Christmas gifts for school staff will boost morale and can imprint a beautiful life for the students in the school. Christmas and the holiday season are not for friends and family alone.  It is for the school staff and office friends. Therefore, when you are planning for a lovely Christmas party, it is crucial to choose some lovely gifts as well. These Christmas gifts for school staff must be appropriate for the Christmas season and also should make the recipient of the gift extremely special and important. These are not the only mere corporate gifts but also useful to the person as well. To help you through this, we have come up with a variety of gift ideas. Christmas gifts for school staff serve a lot of appreciation these days for their hard work which has made them  impact with simple but effective gifts.



Cups and mugs are easily available in the market or online at a much cheaper rate than you can anticipate. You can also order a bunch of customized designs for the school staff as a Christmas present. These may include a lovely quotation as well as funny pictures of grinch or Santa Claus. Therefore you won’t have to wreck your brain much for the thoughtful gift.

You can also buy mugs which are available in the theme of Christmas as they look very cute and amazing keeping in mind the theme of the festival as well.

Jewellery box

jwellery box
jwellery box


You can get your friend or a staff member a small or medium sized jewellery box which has various compartments and smaller boxes in the box. They can use the same box for storing their stuff which includes small pair of earrings which we usually lose because we don’t have a proper place to store them. They can keep their things and chains and pendants and necklaces in it which is great. Also, there are a lot of varieties in which you can get a jewellery box which includes one madeof marble or wood or plastic or any other material as well.

This box will be very useful for them and they can store all this stuff with them at one place now.

Snacks Packaging

This is one of the best ideas if you are looking to get your school staff or friends a gift for Christmas. Food is always a good idea for any festival and occasion that comes through. What you can do is that you can get different kinds of snacks which are usually readymade or ready to cook type and put them together all in a beautiful baked. You can add desserts, or various kind of food items that you think the other person will like a pack it altogether and send them to their house as well. you can get multiple baskets made like these and send them or take it with you for everyone you want from the staff and your friends.


There are so many items under jewellery that you can get for your school staff but the best ones Include rings, bracelets and/ or necklaces. These can be bought in bulk for every staff member and they come in so many styles, designs, and patterns that you can always get something which you they will like. You can buy rings of various stones and shapes, and colours or material, and you can dot he same with earrings as well. you can also get one of those sets which has all these things as a set and give it to your favourite staff members.

Pair of shoes

Now if you want to get multiple gifts then this may not be the most budget friendly idea because shoes are not very inexpensive but if you have only a couple of friends at school or in the staff them you can get this gift also. There also you can get a lot of variety which makes it easy for you to get them a pair of their favourite shoes as well. however, if you have a lot of people in the staff that you have to get a gift for then it is not a feasible idea to go through with.


You can buy bulk of same kind of clothes such as multiple bottoms, or tops, or scarves, or mufflers, or hats, and gift them to the members of the staff for Christmas. If you want you can go for items which are related to the theme of Christmas such as you can go for clothes in red or white or green or blue which is the colour of the snow. You can go for winter collection because that is what Christmas is around so those clothes will come handy for people who wish to wear them through the season. You can sweaters, or jackets, or sweatshirts, and things like that in a big number for all the members of the staff. Pashminas and shawls also make great choices for the same.

Book/ novel

Getting some people in the staff good books or novels to read is also a good idea. Since it is the holiday season, people will have some time to put themselves in the book reading activity. They will surely love to read a book when they are at their homes relaxing. So, you can search for some great books and go for the same book for everyone or you can also get various kinds of books for everyone if you can find as many. You can easily buy books and novels in bulk numbers online as well as offline and these books and novels make a great gift for everybody in the staff.



Do you know that you can easily make bookmarks out of cardboard papers which are easily available in the stationery stores? Well, you will only require some decorative paper, calligraphy pen, glue, a pair of scissors and some ribbons. Cut the decorative paper in the shape of a bookmark and put the quotation with the help of a calligraphy pen and finish it off with a ribbon on top of it. If you are unable to make them on your own, then you can buy them from the market as well.

Pen Trio


As you are well aware that school staff is required pens at every step of the way, therefore, you can consider gifting them a pen trio collection of the basic blue, red, and black. You can buy different brands or you can stick to a particular brand when you are gifting them in the bunch. As an additional touch, you can put a small pen cap with a Christmas themed Santa Claus or any other ornament as you wish.

