Christmas 2019 is just around the corner. And you are right there, bothered by a serious question. What do men want for Christmas?

Men usually prefer receiving something useful and practical as a Christmas gift. Women are aware of this reality, which is why they resort to the accepted standards of Christmas gifts for men such as casual clothes, belts, Christmas hampers corporate suits and ties, shoes, wristwatches, leather wallets, handkerchiefs, cufflinks, wine gift baskets and so on. Because women assume that most men are not fond of deviating from the norm, they hesitate to try something new and as a result their Christmas gifts become too predictable.

Despite you better judgment, go with your guts and surprise your man with a Christmas gift that he would least expect to make this year more memorable for the both of you. Here are some Christmas gifts for men ideas we have compiled that might make any man really happy.

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Men

If you are not really familiar with the man you are giving to, that’s okay. You can simply choose anything from this list of top Christmas gift ideas we are about to give you to make the receiver feel special whoever he is. To help you find the best Christmas gift for your father, brother, a guy friend or the friend of a friend, here is our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for him.

1. Leather Wallet

Source: Amazon

If you have no idea what to get for your man, leather wallet is a safe choice. Leather wallets never get out of style and men of any age would definitely want a classy, in-style leather wallet.

2. Screwdriver Set

Men like fixing stuff at home and tinkling with gadgets. They would need a screwdriver to do that. Screwdrivers come in different sizes, and you can get them a set with changeable heads. You can find some screw driver sets here. Source: Amazon

3. OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

This is one of the best Christmas gifts for men. Who wouldn’t want a Bluetooth speakers nowadays especially with those cool sounds and bass. There are different brands you can choose from. Just be sure they are authentic. Source: Amazon

4. Fossil Mens Machine Watch and Bracelet Box Set

Just like wallet, another Christmas gift for men that is literally timeless is watch. We found a beautiful and elegant watch that you may consider, bundled with a luxurious bracelet. Check it out at Source: Amazon

5. Remington PG525 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit

Here’s one of the best Christmas gift you can get for your man. You should pick one that does not sting and is hypoallergenic. Shaving creams with a fresh musk scent are available in many stores. Source: Amazon

6. Smartphone

Most men like gadgets. That’s a fact. You can give him a digital camera, or a portable DVD player, or a phone upgrade. Just take note of what he already has, and you can take it from there.  Source: Amazon

7. Travel Toiletry Kit Bag

This christmas gift idea for men can be a good choice. It’s generic and yet very practical. Men are outgoing and like to travel a lot, and they would want a case to put their shaver and toothbrush in. Source: Amazon

8. Bath Towel


Towels make a good Christmas gift. But you should take note of the fabric and the color. Pick one in blue, dark green or gray. Source: Amazon

9. Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs

Here’s another practical gift for men. A set of boxer briefs, perfect for the man of your life. I’m pretty sure you know the size, right? Source: Amazon

10. Sneaker Shoes

If you’re still clueless and want a safe choice, you may also consider a sneaker or shoes. Who wouldn’t love a new shoe? This can be a perfect gift to any man. SOURCE: AMAZON

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2019

The Holiday Season is here , Christmas is near and inevitably the Holiday Shopping has begun too . Shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts for the special man of your life can be a daunting task for many. Sometimes, you might get confused about what should be the perfect choice of Christmas present. But fret not, be rest assured there’s a simple solution for that.

