As Christmas is coming. you may ne looking for gifts for friends and family. when you are looking for couple gift, you have to be sure that you make it adorable and full of love. we have covered a wide range of Couple Christmas Gift Ideas from budget friendly to some really expensive one – which you can completely rely on.

Personalized Wine Bottle

Personalized Couple Christmas Gift Ideas


The beauty and classiness of personalised wine bottles are absolutely unmatchable as a gift idea for the Christmas and holiday season. The couple would love the personalised touch on the bottle with their surname or individual names on them. Besides, wine is everyone’s favourite Christmas gift.

Chocolate Bars


Who does not like chocolates, isn’t it? Chocolate is definitely one of the safest and perfect choices for Christmas gift ideas when you want to personalise it for the couple. There are also various shops which make home-made chocolate bars and add personalise name on the bar itself to make it an ideal gift choice.

There are so many flavours in which you can getchocolate bars. Even so, you can also getchocolate bars with customized wrappers as well with the initial names of the couple as well. this looks quite cute and amazing and makes a great gift for the couple as well. if you are not able to make chocolate bars at home, you can also get them customized from some place else. There are a lot of online and offline stores that offer delicious chocolate bars in various sizes, shapes, flavours, and even so varieties of colours which look utmost pretty for a couple friendly gift.

Aromatic candles


When it comes to aromatic candles, you can give this to a couple who loves to enjoy such beautiful fragrances in their home. This candle can also be made easily at home and customised accordingly as per your choice and preferences. There are various brands that also offer personalization choice as well.

You can get them bathroom candles which they can light in their bathrooms while taking a relaxed bath. The aromatic smell of the candles I quite relaxing and adds a nice ambiance and feel to the house.

You can also get them aromatic floating candles which are quite pretty as well. you can also get an entire set with floral shaped or any other shaped aromatic candles which come in a huge variety of colours and creations and look beautifully innovative along with a glass bowl. It makes a wonderful dining table or showcase piece for the coupe and they can put it in their homes.


Christmas Calendar


How beautiful it would be to gift the couple with a personalised calendar of their picture or name is written on it? Well, we think it is a lovely gift idea when you can convert this into a Christmas wreath as well. Borrowing this idea, you can also make various Christmas ornaments based on the personalised theme for the couple.

You can also get them a calendar with twelve pictures of them as a couple of if you are close to them and have some pictures with them then you can use those pictures as well along with the 12 pictures. You can choose one picture for every month with a nice romantic message or a friendly message for the couple which will surely make a perfect gift for them. A nice quotation at every page at the beginning of every month of the year will surely look fabulous and make a wonderful Christmas gift as well for the couple.

Pillow Talk


This Christmas season, you can give the perfect couple a soft, squishy to snuggle in and which has a lovely quotation that depicts their togetherness in the most beautiful form. This is, indeed, a beautiful gesture from your end.

You can get those pillow covers which come in couples or pairs with the same colour and coordinated pattern and customize it later. If you want you can also get pre customized pillow covers as well. not just covers, you can also get handy pillow as well along with the covers which is quite effective as a gift.

You can also get those covers which have their pictures imprintedbecause they also look v very nice and thoughtful as well as a gift too. These pillow covers will surely fill their heart with joy and they will be able to use them as well. it will not only be a decorat8ive item but also a useful one which is better keeping in mind the thought of the eve.



If you are running late or running out of gift ideas, you can go for the safest choice to gift a couple a person lives coffee mug with their names on it. This is such an idea that the recipient would love it undoubtedly. There are various shops online as well as customise according to your preferences. You can also get mugs with some quotations on it about love, marriage and other couple friendly thoughts. You can also get their photos imprinted on the cup to personalize them a little more which will look even better.

Wine Glasses


Wine glasses are available in the market in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can definitely pick for the couple to customize it for the Christmas and holiday season. We are absolutely certain that this gift is going to be a perfect choice as everyone wishes to have something special like this. it also reflects how thoughtful you are. These coffee baskets have all types of coffee and for making it even better, you can also add customized mugs as well which will make this gift even better and more wonderful as now the couple can have the coffee in the same mugs that you got them.



Whiskey is a classy idea for a Christmas gift to the couple, who would also be thrilled with the personalised bottle. This is an old school idea but works like a charm each and every time. In fact, you can present two glasses, which can be personalised as well.

Portrait of the Couple


The portrait of the couple is an amazing idea to begin with and it conveys a beautiful gesture. To make a portrait, you won’t have to run to an artist if you don’t have anyone at your disposal, you can easily make this at your computer as well through various apps or websites. Frame the picture and gift it to the couple for the holiday season. You can make this gift more personalized by adding the names of the most romantic destinations for holidays that they will like to visit to travel to when they go for a trip together and that will be a lot thoughtful as well too.

Coffee Basket


Coffee is common favourite for everyone and also a necessity on a winter morning. You can easily assort a lovely basket of coffee with a variety of products available in the market for the couple and write their name on it. You can also buy a readymade assort coffee basket from the online shops as well. You can make a profile on the subscription as well with their names and add all romantic movies in it which they can see and that will eb a very personalized thing to do as well.

Passport Covers


If you happen to gift a couple who loves to travel all around the world or travel frequently, then you can gift them personalized passport covers or even card holder for that matter. These can be easily done through online purchases or from the stores. For Christmas, it is advisable to pick up a leather cover.

