christmas gift ideas for womenChristmas is coming, so as the time for giving Christmas gifts and special Christmas presents for special someone. Ladies are good at shopping; gentlemen are not as good. As a man, you don’t want to disappoint your girl on Christmas day by giving her a Christmas gift she wouldn’t like; you want to meet her standards, you just don’t know how.

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Women

Do you need Christmas gift ideas for a woman? Are you tired of figuring out what women really want for Christmas? Don’t fret.

christms gift ideas_for women

Whether it’s your mother, sister, friend or a special woman in your life, we will give you our top 10 list of Christmas gifts for her. Women love fashion, accessories, food, fragrances and a lot more. There are millions of choices out there.

You may not really know what she wants, but you can never go wrong with what she needs. You can always give her something that she can use every day or probably something that she needs to wear during winter.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Here are the best Christmas gift ideas which will surely be on her Christmas holiday wish list.

10. Lavender and chamomile spa and bath set Give her a relaxing treat this holiday season with a lavender and chamomile bath and spa set. The soothing effects will definitely calm her mind.

9. Classy v-neck sweater Any woman needs a sweater. A classy v-neck sweater is something that never goes out of style and should always part of a lady’s wardrobe.

8. Comfy coat You might want to give her something that she can wear this winter like a comfortable chic coat. When it comes to size, feel free to ask her. You wouldn’t want to give her something that does not fit.

7. Foot massage and spa kit Every woman loves to pamper herself. A gift certificate to the spa is good, but she would really love something that she can keep at home. A foot-massage and spa kit will help her unwind in spite of her busy schedule.

6. Clutch or tote bag This can be difficult if you are not familiar with her style. However, classic clutches or tote bags that may appear plain will always have a place in her closet. Simply ask what her favorite color is and take it from there.

5. Cake or chocolates Women love to eat and what can be more delightful to indulge in other than cakes and chocolates? There are a lot of truffles and chocolate delights available in stores, just pick one that she’s not allergic to.

4. Fragrant lotions and moisturizing cream set Another pampering treat, but just keep them coming. You don’t know how many toiletries she has and how many more she wants to have. To put it, a woman simply loves to take care of her body and skin.

3. Perfume or cologne This can be a great gift to your mom, a close friend or a very special person. There are lots of brands you can choose from like Clinique, Tommy Hilfiger, Davidoff, Victoria’s secret, etc.

2. Chic leather wallet with card slots This is classy and practical. She needs one to put in her credit cards and ATM cards. Pick something that is made from genuine leather for it to last a long time.

1. Digital camera or an iPod Women love to take pictures of themselves, their pet dog, outfit, garden, etc. And gadgets are not just for men. Any woman would love to have a digital camera or an iPod. However, if you would be giving the gift to your mother, better choose the camera as the iPod might get her all confused.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Women


If you are still having a hard time deciding on a perfect Christmas gift for her, or still have a  bunch of female friends that you have not crossed out of the list, here are more Christmas gift ideas that you can buy for them.

Wii Fit Plus Wii Fit Plus is the perfect toy for girls who want to have fun during winter and crummy weather. This gadget help keeps her active, entertained and most importantly fit. You can get this amazing gadget at ebay, and other online shop authorized reseller of Nintendo.

Timex Modern Originals Timex has been around for many years, providing men, women quality timepiece, and accurate time. This Christmas buying Timex Modern Original to give to your wife, sister or female friend is a great idea. Get Timex Modern Originals for $75, perfect for as Christmas gift for her.

Google Nexus 7 Google Nexus is another fantastic Christmas gift for her as the HD seven-inch frame offer users easy reading and browsing. Google Nexus is great to give to your wife, sister, or girlfriend.

Sunpockets Sunglasses Sunpockets offer stylish and affordable sunglasses that can be fold. Yup! The latest sunglasses to hit the market is an excellent Christmas gift for women who are into stylish sunglasses and unique. This foldable sunglass comes in a range of color to fit any mood and style.

Christmas Gift for Women

As a man, you don’t want her to jumble her schedule and lost time for you.

Christmas Gift  for Women

A stylish and girly planner like the one from Kate Spade can be a nice Christmas gift for her that will help your girl organize her schedule, keep important contacts and jot down some important notes.

Gift Ideas for Women for Christmas

Cupcakes are sweet, cute and adorable! Girls are just die-hard confectioners. Come on man; tolerate the things that she loves! Make her love you more with this special Christmas gift. With this kit, she’ll surely have fun in exhibiting her inner creativity in customizing yummy cupcakes. Another option is buying these items and arranging them into Christmas hamper or in a form of Christmas gift basket. Your lady would surely love it.

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Christmas Gift ideas for Young Women

If you’re going to spend your Christmas with your family, there is no one to hug her tightly for warmth.

Christmas Gift ideas for Young Women

Send your love in a form of a throw blanket! Knowing that it’s from you, she’ll imagine that you are with her; keeping her warm in the midst of an icy winter night.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women

It’s a cold season; let her have her gloves on. But offer a pair of gloves that won’t keep her fingers from being functional. This glove will keep her fingers free; she can still reply to those Christmas greetings and text you to have a merry little Christmas.

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Gift Ideas for Women For Christmas

Gift Ideas for Women For Christmas
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If you want to settle with the cute-but-functional type of gift, you can never go wrong with a tote! Maybe she has a lot of bags, but this one is multi-purpose, so she’ll surely use it somewhere, sometime. Plus, it is kind of personalized with a letter printed on it.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

It’s a cliché, but it’s just so true. Ladies are hardcore chocolate lovers. Offer her this Godiva gift set providing her with a range of selection: from eggnog, to milk chocolate, dark chocolate and spicy gingerbread.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Women

Flip Cam is the perfect christmas gift ideas for older women as she can save happy memories of her vacation.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Women
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This shoot-and-share camera will capture the memorable moments of her Christmas season.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women in Their 20s

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women in Their 20s
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Victoria’s Secret Pajamas can keep her warm and comfty during nightime. You don’t want your darling to feel cold this holiday, for sure.

Gift Ideas for Women for Christmas

Gift Ideas for Women for Christmas
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Beret is the perfect attires for the cold season. So, help her keep hers despite the cold weather with this black beret. You helped her to feel warm, and help her to still be stylish.

Gift Ideas for Women For Christmas

This is perfect for busy women keeping her out of her book enthusiasm. This portable e-book reader will able her to read her favorite novels; whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy or romance.

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Women Gift Ideas for Christmas

Women Gift Ideas for Christmas
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Fitbit Flex is a stylish activity tracker bracelet. You can give this to a friend or love ones who are serious fitness freak to help them live a healthy lifestyle. The bracelet can assist them keep tabs on their eating habits, sleeping time and of course calories. Fitbit bracelet comes in a wide range of colors and looks great with other jewelry and other accessory.

Great Gift Ideas for Women for Christmas

This Jewelry Stand is a great Christmas gift for her to display her necklaces, rings, and bracelets. You can get this modern jewelry box at Walmart for $99.95, so what are you waiting for get one now.

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If you don’t have enough money to spend for Christmas gifts, modern winds scarf like the one in the picture is perfect as you can buy one for less than $50. In fact, giving someone a scarp is very practical more so when you get her an extra long winds scrap as this will provide warm and style to any get up.

When shopping for a christmas gift for women, don’t ignore a beautiful modern scarf when you see one  as most women love to wear one not just during winter but anytime they want to look chic.