A few more days to go and it’s Christmas! It’s time for the glorious moment and merriment. Have you decorated your home already? Have you decked the hall and put up your Christmas tree? Still confused what to set up to create the holiday ambiance and let your family feel the spirit of Christmas? You may want to try some beautiful Christmas candle decorations then.

With Christmas candles, everything seems magical and relaxing. It creates this majestic and festive atmosphere. That’s why it’s a good idea to include Christmas candles in your journey to Christmas decorating. Here are some enchanting Christmas candle decoration ideas that might give you some inspiration. Some of these are easy to make so you create a delightful ambiance on your home using your own hands. Enjoy!


Colorful Christmas Decorations

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1.Christmas Candle Decorating Ideas


Here’s a simple and easy to make Christmas candle decor for your living room. A set of candle pillars, a silver platter, some Christmas balls and an ornament that resemble to candy cane can complete this arrangement. It’s so easy and beautiful.

Source: DIY Newly Weds

2.Reds and Ribbons


Adding accent to those chunks of candles can completely turn them into this Christmas delight. You can use red ribbons and accessories to turn dull white candles into a holiday beauty.

Image: Life on a Lakeshore Drive

3.DIY Christmas Candle Crafts


Another way to make those candles a wonderful decor for Christmas is by adding some elements to it – cinnamon sticks for example. Just wrap it around your candle and secure it with yarn.



Christmas candles with cinnamon sticks wrapped around it is truly a spectacle to look at. You can use other Christmas elements like berries and hollies, bells and buttons to make your craft more creative.

5.Elegant Christmas Candles


Oh, this is so beautiful. The combination of red and green colors in this candle decoration is so amazing. The red and green bells plus the red platter make it even more wonderful. Love this idea!

Image: Source

6. Outdoor Christmas Candle Decoration


Here’s a wonderful Christmas candle decoration for your yard. Set up on a log, the clear cylinder glass is accented with berries and greens. The burlap ribbons make it even more enticing.

Image: Loveitsomuch

7.Mason Jar Christmas Candle


Luminaries made of Mason jars and candles can create a warm and cozy atmosphere at home. And if you’re interested to create one, you just need a mason jar, epsom salt, some evergreen branches, ribbons and, of course, candle and you got this magical mason jar luminary.

Image: Sew Many Ways

8.Simple Christmas Candle Arrangement


Here’s a beautiful Christmas table decor that you can set up this holiday. The combination of brown, silver, gold and dark blue baubles created a cozy look on this Christmas candle arrangement.

Image: HomeBunch

9.Clear Jars Candle Holder


No need to be too elaborate when it comes to arranging Christmas candles. A clear candle holder plus some greenies and ribbons are enough just like above image.

10.Wineglass Christmas Candle Decorations


Wineglass can now be used as decoration, particularly candle holder. Turn the wineglass upside down, having some hollies inside, and put your teacup candles on the bottom (which is now the top) of the wineglass.



OR, instead of greens and hollies, you can use Christmas balls. You can use different colors. Set it up in a platter and you can have this wonderful Christmas centerpiece.

12.Magical Jar Luminaries


If you have canning jars lying around, it’s time to pull it out and turn into these little cutesies. You just need a checkered ribbon and presto!

Image: Penelope’s Oasis

13.Christmas Candle Table Decorations


If you need a quick fix for your dining table, you may try this Christmas candle decorating idea. Basically, you just need a set of small candles. Arrange it in a rectangular platter and fill the spaces with berries.

Image: RealHouseDesigning

14.Majestic Christmas Candle Decor


Image: Home Edit

15.Red Delight


Here’s another magical Christmas candle topped on a silver platter candle holder.

16.Keep it Nice and Simple


Add some greens to your candle holder and you’ve got this simple yet cozy centerpiece.

17.Christmas Candle Decorating Ideas for Living Room


Match your Christmas candle decor with your living room. Add some ball of yarns and pinecones to your candle arrangement.

Image Source: Dingklek

18.Beautiful Christmas Candle Decoration


This one is truly mesmerizing. The light coming from the burning candle gives off a warm and cozy feeling. This is perfect for your table this Christmas.

Source: Christmas Now

19.White and Silver Platter


The white color of candles and other embellishments complemented well with the evergreen leaves. It is so beautiful.

Source: Home Edit

20.Rustic Christmas Candle Decorations


You can also use nuts and greens in making your own rustic Christmas candle decorations.



Or you can arrangement your candles in a wooden box. Add some berries and artificial embellishments on it.

22.Floating Christmas Candles


Here’s one of the most popular Christmas candle decorating ideas as I’ve seen this multiple times. There are so many varieties of this craft but using a mason jar is the most popular.



Aside from mason jar, wine glass is also a perfect holder for a floating candle.

Image: Flickr



You can also use small canning jar. Just throw some greens and berries on to the water and let the candle float.

Image: Shades of Blue Interiors



Another popular floating candle holder is fish bowl. The hollies underwater is so wonderful!

26.Fruity Christmas Candles


You can use fresh fruits to hold those candles. Apples are the perfect example.

27.Pillars of Joy


28.Apple Christmas Candle Holder


You can have this glorious Christmas candle decorations by simply carving a hole on apple. Then let your candles sit on it. Add some berries on the side to complete the arrangement.

Image: Pinterest

29.Candle Decoration for Christmas Lantern


Image: Girls on It

30.Velvet and Violet


31.Stunning Red Candles


Image: Christmas is Coming

32.Sweet and Minty


If you don’t have those expensive candle holders, you can use candy canes. Like how you can wrap cinnamon sticks around that chunky candle, you can also do the same with candy canes. Just secure those candies with ribbons.

33.Peppermint Christmas Candles


OR, you can remodel your dull, chunky candle by attaching some peppermint candies around it.

34.Rustic Christmas Candles


Image: Pinterest



Image: Design Rulz

36.Unique Christmas Candle Decorations

Rustic Christmas candles with spices and nuts

Source: Ideal Home Garden

37.Simple DIY Christmas Candle Centerpiece


Image: Lady Gray Dreams

38.Golds and Glitters


39.Wooden Christmas Candle Holders


Image: Home Reviews



Image: Lush Home

41.Nice and Natural



Christmas decorations with a candles

43.Beautiful Christmas Candle Arrangement


44.Etched Christmas Candle Holder


Image: The DIY Dreamer

47.Knitted Christmas Candles


48.Glitter Dipped Christmas Candles


Image: Create Craft Love

49.Township Christmas Candle Jar


Image: Shabby Art Boutique

50.Shabby Chic Christmas Candle Decorating Ideas




Image: DIY Enthusiasts