Paper Christmas Decorations

The holiday season always brings out the generous spirits and creative sides of everybody. Children and adults alike look forward to this time of the year to give their loved ones the best holiday presents. It’s also the time everyone looks forward to when they can start decorating their homes and the whole city with holiday decorations.

There’s always a happy feeling of family and friends when Christmas comes around. So it’s no wonder that there are more and more decorating ideas popping up at every corner. We have gathered the best and most creative ideas that you can try with the simplest and most inexpensive material that you can work with: paper!

That’s right! There are hundreds of DIY projects that you can make just with paper, and they all look amazing! We cannot wait to make all of them this year. They’re all so very easy to do, and you don’t need to be an expert to start making them

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Glittery paper cut in thin strips and then stapled together make for a lovely but inexpensive Christmas decoration. The trick is to get the prettiest and most colorful wrap paper. You can use old gift wrapping paper for this. Make sure they don’t have wrinkles and creases, though. Decorate with glitters for a much prettier effect.

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Simple but beautiful white paper Christmas cut outs are so easy to do yet can be such an attractive sight on your window. Even your children can make these fun and creative decorations with you. All you need to do is trace shapes of houses, buildings, churches etc., and then add some stars and a great big moon. You can stick them on your windowpane, or hang on the curtain rod.

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These absolutely gorgeous paper ball ornaments can be yours for a steal. If you have some colorful paper or cardboards in the house that would look perfect as a Christmas tree ornament, you can transform them into these elegant decorations. You only need to layer strips of colorful paper and shape them into a ball. You can hold the strips of paper with some glue and decorate with gold strings and beads.

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Add a dash of color and a playful element to the holiday table with these adorable paper utensil holders. The design is reminiscent of Santa’s outfit, and kids will enjoy seeing these on the table. Gather some colored paper in holiday colors. Make sure you have the sparkly and glittery kind for Santa’s belt buckle. Cut out the pattern, fold, and slip your utensils inside.

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A Christmas wreath made of paper? You’ll be surprised by just how easy it is to make! Holiday wrapping paper and some bows are all you need, but you do have to spend some time cutting paper and shaping them into cones, and then pasting them onto a wreath ring. Choose a theme or a holiday color combination for awesome results. And don’t forget to tie a matching bow at the bottom when you’re finished.

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Are you a music fan who loves Christmas? You’re in for a treat with this delightful, music-inspired Christmas wreath made entirely of music sheets! To get you started on this project, you will be needing old music sheets and some fresh or dried flowers of your choice. Start by folding up the sheets in cones and gluing them on the wreath ring. You can add more sheets if you want a fuller look for your wreath. Add the flowers in the middle for that pop of color.

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Plastic plates can also be used to make Christmas decorations. Your children can join you in making this simple but really fun holiday décor for the walls. Just cut out different shapes for the snowmen’s eyes using different colored paper. Ask your children to glue them on the plates and watch them have a ball in making their snowmen’s faces.

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At first glance, these beautiful paper Christmas trees look store-bought. You need not spend money buying these decorations because you just make them at home. And they are absolutely so easy to make. You just need to have craft paper in different shades of green, scissors and glue. Now you’re ready to cut, fold, and glue!

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Frilly paper doilies also make the most beautiful holiday decorations. The combination of paper doilies with some barbecue sticks and beads are absolutely gorgeous! Get this white Christmas theme for your holiday decorations this year. Best of all, you don’t need to spend so much and be an expert to make these pretty babies.

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How about some paper mosaic on your Christmas ball ornaments? You can easily have this on your Christmas trees and you need not spend a single thing. Got some old glossy magazines? Cut out small circles on the pages, making sure you get the most colorful pages. You can also use a puncher for this to get uniform sizes for the circles and so you can finish much faster. Once you have enough cut outs to cover up a Christmas ball, you can start gluing them on.

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Fancy a turtle dove ornament on your Christmas tree? No problemo! Make your own turtle dove decoration with just some cardboard, paint, and a bit of glitter. Cut out the turtle dove shape, including the tails and wings. Glue them all together and add the eyes. Tie with a string so you can hang it on your Christmas tree.

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Woven paper balls, anyone? Don’t they just look adorable on the Christmas tree? You can hang them or you can make them into one single Christmas wreath. Pick out the most festive colors on plain paper or even holiday gift wrappers. Let your imagination run wild.

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You can have a lot of fun holiday decorating with scrapbook paper. Pick out the holiday-inspired ones and glue them onto star-shaped cut outs made of cardboard. You can prop them up on holders, or you can put strings on them and hang them on your tree.

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How does a paper snowflake table runner sound? Yes, so much fun! Ask the kids to join in on this little holiday project because you will need as many hands as you can get to cut out different paper snowflake patterns. And then once you have them, you need to tape everything together to cover up the long table. We told you it’s a lot of fun!

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You can make more fun and creative holiday decorations with white paper or cardboard. Trace intricate patterns and cut them out with a pair of scissors or cutter to turn them into these gorgeous paper gloves. They’re perfect winter holiday decorations that you can hang on your windows or tree branches. They’re perfect glued on to your windows too, especially when the first snow starts to fall!

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In the mood to make some holiday-themed paper stars? Grab some really colorful holiday wrapping paper and get ready to cut and fold. You don’t need to be a pro to make these beautiful decorations. Once you start folding, you’ll find it quite difficult to stop. Now get busy!

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Want this elaborate hymnal paper cone cross? You can make this at home using only old music sheets and glue. Unleash your creative side and make your own design. Make it as big as you like, adding more trinkets and accents as you go along.

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You can make counting down to Christmas a fun activity in your house with this cute wall hanging. All you need are some cardboards, crayons, craft papers and Sharpies. Find something cute to use as the pointer. Make it as colorful as you like and make your own holiday themes that your children will enjoy.

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Another simple but truly beautiful Christmas decoration that you can easily make at home is the rolled paper Christmas tree ornament. You can use old holiday gift wrap paper, or craft paper, or sheet music, even old comic book pages. You can choose any theme you like and make them more personalized, and the results are always beautiful.

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Are you a book fan? Know anyone who loves to read and collect books? This gorgeous book snowman Christmas ornament will definitely bowl them over. You can easily replicate these pretty décors with just book pages, felt paper, wool cloth, sticks and glue.

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This faceted paper vase and matching paper stars will add that elegant touch to your Christmas decorations. They’re clean and minimalistic-looking, but all sparkly and give a happy holiday cheer. Recreate this pretty ornament with some white and silver cardboard, holiday paper and white strings.

There you have it. Simple and absolutely stunning DIY projects that you can make yourself or with your kids. Which one will you be making this year? They all look so lovely. Everything will be a hit with your family and friends, that’s for sure!