Are you looking for beautiful Christian Christmas messages to send to your friends and family? You are the right place. Here, you are going to find the most beautiful and unique Christian Christmas messages that are surely going to lighten and brighten up the day of your friends and family on Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and explore these beautiful heartfelt Christian Christmas messages.


  • As the whole universe waits for this blissful day to honor Christ our savior’s birth; let peace, comfort and joy surround you.  Merry Christmas!
  • May your Christmas dazzle with moments of grace, joy and favor. All its memory may never fade away. Have a glorious merry Christmas!
  • Let all the beauty of this Christmas join forces to cheer your live and bring all heavenly blessings that you long for.
  • I wish you abundant moments; full of pleasurable memories of joy, love and happiness in Christ this Christmas. Merry Christmas!
  • Let joy and festivities of this Christmas radiate Gods’ love in your live with joy and jubilation unforgettable. Merry Christmas!

Christian Christmas Messages for Family


  • This Christmas I pray to Jesus to fill your life with never ending happy moments. Happy Christmas!
  • I really hope you spend the most joyful time of your life with your family this Christmas. Merry Christmas!
  • May Lord Jesus bless you and your family with lots of love and luck.. Happy Christmas!
  • Mummy and Daddy, I really feel blessed to have parents like you and I really want to thank Jesus for making you my parents. I love you a lot! Merry Christmas!
  • May the bright lights of Christmas bring happiness in your life and may Jesus bless you with success and wisdom. Merry Christmas!

Best Christian Christmas Wishes and Greetings


  • Jesus always wanted to spread love and therefore, I would like to pray to Jesus today that the love in our family never ends. Hope we stay happy and healthy, together and forever! Merry Christmas.
  • Hope the bond of love never ends in between us and may Jesus give us strength to be together and forever. Happy Christmas!
  • I love Christmas a lot, not because it’s Jesus’ birthday but its that time of the year when we get to spend time with our family. Happy Christmas!
  • Let’s join our hands together for the Jesus miraculous birth and pray to him to bless us to be together. Merry Christmas!
  • May Jesus Christ bless us with love and grace! Merry Christmas.

Christian Christmas Messages for Friends


  • Friends like you are no less than a blessing. I thank Jesus for sending you in my life. Happy Christmas
  • Jesus’ can’t be present everywhere, so he sent angels. Thank you for being the angel of my life. Happy Christmas!
  • I really want to thank Jesus for blessing me with a friend like you. I hope you were here with me celebrating Christmas! Miss you my dear friend. Happy Christmas!
  • May Jesus bless you with strength so that you overcome your fears and live a better life! Merry Christmas friend!
  • Holy time of Christmas is here and I am really glad to that we are together to celebrate it. Merry Christmas!

Religious Christmas Card Sayings


  • This Christmas, I pray to Christ to bless you with lots of luck! Happy Christmas
  • May you rejoice this holy time of the year, its Christmas my dear! Merry Christmas
  • Stay cheerful and blessed on this beautiful season of Christmas. Happy Christmas
  • May Christ’s birth and Christmas festivities give your heart a reason to feel the happiness and make your life, joyful! Happy Christmas
  • This Christmas, I would like to pray to Jesus Christ to bless you with wisdom and luck. Merry Christmas.
  • May Jesus fill your life with love and may you be blessed with endless reasons to smile and rejoice. Merry Christmas.

Inspirational Christian Christmas Messages


  • Let  Gods love fill your heart and home with joy and unending grace in Christ Jesus, as we commemorate His birth. Merry Christmas.
  • Cheer and goodwill of friends to you- joy of thousands upon thousands of heavenly angels to you- peace of God to you with Christmas wishes and God love. Merry Christmas!
  • A bunch of flowers or a glamorous dress or a gift of gold isn’t the true meaning of Christmas, but a day full of unforgettable love, peace and happiness is the true definition of Christmas. It’s may wish that you may find the true meaning of Christmas this season.
  • If there is a special time to give your true worship to our King Jesus Christ, it’s Christmas day. Let the abundance of God’s presence fill your heart this Christmas. Merry Christmas!
  • Its joy to the whole world that Jesus was born in such a time to grace us eternal life. Let his birth bring this joy together with eternal life in you. Merry Christmas!

Catholic Christmas Greetings


  • Let Christ’s love be manifest as you share with family and friends this festive season. Merry Christmas!
  • On the cold winter’s night full of darkness our king was born. Songs of celebration were sung in heaven, warmth visited the earth and darkness was turned to light. I wish you a life full of joy and victory. Merry Christmas!
  • Many festivals come and pass but one always remains in our hearts, the day Christ was born. Merry Christmas!
  • May you rejoice in the gift and promise of Christmas- Jesus Christ our savior.
  • Your friendship is a great treasure I ever found. God’s love and unlimited joy is all I wish you and your family. Merry Christmas!

Religious Christmas Card Verses

  • Christmas is confirmation that Gods love is unending and His mercy endures forever. Merry Christmas!
  • This Christmas, may you enjoy wondrous moments full of happiness. May baby Jesus be born with blessing in your life.
  • Emmanuel God is with us always, let this Christmas remind you that God is always with us. Merry Christmas!
  • Nothing makes me smile and joyous like sharing this season of Christmas with a friend like you. Merry Christmas!
  • Dynasties will rise and fall; kingdoms will come and fade away.  Celebrate this Christmas knowing that God’s love to the world will never fade or fail. Merry Christmas.

Religious Christmas Card Sentiments

  • Every moment you close your eyes and think about Gods love, you always see Christ Jesus His only son whom he gave for your redemption. For that lets us celebrate His birth!
  • Let the goodness of God walk with you, may you see the light of day as you remember and celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas.
  • For to us a child is born, to us a son is given the Lamb of God who carries the weight of the world on His shoulders. May your Christmas be awesome and full of cheery.
  • May a ray of hope flicker in your sky, may a shiny star light up high in your heart and all your sorrow and dark moments turn to joy and unending celebration this Christmas. Merry Christmas!
  • In the pitch dark sky of Bethlehem a shiny star was shone and a ray of love flickered when the Messiah was born. This Christmas as we celebrate His birth, may light shine in your dark life and may the ray of love flicker in you. Merry Christmas.

Christian Christmas Messages and Verses

  • I am so happy that we finally met and we are celebrating Jesus’ miraculous birth together! Merry Christmas!
  • I feel blessed to be with you with family today to celebrate the birth of king of kings, our savior Jesus. Merry Christmas!
  • Today on this Christmas eve, I would like to thank Jesus for blessing me with a family like you. Merry Christmas!
  • On this Christmas night, I would take an opportunity to express my love and gratitude for you. May Lord Jesus bless you all. I love you my dear family! Merry Christmas!

Christian Christmas Card Wording Ideas

Every Christian understands the true and sacred meaning of Christmas. We celebrate it as the day that our Lord Jesus was born into the world. Jesus is love that is why on this particular day, every Christian has the duty to share and spread love to every individual they meet. There is no better way to share the beauty and joy of the Christmas season than by sending a special Christmas message to your loved one.  A special Christian Christmas message will not only ensure that you honor your faith even as you celebrate the festive season. Check out our collection of some of the most heart-warming Christian Christmas messages to remind someone of the love of Jesus.