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Set


This is a divine combination of products which are absolutely amazing, just like the lovely couple to whom you are gifting the products. These are personalized anywhere where they are available and tasted heavenly. You can also incorporate cheese into the combo to make it interesting and delicious. Cutting board is an everyday use item and the couple will everydayuse the gift you get them and appreciate your gesture and be thankful for it as well. these kinds of gifts always put a smile on the other person’s face whenever they see it and also, they will always think of you when they see it.

Netflix Subscription


This is quite an unconventional gift, but fret not, because the couple is going to love the Netflix subscription for a year or so. In this way, the couple could watch the TV shows and movies together or have a movie date night on a cold, winter night. Not only it is a lovely idea but also an innovative one for the Christmas and holiday season.

Personalized Cutting Board


Personalized cutting board can be easily made and gifted for the Christmas gift to the couple who has just moved in together and setting up a lovely kitchen for themselves. In this way, they can do something together—romantic—and also spend time with each other.

Personalized comfortable Blanket


What is more comforting than a cozy blanket for a winter season? Well, this holiday and Christmas season when you are planning to gift a couple a personalized item that could be used by them both, then you can pick up a lovely blanket with their names stitched on it. Blankets are not only pocket friendly but also feel to be a very luxurious gift as well. plus, since it will be the time of winter season, the gift will also be quite useful for the couple you give it so in that way also, this makes a great gift for every couple you know. You can also get them a whole set of blanket and bedsheets with pillow and cushion covers and the complete set will be more luxurious and also more useful for them. However, if you have to get multiple gifts, then you can go with a single blanket as well and that will be it.

Personalized Espresso Maker


Espresso maker is an important item of the kitchen and the recipient couple would be more than delighted to receive such a beauty with their name written on it. And because it is that magical snowing time of the year, a warm cup of strong coffee would be counted as an absolute blessing. you can get them a journal or diary which has their picture on the cover on inside it which will make it more prenasalized as well. they can use the diary for writing and also it will make a great gift too for them as it is not only useable but also, they can put it in their living room as well.

Personalized Wine Box


We have covered wine glasses in mind portions, but we are yet to cover the personalised wine box that you can give to the couple for the Christmas and holiday season.  These are generally made of wood and easier to personalise with the words or letters you want to print. This is not only a thoughtful gift but also a beautiful one for the home decoration.

The Love Story


Each and every couple in this world have their own, unique love story that they love to cherish and honour with all their heart and soul. Therefore, this Christmas season you can give them a lovely journal or diary, where they can note down their memorable times.

The Wood Wall Art


The wooden wall art is in wonderful example to gift a couple for the Christmas and holiday season. The lovely personalised idea makes it even more special. You can put any quotation or simply their names according to your choice and preferences. There are various online stores which makes wooden wall art with personalised data. There are a lot of wo0oden material colour varieties also available. It always does not have to be juts brown and there is a huge variety of items which you can get in the form of wooden wall art in various colours as well such as pink or black or any other colour that you like. You can put their names also and you can get some beautiful quotations or their common surnames if there is such a situation with them. You can also get the something which can go to their bedroom walls and feel personal to them as well.

The Wall Clock


The wall clock serves as a lovely idea to decorate the home with amazing items. This can be easily customised with the name of the couple and serves the purpose quite conveniently. In fact, there are stores where you can personalise the whole clock according to the designs you are looking for.

Personalized Robes


A couple would really appreciate the idea of matching robes, especially when they are going for swimming together or even a spa. You purchase good robes from them market and get their names stitches on it to have a lovely effect. Flowers and other designs can also be used to make it look pretty.

Personalized Coasters


This is a very common gift which is exchanged during the Christmas season. In fact, coasters can be made at home with various materials like wood, bamboo mat and other heat resistant products. When you are making at home, it becomes easier to personalize them or you can also opt for the store bought one as well.

Personalized Keychains


If you are looking for some budget friendly ideas, then you can easily go for the stunning nickel-plated non-tarnish metal key chains for the couple with their names etched on it. Key chains make some beautiful Christmas gifts for neighbours and office colleagues as well. you can get key chains with their names on it or just with the initials. There are a lot of keychains which also have a cute and romantic or friendly message or quotation on it as well and that also will make wonderful gift for couples as well.

Acrylic Block


In every personalized store, you would find Acrylic Block for various occasions like birthdays, Christmas, house party and weddings. To gift a couple, you can write a lovely message for them, get it inked on it and present them for the festival.

Personalized Couple Watches

Watches are a great accessory for both men and women. You can get one of those couple watches for them as they are and also you can get watches which have a hint of personalization to them one of the ways to personalize them is by adding their initials of their first names in the dial of the watches. You can also add their entire names on the band or chain of the watches or in the dial of the watches.

There is one more way to personalization in watches by adding theirpictures in their watches and this also looks very cute for a couple friendly gift option.

Personalized Bracelets

Bracelets are very authentic and make a loveable present. You can get beads in differentcolours with their names on the different beads of the bracelets your have for both of them. Also, you can get them diamondstuddedbracelets with their names in the studding or may be just the initials if you want. This gift is quite thoughtful and looks fabulous as well.

Personalized Paintings

Just like a sketch, a painting or a portrait is also very beautiful. You can also get their photo done freshly for them as a gift with a fresh pose or just getapainting done of one of their exiting pictures and that will also be quite loved by them and they will love your gesture and appreciate it always.

These are some of the amazing personalised gift ideas you can pick up for the couple this Christmas season. Please let us know in the comments section below the perfect gift you would want to gift to work couple.

These are some of the amazing personalised gift ideas you can pick up for the couple this Christmas season. Please let us know in the comments section below the perfect gift you would want to gift to work couple.