Christmas 2019 is here! Aside from your family and friends, co-workers are usually included in the list of those who you should give gifts to on Christmas. But sometimes purchasing so many Christmas gifts tend to make a hole in your bank balance. Therefore, surprise your co-workers with some lovable yet inexpensive Christmas gifts and this gesture shows that you care about them. If you have no idea what to give to your co-workers on Christmas, this list of Christmas gift ideas for coworkers might help you.

Here, we listed down some of the best Christmas gifts for coworkers. Most these Christmas gifts are ideal or practical. Some of them are homemade or personalized for you to be able to give some personal touch to your coworkers Christmas gifts. Scroll down below and may you find the best Christmas gifts for coworkers this Christmas 2019.

Best Christmas Christmas for Coworkers 2019

We summed up and gathered some of the best Christmas gift ideas for coworkers this coming Christmas 2019. Below, you’ll find a number of ideas on what to give to your coworker on Christmas. Let’s start.

1. Scented Candles Gift Set

Office works can be stressful. So these aromatic, scented candles can be a perfect gift for your co-worker. These candles feature colorful mandala designs. They can refill these cans with another scented candles. SOURCE: AMAZON

 2. Office Desk Accessories, Desk Signs

Another wonderful Christmas gift for your coworker is desktop accessory. It could be some stand-alone post-its, calender or notepad. Here are some cute and adorable desk signs accessories. SOURCE: AMAZON

3. Work Would Suck Without You Coffee Mug

This Christmas, let them know how much you appreciate them and how much you want them to be your co-worker. With this personalized mug, you can put some wordings or appreciation message to your coworker. SOURCE: AMAZON

4. Thank You for Being Awesome

You can also show your appreciation, at the same time, compliment them with personalized coffee tumblers. This tumbler feature inspiring message for your coworker. SOURCE: AMAZON

5. All-Natural Beeswax Lip Balm Set

Here’s another wonderful Christmas gift idea for your coworker especially for those who are working in office. Sometimes, working in office can make someone’s lips dry. Your coworker would surely love to get lip balm set.


Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

When giving Christmas gifts to coworker, you don’t have to spend tons of money, especially when you have to gift a number of them. Of course, you still need to buy some gifts for your family and friends. So choosing some inexpensive but good Christmas gifts for coworkers would be wonderful. Here are some inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for your coworker.

6. Rose Gold Silver Pen with Rose Gold Silver Cap

Here’s a beautiful set of pen with rose, silver and gold color. They might look luxurious and expensive but you can get them for less in some online shop like Amazon. SOURCE: AMAZON

7. Motivational Quote Keychains

Inspire them as they work with these motivational and inspirational key-chain gift. these key-chain feature some motivation words and quotes that they will surely love! SOURCE: AMAZON

8. Bath Spa Gift Basket

Christmas time is usually vacation time. It’s time to relax and have fun. Add some relaxation to your coworker by giving them some inexpensive spa gift basket. They don’t have to be too expensive. Just choose a set with essentials like bath soap, lotion, etc. SOURCE: AMAZON

9. Tracking Water Bottle with Hourly Time Marker

Here’s another good and practical coworker Christmas gift idea. What a great way to remind them to be healthy, isn’t it? Drink your effing water! This one even as hourly marker. Cute, isn’t it? SOURCE: AMAZON

10. Benicci Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

This Christmas gift is perfect for coworkers who love coffee or tea! This set features copped mugs, jiggers and straw. A perfect set for those who are always on the go! SOURCE: AMAZON

Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers


11. USB Desk Fan

Give some comfort to your coworker with this small-sized desk fan with clips. It’s USB-cord powdered fan which can be connected in a computer to run. With its compact feature, it won’t hinder their workspace while giving a perfect air circulation. SOURCE: AMAZON

12. Double Layer Electronic Accessories Organizer


People nowadays have own different gadgets and electronic devices. Sometimes, they tend to just put them all-together in their bag and then they end up twisted together. With this electronic organizer, you can store and organize those cords, USBs and players/ SOURCE: AMAZON

13. Smiling Ceramic Pot

Make your coworker smile on Christmas day with this smiling ceramic pot. you may include some indoor plant like cactus to make it even more wonderful. SOURCE: ETSY

14. Running Ant Message In a Bottle Capsule Letter

A chill pill would be a wonderful gift to anyone especially to those who are working under pressure. SOURCE: AMAZON

15. Adjustable Foot Rest

Here’s another perfect Christmas gift for coworker. Let them relax their tired foot with this foot rest massager. They would surely appreciate the thought of giving them some comfort. SOURCE: AMAZON

Small Christmas Gifts for Co-workers


16. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

Here’s another Christmas gift that your coworker would love! An Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Humidifier. you may also include some samples of essential oil to this gift. 

17. DIY Sugar Cubes


I am sure everyone of your colleague would love to indulge themselves in tea or coffee break. These super-fancy and super-cute DIY sugar cubes in a decorative jar or box is definitely going to add a lot of sweetness in your relationship with them.

18. DIY Hot Cocoa Mix


Who does not fancy a hot cup of cocoa during the cold winter months? This Christmas, take a few mini plastic cylinders and fill each of them with different types of chocolates, cocoa powder and other ingredients like marshmallows to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate. I am very sure your co-worker will appreciate this gift.

