Unique and Clever Alternative Christmas Trees

alternative-christmas-tree-ideasThe highlight of every Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. It feels too empty without a tree to stack your gifts under. Children wait for Santa on Christmas Eve under the tree, hoping to have a peek of the one giving them the gift and ending up falling asleep before he arrives. But the old pine Christmas tree is just that- too old and perhaps a little boring already. Let your creativity flow this Christmas without the expense of pulling out the tree on your list.

Whether you want something small, something big, something fluffy or something thin, it doesn’t matter. A tree is a tree and Christmas is not complete without it. Go natural or go minimalist this Christmas, it’s your choice. Here are some ideas to get your creative mind on a roll for a unique alternative Christmas tree.


Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

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Play with mobiles this Christmas. Instead of the usual baubles, hang mobile snowflakes on your Christmas tree. Don’t use pine for your tree but a metal spire for an innovative look.

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Christmas trees can also be wall decor. Make tubes of different sizes and create a pyramid shape on your wall. Store your trinkets inside the tube and you’ll have instant and creative storage.

Cool Christmas Tree Alternative

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Go for a wood-y theme this Christmas and use pieces of straight wood to create the outline of your Christmas tree. Adhere it to your wall so you can have more space for your presents. Use twine and artificial leaves in shades of brown as your baubles for a more rustic feel. Don’t know where to put the lights? Put it on top of your presents for a fresh look.

Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas DIY Christmas Tree Ice Cream Stick
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Birds love trees, and your woody Christmas tree is the perfect place for them to build their makeshift nest. Instead of Christmas balls, hang some stuffed birds and pine cones. Use a string of white balls, perhaps cotton, as garland.

Alternative to a Christmas Tree

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For something innovative, use pillows instead and stack it from the largest to the smallest over a pail for base. Use a star shaped pillow as topper. Gold theme for pillow cases gives a classy elegant feel for Christmas.

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Another idea to use this Christmas is to recycle scrap wood. Find wood of around three or four inches wide and of different length. Make a pyramid using the woods and attach your trinkets. Make it sparce and the old paint on your wood would give a rustic feel to your tree.

Unusual Christmas Tree Decorations

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Skip the long stem at the middle and attach pieces of wood on your wall instead in a pyramidal shape. Use wood you picked from the yard for a natural feel. Hang the small baubles and use yellow lights for nostalgia.

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It’s a shame that the sea is too cold this time of the year. However, you can include the sea to your Christmas. Instead of the traditional baubles, use clam shells instead. The bigger the better. Put a star fish art piece as topper. It’ll be perfect for your under-the-sea theme this Christmas.

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

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Skip the pine and go for sturdy wood. Hang your trinkets and lights. A steady outline of a tree is all you need. It is the perfect tree for a wooden lodge this winter. Bare is in this Christmas.

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Make an outline of ten and wrap a garland around it. Pine needles make a good garland. Just make it think and decorate it with your trinkets. Fill the space beneathe your tree with your gifts this Christmas for a neat and organized look.

Alternative Christmas Tree Decorations

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The lack of space is not a reason to take the tree out of your usual decors. Use twines instead and put it in a jar filled halfway with snowy, velvety material. Hang your baubles on the white twine and lit it up. It is the perfect minimalist tree for Christmas.

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Use an old step ladder as your tree if you’re too lazy to cut a pine tree. Wrap your Christmas lights, hang the trinkets and voila! A cheap but creative Christmas tree is in your house.

Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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Go natural with the wood from the backyard. Stack it as if you’re making a pyramid and hang your baubles. Make it sparse to give the spotlight on your tree instead of the hanging trinkets.

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If your bookshelf at home is already overflowing with books, use the rest as a Christmas tree. Stack the books like as if you’re stacking a pyramid Jenga. Wrap some lights and put a cute star on top. It’ll be the perfect Christmas tree for every book geek there is.

Creative Christmas Tree Alternative

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The trend these days is minimalist style. The less space, the better.  Use tree outlines in small sizes for your Christmas tree. A monochromatic theme fits the minimalist theme. Go for white if you’re unsure even on your gift wraps.

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Hang your gifts instead of stacking them below the tree. Another tree outline will be perfect to highlight your different colored gifts. No need for expensive trinkets, the gifts are perfect decor after all.

Unique Artificial Christmas Tree

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Unadorned is crucial this Christmas. You might be feeling the cold air but the tree doesn’t. Stack pieces of wood you picked from the backyard and voila! It is a Christmas tree, a simple but natural one.

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If you don’t like the sturdy wood, pick long twigs instead and use it to hang your lights and trinkets. Paint the twigs in dark color and use white baubles and white lights for a classic feel.

Unique Christmas Tree Ornaments

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There’s no such thing as messy when it comes to imaginative Christmas tree. Play with various trinkets, and even old photographs and adhere it on your wall in the shape of a tree. Even if it’s not Christmas, it is still a beautiful decor.

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Plain white wood to make your Christmas tree is in. Make it small, desk size so it’ll occupy less space. Use sparce trinkets as well. Spaceless Christmas tree is the trend this year.

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

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Crafty is the word of the year. Use paper materials, and play with colorful items. Make paper machéd birds and butterflies and adhere them on your tree. Perfect for a nature-loving Christmas theme.

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Rustic is in. Use all-natural wood to make a Christmas tree outline and hang your trinkets. The baubles could be made of wood as well. Add some color with red ties and red star topper.

Rustic Christmas Tree Alternative

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After using the ladder to hang ceiling decors, use it as your Christmas tree. Wrap garlands, hang your trinkets and lit it up with yellow lights for a rustic feel.

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Running out of floor space? No worries, you can always have a Christmas tree on the wall. Adhere a tree outline on your wall and paste your trinkets as well. The star could even reach the ceiling if you want to. The key to this design is spaceless tree for more gift space at the bottom.

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Ladders make good Christmas tree, especially wooden ladder. Hang your baubles, gifts and lights on every step. Match your living room decor for a coherent look. Red and white are perfect for this design.

Unique Christmas Tree Themes

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Here’s something innovative and will surely mesmerize your guests on Christmas. No need to consume those floor space. Why should you if you can just hang your Christmas tree. And oh, it’s not actually a tree, it’s Christmas ball tree. Hang your baubles to form a Christmas tree.

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Here’s another handmade Christmas tree alternative made out of paper and wine bottle cork. Painted with green, red and white, this can make a cute Christmas tree this holiday.

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For those who have jewelries and glimmering accessories, this Christmas tree idea is for you. You can pin all of your unused and stocked accessories to create a tree. You may use pearl necklaces to create the tree outline.

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Explore your creativity and have fun in decorating your home this Christmas. You can try this unusual Christmas tree made out of letters and frames. Basically, it is arranged to where it will be shaped into a Christmas tree.

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For something minimal and easy to make, this alternative Christmas tree is for you. Just form a ray of Christmas light into a tree and voila, you have this wall Christmas tree!

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What do you think would happen if snowman walk inside your home while you’re decorating for a Christmas tree? He will turn to a tree! just like what happened to this alternative Christmas tree.

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