25 Stunning Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas Centerpiece IdeasChristmas is just around the corner and the house decorating will never be complete without the centerpiece. There may be abundance of food but without the centerpiece, it just isn’t right. Centerpieces make your table setting coherent and help set the mood.

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Whether you’re going for a romantic, sweet, classy or cheerful setting, finding the right centerpiece is the key. Match your porcelain and even the Christmas dinner itself with the decor will be complete your Christmas celebration. But with the abundance of decorating materials, what can you actually use to make the perfect centerpiece?

1.Incredible Christmas Candle Center Piece

Incredible Christmas Candle Center Piece

Stunning Christmas Center Pieces Ideas




Cute Christmas Center Piece

Cute Christmas Center Piece

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2.Red Christmas Center Piece

Red Christmas Center Piece
Candle display with glass votive, red ornaments, and christmas decor on a tray.


Are you aiming for a white Christmas or maybe you’re waiting for Santa Claus to join your on Christmas dinner? Perhaps a blue and white are your favorite colors, or you’re going for a traditional colored decor? Here are some ideas that I am sure will help you find the perfect centerpiece for your table.



4.inexpensive christmas table  centerpiece with candle

christmas table  centerpiece with candle


5.Elegant Christmas Glass Center Piece

Elegant Christmas Glass Center Piece

6.Cool Christmas Centerpiece


Sarah from lifeonvirginiastreet.com has published this photo. She says “In the dining room, I stuck with a more traditional color scheme. I picked up the two plaid table runners at HomeGoods, the red velvet pillow covers from IKEA, and both reindeer from HomeGoods. I used another ‘Oh My Deer’ print, in a red Pottery Barn frame, to coordinate with the art in the entryway. I hung ornaments from the two main windows using wrapping ribbon and thumb tacks {tacked to the top of the window frames}.“. Yes Sarah, you have done a wonderful job. This Christmas table is really simple, attractive and lovable.

7.Adorable Christmas Center Piece


Silver Christmas. Adorable?? isn’t it


Marvelous Christmas Center Piece


8.White Christmas Candle Center Piece


Some Good looking white Christmas Candles and some Craft work, can make an elegant Christmas Decoration


Simple Christmas Center Piece Idea



9.Beautiful Christmas Centerpieces


A beautiful Chirstmas Center Piece

Source: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/flowers-for-u-desert-hot-springs?select=cZHulmcEnW_WO3PAI1lISA#cZHulmcEnW_WO3PAI1lISA

10.Christmas home center piece


I have found this wonderful center piece here http://www.exitnews.gr/glikia-anthosinthesi/

11.Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece with Candle


12.Christmas Table Centerpieces

Image source: pinterest.com

Mistletoes are not just for wall decors but it can also be for centerpieces. Just place one on a clear glass bowl and carefully fill it with water. Float a tea candle on top and voila! You have a classy centerpiece for Christmas.


Image source: vanessachristenson.com

Empty jars and baubles make nice centerpieces. Experiment with different sizes for your containers and different colors, sizes and textures for your baubles. Green, red and white are the classic Christmas colors, and you’ll create the feel of abundance on table.


Style: "70's look"
Image source: pinterest.com

Santa is coming, and his laughter is filling the air. Fill three small square glasses with cotton and stack candy canes on all four sides side-by-side. Stick a red and white stick on the center of each cotton-filled glass and place a Christmas hat on each stick. Cut-out three circles in red paper and write ‘Ho’ in white ink on each. Adhere the circle cut-outs on the glasses. Voila! You’re ready for Santa.


Image source: pinterest.com

16.Christmas glass candle Center Piece


Last week my friend Sandy and I went to a holiday shop-hop in Grand Rapids.  A floral shop had really beautiful centerpieces on display.  My Mom had a party last weekend and I decided to recreate what I saw for her.  I don’t know why I am calling these centerpieces – I guess I don’t know what else to call them – but they would look great anywhere, not just in the center of a table.”  says Alissa from 33shadesofgreen.com


Candles never go out of trend. Put one in a glass bowl, and lay it on a wreath. Fill the bowl with some blue and white baubles and you’ll have the perfect ambiance for a serene Christmas dinner. Add some white and blue bows for a grander feel, and enjoy the festivities.


Image source: flickr.com

If you want to go for an all-out pine decoration but your Christmas tree is already full, why not use it on your centerpiece? Just wrap some pine needles with a three or four pinecones and red baubles on a candle and put it in a cylindrical glass and you’ll have the perfect mood for Christmas. Add some holly berries for the perfect Christmas color.

18.Christmas Candle Centerpieces

Image source: pinterest.com

Christmas means abundance of berries that come in all shades of red. Throw in some candles on a stand and fill every empty space with some holly berries or cranberries. Accent your table setting with shades of red and you’ll feel the mirth and cheer of Christmas while you eat.


