Top Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations

Are you looking for some Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations on this Christmas. Well here is a collection of vintage Christmas Decorations, that will guide you to decorate your house with some Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations. Christmas decorations are done in lot of ways and some time people create vintage Christmas decorations to celebrate their Christmas.

Here’s a collection of Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations for you if you love vintage, you are bound to love vintage Christmas trees as well. They are ecstatic, stunning, elegant, and traditional. Furthermore, they can a pristine vintage touch to your Christmas home decor. Add some burlap ribbons, old watches, jewelry, garlands, and lots more to decorate your trees in a vintage style. You can also opt for alternative trees with vintage accents to enhance the beauty of your Christmas decorations. Here are given the top ideas of amazingly beautiful and enigmatic vintage Christmas tree designs that you will surely love and want to add to your festive decorations.

Beautifully Decorated Vintage Christmas Tree


Vintage Cottage Christmas Tree

src: http://www.cideas.ge/17-arachveulebrivi-nadzvis-khe-romelits-sadghesastsaulo-gantsqhobas-shegiqmnith/

An Amazing Vintage Christmas Tree

src: https://au.pinterest.com/explore/vintage-christmas-trees/?lp=true

Vintage Christmas Tree

src: https://au.pinterest.com/carolann7/christmas/

Our vintage home love

Nostalgic Christmas Decorations

src: http://www.dumfriesanimalhospital.com/hidden-holiday-hazards/

Decorated Christmas tree in gold and Red

src: https://au.pinterest.com/explore/gold-christmas-tree/

Red Green Twinkling Christmas Tree


Pretty Vintage Christmas Tree


This is a beautiful idea of alternative Christmas tree with lots of shiny jewels and a ceramic fairy design. It can be your best centerpiece decor idea for this Christmas!

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Basket Vintage Tree


Decorate a small Christmas tree in a vintage style basket and hang lots of white candles to add excellent accents to it.

Golden Frame Vintage Tree


Make an alternative Christmas tree with colorful beads, buttons, and stones. Get it framed and decorate anywhere to invite holidays in style.

Music Sheet Vintage Tree


Loved these printed music sheets designed as tiny tabletop Christmas trees! They are looking adorable.

Miniature Vintage Tree


These are the absolutely brilliant and beautiful miniature trees decked with lots of jewels and ornaments.

Vintage Burlap Christmas Tree


What’s vintage without burlap? Make a stunning tree with some burlap and shiny pine cones.

Wood Planter Christmas Tree


Here is a vintage style wood planter having a traditional Christmas tree decorated with lots of rustic elements and vintage ornaments.

Vintage Silvery Christmas Tree


This is a scintillating vintage Christmas tree decor in silvery tones. Loved it absolutely!

Vintage Ornament Tree


Use lots of traditional ornaments and printed ribbons to decorate your Christmas tree in a vintage style.

Decorated Christmas Trees


This is a beautiful aluminum tree decorated with colorful traditional ornaments to enhance the vintage vibes in your Christmas decorations.

Vintage Cups As Ornaments


Adding vintage tea cups to your Christmas tree decoration can be a unique and stunning idea.

Vintage Watch decorated Christmas tree


This is the perfect idea for a vintage Christmas tree made with old watches. Looks elegant!

Vintage Farm Christmas Tree


Love your farm? Then, decorate your Christmas tree with lots of farm equipment and create a rustic look in your home decor.

Rustic Christmas Tree Decoration


This is a traditional and minimalist style of decorating Christmas trees. Truly vintage!

Vintage Twigs Christmas Tree


A tree decorated with twigs, paper ornaments, and glittery stars is always vintage in its charm.

Cute Vintage Tree Decoration


Decorate your home with this contemporarily vintage Christmas tree. Heart-shaped ornaments are looking absolutely cute sand adorable in this idea.

Unique Theme Vintage Tree


Make a themed alternative Christmas tree with lots of vintage stuff lying idle in your store or backyard.

Vintage Paper Christmas Cone Tree


Make these adorable paper cone trees and decorate them with pretty floral garlands.

Pearly Christmas Tree


A vintage charm is instantly evoked when you use pearl strings to decorate your Christmas tree. It looks pretty and adorable always!

Tiny Vintage Tree Decoration


You can make this cute and tiny Christmas tree with old papers and wood. It looks absolutely charming. Isn’t it?

Vintage Christmas Tree With Urn


Use an old vintage urn to decorate a stunning Christmas tree.

Vintage Pine Cone Christmas Tree


Pine cones crafted as Christmas trees over silver utensils are adding vintage vibes to this tabletop decoration.

Vintage Tree In A Wooden Tray


A vintage style Christmas tree decorated with lots of shiny baubles can easily add the festive beauty in your Christmas decorations.

Vintage Cup Christmas Tree


This is a pretty tiny Christmas tree planted in a vintage cup.

Spindles Vintage Christmas Tree


Use vintage spindles to make this innovative and fascinating Christmas tree for your fireplace mantel decor.

Vintage Spring Christmas Tree


Love minimalism? Make this creative Christmas tree from a vintage spring lying uselessly in your junkyard.

Beautiful Ceramic Christmas Tree


A ceramic Christmas tree can be the perfect alternative for your Christmasy home decor.

Vintage Bottle Brush Tree Ornaments


Accentuate your festive home decor with this tiny and cute bottle brush tree ornaments in pastel shades.

Snowy Christmas Tree In Vintage Theme


This vintage tree idea has all the charming elements like snow, music sheets, mice, and ceramics to sway your mind.

Vintage Mason Jar Christmas Tree


Convert your vintage mason jars into adorable Christmas tree decorations as done in this idea.

Vintage Gingerbread Christmas Tree


This is a design that your kids will definitely love.

Vintage Aluminium Christmas Tree


This is beautifully vintage. A cart with an aluminum Christmas tree decorated with lots of vintage stuff for a perfect decor.

Vintage Decoration Christmas Tree


A pink Christmas tree decorated with traditional ornaments can be perfect for your girl’s room.

Christmas Tree With Vintage Thimbles


Using vintage thimbles for Christmas tree decor can turn out to be a wonderful idea.

Vintage Christmas Tree In Pastel White


You can also use these pastel Christmas trees for your home decoration. They look stunning!

Vintage Christmas Trees At The Fireplace


Decorate your fireplace with tiny and large Christmas trees and lots of traditional decor items to add some vintage charm.

Vintage Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree


A cookie cutter decorated with music sheets and glitter.

Tree-In-A-Jar Vintage Decor


This is a lovely vintage Christmas tree decoration idea using a wide glass jar, tiny trees, and sparkling jewels.

Vintage Tart Tin Christmas Tree


Make adorable Christmas trees with tart tins and music sheets for a vintage charm.

Cute Vintage Tree


This is a cute and innovative idea to decorate your home this Christmas with vintage styles.

These are our top 40 preferred ideas for vintage Christmas tree decorations. Use them in your home decor and sway your guests with your creative instincts.