The winter season is here and Christmas is also near. You are now fully engaged in Christmas activity now that it’s just round the corner. You are doing Christmas Carols along with your friends and kids. Why can’t you engage your kids more in Christmas celebrations by creating your own Christmas angel ornament using one of the most unusual materials – coffee filters!  It would be lovely to add to your Christmas tree together with wrapped  Christmas gifts and gift baskets for the family and different kinds of Christmas flower ornaments. Children who are six years old and up would find this Christmas craft easy to do and fun. Making your own angel ornament craft on Christmas day is a good way to bond with your little ones. They will also be able to exercise their creativity as well. So let’s start making this quick and easy Christmas craft for kids – the angel decoration!

How to Make an  Angel Ornament Craft :


This Angel Ornament Craft is super easy and can be done by kids too. It will be a nice idea to engage the kids and the whole family together to make these ornaments. And the best part is that you need very little supplies and effort. Homemade crafts are a great way to save money and personalise the christmas celebrations.

To make this Angel Ornament You will need these materials:

Materials Needed To make Angel Ornament Craft:

  • 3 pieces coffee filters, basket style
  • 1 piece chenille stem, white
  • 1 piece chenille stem, gold
  • 2 pieces cotton balls
  • 6 inches of ribbon, silver or gold (As Per Your Theme)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors


Procedure To make Angel Ornament Craft:


1. Take one basket style coffee filter, hold it with your fingers and put one cotton ball at the center, gathering them to form the head of the angel. Add multiple cotton balls if you want to make a large head for your angel.

2. Now take another filter and put it on the open end, tucking it into the head area.  Tie the ribbon around the neck part while holding the filters together, then trim the ends as much as you want to.

3. Take a 3rd filter and fold in half, then fold it again lengthwise like an accordion.  Tie the coffee filter around the center using the white chenille. Once the chenille is tied spread it out to form the wings.  Make the excess chenille as the hanger by folding it to a loop. You will hang the angel using this so fix it securely.


4. Form the gold chenille to a halo, leaving around three inches to allow it to be attached to the angel.  Glue the halo around the head, and the wings behind the angel to hide the excess gold chenille. You can also use a golden ring to make the halo if you don’t have the golden chenille.

Additional Tips For Making Angel Ornament Craft :

  • Add gold or silver glitter to beautify your Angel Design .
  • Do not use markers to draw a face as the ink might bleed through the filter.  Instead, use a toothpick and acrylic paint.
  • You can use foam balls instead of cotton balls too

So we hope this easy craft will surely be a great idea for you and your family this year . Get those craft supplies and spend a fun evening making these with all the members. Hang them up on the christmas tree or anywhere else and decorate your home.