19. Color Changing Coffee Mug for Co-workers


Surprise your colleague with a cute smiling face or any other graphic for Christmas on a heat changing mug for coffee. This will not only be a fun surprise but also Christmas appropriate.

20. Station Desk Accessory Holder


This station desk accessory holder is a very thoughtful gift for the colleague. While working on a table we often tend to lose small all accessories but this will definitely help to locate them better. For Christmas, you can tie Red and green ribbon around it.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

If you want to give something special yet inexpensive gift to your coworker, you may consider DIY gifts. By making them yourself, you might be able to save some bucks and at the same time, give them something that you personally created. Here are some ideas.

21. Pocket Notebooks Set


Pocket notebook gift sets at easily available in the market at a very inexpensive price tag but these are a very useful gift for co-workers. Put them inside a decorative paper and you can also put a cute pencil and pen along with it

22. Nothing Bundt Thankful Gift


This is a wonderful idea to thank your co-worker with a spoonful of yummy and delicious Bundt cake. This homemade gift is not only a friendly gesture but also endearing.

23. Cookies or Candy in a Jar


It is absolutely no secret that everyone loves receiving cute and delicious candy and cookie treats for this festival. To make this, all you need are homemade cookies and treats and put them inside a Mason jar decorated with Christmas ornaments.

24. Painted Mug


Painted jar with customizing letters for your co-workers is a gift which they will definitely appreciate this holiday season. You can also paint reindeer, Santa Claus and Christmas stars on them.

25. Mason Jar Lid Magnets


Simple DIY of photo (of your co-workers) magnets made from mason jar lids is definitely going to impress them. Personalised gifts have a very warm up appeal and shows how thoughtful you are.

What to Give to Coworkers on Christmas

Still can’t decide what to give to your coworkers on Christmas? Scroll down below and take a look at more Christmas gift ideas for coworker!

26. DIY Peppermint Lip Balm


Winter season means dry lips. This holiday, gift your colleague DIY Peppermint Lip Balm which are completely homemade and chemical free. You simply need a small empty tub, cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, peppermint essential oil, beeswax and a tinge of natural colour. Melt everything to together and put it inside the small tub.

27. DIY Bath Bombs


This Christmas, gift your coworkers luxurious bath bombs which are completely chemical free and homemade. The natural scent and essential oils will be a treat to their senses for a luxurious time. To make these, you need baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch, natural coloring pigment, almond oil, and essential oils. First, add the dry ingredients and then slowly add the wet ingredients. Put them inside the mould and let it set.

28. Cute Sticky Notes and Page Markers



There are various cute sticky notes and page markers available in the market within a budget-friendly price tag. These cute and adorable goodies would be highly appreciated as Christmas gifts for your colleagues.

29. Rice Krispie Treat Kiss


It is so much easier to make this cute little rice krispy kisses with the message for the Christmas written on the thin strip of paper.

30. DIY Santa Tizers


These cute little hand sanitizers are the perfect souvenir for Christmas. They are not only useful but also very easy to make. All you need are—Aloe Vera gel, vitamin e oil comma peppermint essential oil lavender essential oil and rubbing alcohol.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

Most workplace and offices usually organize secret Santa even every Christmas. They usually comes with particular item to gift to like something soft, something long, something fluffy. In that case, you may want to consider these options.

31. Christmas Treat Jars


Make small mason jars decorated in snowman, reindeer and Santa Claus outfit and fill them with small Christmas treats for your colleagues.

32. DIY Paperweight


These cute little paperweights are definitely going to bring that instant joyful smile to your co-workers, when you customize it according to their preferences.

33. Spill Proof Coffee Cup Holder


Your fellow worker is surely going to thank you for this thoughtful spill-proof coffee cup holder on the desk.

34. Scented Candle


This gift of the scented candle is definitely a wonderful gift for your religious co-worker who’d thoroughly appreciate it.

Handmade Christmas Gifts for co-workers

For me, handmade Christmas gifts are the best. Imagine, someone put their effort and time just to make a special gift for you. It’s something priceless. So if you are thinking of making some handmade Christmas gifts for your coworkers, here are ideas to consider.

35. DIY Christmas Ornament


Make glitter and sparkly Christmas ornaments in this holiday season and gift it to your co-workers.

36. Mini Christmas Trees


Christmas tree is the essence of the holiday season. Therefore, gift these attractive little Christmas trees to your co-workers to place it on the desk.

37. M&M Cookies In A Jar


Fill the jar with homemade cookies and M&M toppings and give this to your co-worker for Christmas.

37. Pen/Pencil Holder


Glitter wrap or unicorn pencil holder is going to be a cute little attractive piece on your co-worker’s desk gifted by you.

Sentimental Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

38. DIY Planner


A customised planner made by you is surely going to be a useful and budget-friendly gift for your co-worker on this occasion.

39. DIY Snowman Donuts


What can be more adorable than snowman doughnuts for Christmas? Not only are these delicious but also inexpensive and easy to make at home.

40. Heat Transfer Vinyl Christmas Pillow


Heat transfer Vinyl Christmas pillow is something you can easily make at home; decorate it according to your likes and gift to your colleagues.

These are some of the amazing inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for your coworkers which you can consider for the holiday season.