Image source: pinterest.com

Not sure how to use those last year’s wine glass gift? You can use it as a centerpiece for your table. Put a sprig of mistletoe inside an upturned wine glass and put a tea candle on what used to be the base of the glass. Make it in threes and your table is all set.


Image source: 33shadesofgreen.com

For a more romantic feeling on Christmas, use candles and red winter berries in a glass for your centerpiece. Experiment with different heights and fill the glass with some water and you’ll have the classy romantic feel for Christmas.


Image source: blog.styleestate.com

The trees are all out of leaves so scatter elegantly on the center of your table some pine needles and hang small candle lamps on empty branches. You’ll have the outdoor feel without actually going out in the cold Christmas night.


Image source: sweetsomethingdesign.blogspot.com

Green and red are the traditional Christmas colors. Using a small stand with a candle inside a cylinder, fill the sides with small pine needles or hollies. Reunite with nature with red berries and greener leaves as you eat.

23.Christmas Floral Centerpieces

Image source: yellowblissroad.com

For a simple and elegant dinner, throw in some flowers on a vase and candles on mason jars. Put some pine cones on the side of the tray and you’ll have simple and inexpensive centerpiece. Accent in some red and white striped ribbons on your vase and jars for some color.


Image source: thelastdetail.co.uk

Flowers and candles usually go hand in hand. Put some in a wicker basket and decorate the side with mistletoe and holly berries and you’re all ready for sweet Christmas dinner.


Image source: silkflowers.com

Christmas means abundance of poinsettia flowers. Throw in some green and red blooms of these flowers on a vase with green baubles to the fill the base for a classic Christmas feel.

27. DIY Christmas Table Centerpieces

Image source: theadornedlife.com

You’ll never go wrong with mixing the traditional Christmas colors. Experiment with the shape, sizes and texture of your baubles in a jar. Use some ribbon to accentuate and feel the cheer of Christmas on your way.


Image source: pinterest.com

But of course, Christmas is not Christmas without snow. Recreate white Christmas by coating your vases and baubles with velvety material and glitter. Voila! You’ll have a white Christmas in your home. You can coat the pine needles and berries with silver glitter as well for a monochromatic theme.


Image source: bhg.com

Accentuate you while candles with red and white striped ribbons. Throw in some candy canes and red cocktails for a perfect Christmas feel. You’re all set for Santa to join your dinner.

30.Elegant Christmas Centerpieces

Image source: bonbonrosegirls.com

No candies to fill your jar? No problem! Use pine cones and various designs of baubles to fill it and you’ll mimic the abundance of Christmas sweet goodies. Red and white make perfect combination.


Image source: poundland.co.uk

If you’ve already used all spaces on your Christmas tree, use the rest of the baubles on your centerpiece. Using a three tiered cupcake stand, fill it with the rest of your baubles and put a candle on top. Use red if you’re on a roll of red and white themed Christmas.


Image source: onekindesign.com

Tie a bundle of golden wheat with a red ribbon and put it in a jar. It symbolizes abundance for the coming year as well. Complete the look with some golden nuts and you’re sure that your Christmas will never lack.

33.Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Image source: amenphotography.com

There’s no time like Christmas to be creative. Pine for Christmas tree is old school. Layer candy canes and put a star on top to recreate a Christmas tree on your table and enjoy the cheer. Use some snowy velvety material on the base to complete the look.


Image source: diynetwork.com

What’s Christmas without some glitter. Coat some cones with colored glitter and cut-out different shaped snowflakes as the topper. Make sure you coat it with glitter as well for a shiny Christmas feel.


Image source: kitchenmeetsgirl.com

Christmas will not be complete without chocolates. Stack red, green and white coated chocolates to make a small Christmas tree and top it with a bundle of red, green and gold foil. It will be perfect for your sweet tooth guest.

36.Fresh Christmas Centerpieces

Image source: findinghomeonline.com

Unite with nature as you fill a jar with holly berries and mistletoe. Use the leaves as well to complete the look. Fill the jar with water to maintain the freshness and enjoy nature as you dine.


Image source: yourcozyhome.blogspot.com

Never forget your health this Christmas. Use the fruits in your basket as centerpiece and remind yourself that Christmas is not just about abundance of material things but richness in health as well. Go for a monochromatic theme with green fruits and baubles to create the look.


Image source: victoriamcginley.com

White roses mean purity and calmness. Put a bouquet in a jar filled with water and dot it with some holly berries and pine needles. Accentuate the jar with a red and white striped ribbon and you’ll have the perfect romantic centerpiece for Christmas.

Fabulous Christmas Center piece



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