Stationary Collection


Pens are not the only stationary collection. You can also opt for a collection of pencils, eraser, sharpener, and markers as you may wish for the small gift worth the stationary collection for the school staff as a Christmas gift. These are completely inexpensive and will not burn a hole in your pocket at all. . There are a lot of items which come under stationery so it is very easy to choose them and you can make separate packets fir everybody

House plants/seeds


Do you know you can gift someone house plans or plant seeds for Christmas and holiday gifts? Well, we have come up with some really good and green solutions this year. It sends an environment-friendly message and definitely one of the hit gifts you can think of. We are extremely confident that the recipient of the gift would love this gesture.

Lip balms


Lip balms are one of the most essential skincare items one would need in their purse or bag all day long for the winter season. And what can be better than chemical-free and homemade lip balm as a gift? You can easily make lip balm with cocoa butter, lavender, coconut oil and some other ingredients like peppermint essential oil and castor oil for the added hydrated effect. These last all day long and keep the lips soft, supple and pouty.

Homemade Highlighters


This winter season, glow for the Gods. To gift someone an awesome highlighter, make one at home with the help of the ingredients like Baby lotion, shimmery eyeshadow and a little bit of foundation. You can adjust the colour by mixing silver, rose gold and bronze highlighters as well as baby lotion, shimmery eyeshadow and a little bit of foundation. You can adjust colour by mixing silver, rose gold and bronze highlighters as well.

Bath bombs


To make bath bombs that are completely chemical-free and great for your skin you would require the following ingredients – Baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, 11 and a sensual oil, Olive O baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, lavender essential oil, and Olive Oil. Whisk all the ingredients together and set it in a round ball in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Infused Oils


Do it yourself infused oils are extremely good for your hair as well as your skin. Most importantly, these works like wonder during the winter season.  You can make these infused oils by putting hibiscus flower, Rosemary, lavender and all other Inc. regions in separate jars full of olive oil and keep them in a dark place for almost a week why are you laughing You can make these infused oils by putting hibiscus flower, Rosemary, lavender and all other ingredients in separate jars full of olive oil and keep them in a dark place for almost a week.

Scented candles


Scented candles create a lovely romantic ambiance as well as an authentic festive environment around you and therefore, these are one of the perfect gifts you can think of during the holiday season. In a double boiler, melt the wax and put generous drops of essential oils like lavender or Lemongrass and put them in the mold with the wick attached perpendicularly.

Fun socks


Just like all other winter garments, socks on not only essential but also look comfortable for the holiday season. You can gift your school starts a lovely pair of socks which can be funny or something really appropriate for the professional relationship. These are readily available in the market and you can also put them in small handmade cardboard boxes with Christmas tags attached to it.

Kindle gift card


Do you have school staff who are extremely attached to their books? Well, it would be a nice gesture to gift them an Amazon Kindle gift card or any other gift card for the book store discount. In this way, they can purchase the books in their bucket list and would definitely make them happy to receive such a thoughtful gift.

DIY hand sanitizer


As we all know that sanitizer is a very important hygienic item in everyone’s handbag, you can give them a home-made and natural hand sanitizer made with rubbing alcohol, vegetable glycerin, aloe Vera gel, cinnamon essential oil, tea tree oil, and distilled water.  Combine all these together in a small spray or pump bottle and decorate with colorful paper for gifting purposes.

Candy collection


Who does not love candies right? If you want to keep it simple and sweet for the purpose of Christmas gift, you can consider giving them a lovely collection of candies from different brands which would definitely make them happy.  In fact, you can also make home-made candies at home if you have time.

Makeup items


Makeup item is extremely hit among the women, and therefore, if you have most of the school staff as women, you can gift them small makeup items like mini lipstick, blushes or highlighters. These are easy to shop and won’t take much time to pick and choose at all.

Fabric Scrunchies


If you are planning to pick up a few inexpensive items to give the school starts in bulk, you can purchase fabric scrunchies with bunny ears and other floral decorations for the gift. If you are planning to make fabric scrunchies, you can easily get the tutorial on YouTube as well.

DIY Flower Vase


Flower vase can be made with a wooden or steel base, or even aluminum as well.  These are extremely creative and the tutorials are available on the internet is well. The recipient of the gift would highly appreciate such a lovely gift for home decoration as well.

