, stack them side by side in a circular shape and use it a wreath base. Add some weaved ribbon, white flowers, pine cones and few twigs. This ornament at your door screams humility to Mother Earth and it will be perfect for your natural theme this Christmas.

Natural christmas Table decorations

Image Source: atthepicketfence.com

Fill the jar with citrus fruits and winter berries! Appetizing and colorful, you already achieved it in one jar. Why not make another for every table you have. Top the jar with pine needles and it’ll be the perfect nature-loving Christmas centerpiece. This will not just give you a fresh, unique look but will also give good smell in your home.

Cinnamon Candle Holder

Image Source: pinterest.com

Simple is beautiful. Go for a simplistic look with candles wrapped in twine and sticks. You’re aiming for a rustic and natural look, and voila, it’ll set the mood you’ve been wanting for in ages.

DIY Natural Christmas Decor

Image Source: vibekedesign.blogspot.com

Use your wreath as mobile. Hang various shapes and sizes of pine cones as well. You haven’t spend a single dime on this ornament and yet you’ve created a good-looking decoration to fill that empty space in the patio. Innovative while being natural is the key for this look.

Berries and Bottles

Image Source: frenchlarkspur.blogspot.com

Recycle the empty jars and bottles as flower vases to put on the mantle. But instead of fresh flowers, use fresh winter berries. Tie a gift tag and perhaps write the names of your family members or if you want Santa’s reindeers. I heard they love winter berries for snack.

Natural Christmas Centerpiece

Image Source: pinterest.com

The Christmas log never looked so beautiful before. So why not make it pretty this year. Decorate it with pine cones, pine needles and winter berries. For a classical look, add some gold colored baubles as well and put the entire log on your Christmas table to complete your dinner party.

And there you have it! We hope that you liked our collection of natural christmas decorating ideas. If you happen to have your own inspiration that you want to share with us, comment down below and share your own natural and earth-friendly Christmas decorations.