To most people, Christmas equals spending your well-earned money. For twelve months, we’ve worked hard and now is the time to use it. Whether it be for gifts, or for a sumptuous Christmas dinner, we usually spend a lot. After all, we are celebrating Jesus Christ’s birthday. If you can spend hundreds or thousands for your party, why not spend more for his. This is a time for giving and in return, more blessings will come to us.


DIY Christmas Wreaths

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But to the budget conscious, Christmas is a time to spend wisely. Gifts can be homemade, Christmas dinner can be simple but delicious and Christmas decorations can be recycled. Giving a new look to the old stuff is the key idea of resourcefulness this Christmas. So why not rummage your storage for some scraps you thought you’d never have use for and make it into something creative and pretty for Christmas. Here are some ideas to inspire you for a do-it-yourself Christmas party you’ve been craving for.


What is Christmas without a wreath? Tired of the traditional wreath made of pine needles hanging on your door? Use bows made of ribbons to make your wreath inside. Just make bows tied on a circular wire and you’ll have your own unique ribbon wreath. Experiment with different styled ribbons. Mix polka dotted ribbons with striped ones. Go for a red and white theme to perfectly welcome Santa on Christmas Eve.

DIY Christmas Table Decorations

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The Christmas tree is already crowded with baubles and candy canes hanging on it, and yet you still have plenty of trinkets to use. Find some glass jars and fill it with your baubles. Go for a more colorful mix as you fill it with various shapes, sizes of baubles to fill your house with more cheerfulness this Christmas season.

Diy Outdoor Christmas Decorations



Liz from http://smartgirlsdiy.com shows us how to do a wonderful outdoor Christmas Decorations

Decorating with Candles

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Candles are classic decorations. Symbolically, they mean guidance and aesthetically, they set the perfect mood. This Christmas, experiment with your white candles and those small thumbtacks that you never figured out when to use. Pin every side of the candle with thumbtacks – don’t leave any empty space! – and you’ll have the classic golden candle without draining your pockets at all. It’s an innovative and inexpensive decoration to create the perfect ambiance for Christmas.

Rustic DIY Christmas Decorations

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Unite with nature this Christmas as you decorate your house with winter berries. Pick the reddest of all red and put them in vases. Use old empty bottles instead for a more wistful impression. Tie some gift tags as well and dedicate each vase to your family members or to Santa’s reindeers to complete the look.

Do-it-Yourself Christmas Ornament


If your baubles are already old but you can’t make yourself part with them just yet, then give them a new look for this Christmas. Wrap each one with a scrap of cloth and use a ribbon to secure it. Make a cute little bow and even add a mistletoe leaf. Use a red cloth and hang it on your doorway. It will look like an oversized mistletoe berry and might even trick your guest. Christmas also means love is in the air with mistletoe kisses between the unsuspecting guests.

Elegant White Christmas Centerpieces

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For a more classy feel for Christmas, stay close to the traditional white Christmas theme. Maximize the classic effect of glass and candles. Use your cookie cutters in reindeer shape to reinvent the feeling of leading Santa’s reindeers straight to your home. Put some twigs on a jar to complete the classic decor.

DIY Santa Wreath

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Have you been naughty or nice this year? Are you ready for Santa this Christmas eve? If not, then give a fresh face to your wreath hanging on that door. Use red baubles of different shapes and tie a wide black belt with a golden buckle across it. Who knows, maybe Santa will like your present and keep the belt for himself.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Fond of embroidery and sewing? Then make use of it this Christmas. Attach scraps of cloth on fabric hoops and sew some Christmas themed images. Tie a red and white bow and hang them on that empty wall. If you don’t have time to sew, then use old Christmas shirts instead. Create your own Christmas story this year by hanging the fabric hoops chronologically on your wall.

Creative Christmas Door decorations

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Candy canes aren’t just for eating. It can also be a wall decor or even a wreath. Create a flower-style wreath using your extra candy canes for instant color and merriment. Attach a greeting, maybe a ‘Merry Christmas’, cut-out at the center, hang it on your wall or your door and you’re all ready for Christmas.

Colorful Christmas Wreaths

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Messy can be quite beautiful in its own messy way. Use different baubles, ribbons, berries and even cut-outs to your wreath. It may look as if there is no system to it at all but the end piece might surprise you and your guests more than you can imagine.

Homemade Christmas Balls

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Make your own trinkets this Christmas using plastic balls and fill it with red rolls of paper or ribbon and a imitate Santa’s belt around it. Top it off with a small silver lid and hang it on your tree. Santa would love it, I am sure!

Rustic Outdoor Christmas Decoration

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Greet your guests with a creative garden design especially made for Christmas. Instead of gnomes, make snowman using wood. Dress them up with winter clothes as well. And maybe use different heights for each family member. Welcoming snow and the guests this cold Christmas season is a good way to go.

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It seems like nature wants us to be creative every Christmas. Mimic the different shaped snowflakes and tie it on a jar. Fill the jar with white buttons to mimic the snow outside. It may be a little warm but you’ll still have a bit of snowy cold inside the house this way.

Reindeer Ornament Caps

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Feeling romantic? Make a couple reindeer decors using bottle caps. Rudolf might be lonely alone but at least you’re wishing him to find his loved one this Christmas. It is the thought that counts after all.

DIY Jar Luminaries

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A white Christmas theme never gets old. Just give it an innovative appearance this time around. Coat empty mason jars with snowy, velvety material and adhere large enough snowflake cut-outs on the sides. Put a tea candle inside and it’ll create the seamless white Christmas setting. Use aromatic candles for an added mood. Tie green ribbons on the rim for some accent.

Floral Centerpiece for Christmas

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Dress up you vase like a snowman with white coat, black buttons and even a red scarf. Use a quilted Christmas table runner to complete the look. Make sure you keep a fresh batch of roses everyday! You don’t want the flowers to spoil the mood.

Photo Christmas Wreath

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Feel nostalgic by using old photographs to make a miniature wreath to display in your house. Make it black and white or sepia for a more rustic feel. Tie a red ribbon to top the look for Christmas.

Candy Cane Wreath


Michelle Ayres, “the one trying to juggle it all” from http://millionayres.com/ shows how to make an easy candy can Wreath. Yes it is really wonderful. Visit her site if you want to create a candy can wreath like above. She explains it in detail. And do not forget to pin the above image into your board, so that your friends also can make it.