Small glitter Christmas tree


What can be more perfect than a little Christmas tree as a gift for the holiday season? To make little Christmas tree you have to cut out the cones with the help of cardboard paper and smear it with the glue completely. Once you’re done, sprinkle the glitter and shiny particles and let it dry for a couple of hours.

Santa hat


Santa hats are easily available in the market or online stores and therefore you can give them to the school staff without coming up with complex gift ideas. You can also decorate the Christmas Santa hats with colorful gems and ornaments as you like.

Assorted chocolates


Assorted chocolates are available in stores, but we would advise preparing some at home with only a couple of ingredients like butter or cocoa butter, cocoa powder, dark chocolate compound and white chocolate compound. You can also decorate or garnish them with caramel and nuts. Pour the mixture into the chocolate molds and refrigerate overnight. Once it solidifies, wrapped up in gold in wrappers and give them to the school staff.



Doughnuts can also be easily made it home with only a couple of ingredients and a whole lot of recipes at your disposal. In this way, you can make the donuts in the right flavor for the particular recipient of the gift, and we assure you that it is a very thoughtful and lovely gift idea for Christmas and holiday season.

Homemade cake

Homemade cakes are also a great idea for Christmas gift because Christmas is never complete without cake cutting and celebration. What you can do is either make a big cake and pack slices of cake for everyone or you can make a number of small cakes and then send them as gifts. Another thing what you can do is make a whole lot of cupcakes and send a couple of them to everyone as Christmas gifts. You can make some Christmas related décor on the cakes with white frosting or icing. Red velvet cake is also a great option for cake on the occasion of Christmas because it is red and white in colour and comes in terms with the theme of the cake.

Homemade cookies

Just like cake, freshly baked cookies right at home are a great a wonderful idea for getting your school staff members. All you have to do is bake different kind of cookies with various ingredients and then you can mix and match them together and make a batch of mixed cookies in separate boxes and use them as gifs. This will make a gift for their entire family and they will really appreciate your gesture as well because it takes a lot of work and time to bake cookies and also food as a gift is a lot of appreciate because it feels very personal and thoughtful as well.


Nowadays there are a lot of diaries ad journals available which you can buy in various deigns and get it for the people in your school staff. They are available in so many coloursdesign and patterns that you can get it in different styles. Also, you can customize the diaries and journals as well for your staff people with their pictures on the cover page or may be juts their names as well. this also looks very cute and beautiful as a gift. You can also get journal or diaries which have Christmas themed cover pages as they suit the theme of the occasion and make it a great gift.

Popcorn basket Oreos


How lovely it would be to receive Oreo packets in popcorn baskets? This is such a creative and drool-worthy idea that the school staff would definitely appreciate.

Stick it notes


For the purpose of Christmas gift, you can buy sticky notes and gift them to the school staff, which are not only important but also a lovely and cute gift to consider.

Stick it notes are a great gift as well. everyone-use sticky note at their homes or office an put them on their walls, cupboards, bulletin boards, or their desks as well if they use it at their office. So, this will be a useful item for them as well and they can use it too so it has two in one quality as well. there are a lot of types f stick it notes as well. they are available in various sizes, shapes, and colours as well. Sometimes they also come in the cutting of some cartoon characters and also sometimes they are themed and printed with some characters or patterns in the background which make this note gift even more wonderful.



The paperweight can be easily made with rocks and rectangular-shaped weights. These make some lovely Christmas gifts for the table decoration as well.

this is a useful item for them. If your staff friends work at an office or at a desk then they can always use this paper weight at their workplace and it will be always reminding them of you as well. you can get a paper weight with a picture which is related to Christmas with a snowman or a picture of Santa. In this way you can gift them a useful item as well as you can give the something which will also fulfil the purpose of the occasion as well.

Thus, these are some of the Christmas gifts which are appropriate for gifting the school’s staff to make them feel special and important as well.

these gifts are not only in your budget but also, they will make a perfect way to express how much they mean to you and how much this occasion is important for you to celebrate with them. You can choose any of these gifts for any of your friends at school and they will really appreciate the gesture. Whenever they see the gift, they will definitely think about you and your gift will provide them the warmth and happiness that they relate with you along with the special theme and day of the Christmas will be in momentum with the same.