11. 17-Inch Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox with Tray and Dividers

Men usually have lots of tools at home. You can give them something where they can keep all those screws and nails. Source: Amazon

12. Thanos Beer Bottle Opener Keychain

Whenever they are out for camping or simply out drinking with friends, a bottle opener with a keychain to hold their keys will definitely come in handy. This makes a good Christmas gift for men who are always on the go. Source: Amazon

13. Action Camera 4k Camcorder

If your recipient loves adventure and outdoor shooting, this christmas gift is the best for him. An action camera! There are so many brands out there to choose from: from gopro to less expensive ones. Choose depends on the needs and your budget. SOURCE: Amazon

14. RawChemistry Cologne, for Him

Perfumes are one of the best Christmas gifts to buy for your man. Aside from the fact that smelling good is a thumbs up, you will never go wrong with perfume. He’ll surely love it! Source: Amazon

15. Witty Statement Shirts

Be it your boyfriend, brother, co-worker or even your dad, no one can resist a statement shirt with witty wordings like this. They’ll surely have fun! Source: Amazon

Unique Christmas Gifts for Him

16. Poweroni USB Charging Station Dock

In today’s generation, it’s probably a must to be always “on”. This charging dock is perfect for those who have multiple gadgets where you can charge many items at once. SOURCE: amazon

17. Star Wars R2-D2 French Press, Novelty Coffee Maker

And if your recipient is Star Wars fanatic, this coffee maker is the best Christmas gift for him! This looks unique and so cool. SOURCE: amazon

18. Whiskey Glass, Good day bad day Glass

Make him laugh a little with this unique and creative whiskey glass. Source: Amazon

19. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera (Brown)

If he is a man who always want to capture the moment, a camera is a perfect Christmas gift. While there are so many brands and styles of camera nowadays, instant-print ones have advantage. SOURCE: Amazon

20. Victorinox Swiss Army Super Tinker Pocket Tool

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Men

This Christmas, you don’t have to worry what gift to give as you can find lots of Christmas gift ideas for men that they will appreciate without breaking your pocket. Here are some inexpensive options for Christmas gifts for him.

21. Polarized Sunglasses UV400 Protection


Here’s a durable, inexpensive sun glass that can be suitable for him while running, fishing or driving. Source: Amazon

22. Carhartt Men’s Odessa Cap

Here’s a baseball cotton cap featuring square logo patch at front and moisture-wicking Coolmax sweatband. It has hook-and-loop back closure for adjustable fit. Source: Amazon

23. Betron YSM1000 Headphones, Earbuds

For men who loves music, an earphone or headset would be a perfect Christmas gift. These Headphones are ideal for use with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Samsung devices. SOURCE: AMAZON

24. Urvoix Black Army Camo Molle Bag for Mobile Phone

For those who are always on the go and want minimalist bag that can carry a phon and cash, this gift item is good. SOURCE: Amazon

25. Classic Men’s Tie Silk Necktie

And if it’s about practicality, choose something that they will actually use like a necktie. Source: Amazon

Cool Christmas Gifts for Men

26. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 


27. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

SOURCE: Amazon

28. Apple Watch Series 4

SOURCE: Amazon

29.. Levi’s Men’s Four-Pocket Hooded Jacket

Source: amazon

30. PlayStation 4

SOURCE: Amazon

Christmas Gift for Young Men

If your recipient is a young man then there are many options for choosing the perfect Christmas present.

31. The 5th Wave Collection

A useful Christmas gift ideas for men can be a collection of books of his favorite author. Although this gift basket idea may appear expensive, you can use different resources to find popular books but less expensive from online resellers. There are many Christmas sales online that you can browse and find books your man wants. Collect them all and enclose it in a hamper and decorate it with craft ribbons. Source: Amazon

32. Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks


33. Tiger Eye Mens Bracelet

Source: Amazon

Christmas Gifts for Men who Love Sports

34. Sports Enthusiasts Game Day Football Time Gift Pail

A friend or husband loves football? Basketball perhaps? Or a golf aficionado? Then indulge his interest and treat him with his favorite sport merchandise. For golf aficionado, set up a golf set and wrap it in craft basket. Add some ribbons and decorative paper too. For basketball fanatics, put basketball items including jerseys, shoes, armband and ball inside a basket and decorate. For football lover, a shirt and cap embedded with his favorite football team insignia can be a good option for gift basket. Source: Amazon

35. Running Pouch Belt

Source: Amazon

36. Indoor Basketball Game for 2 Players with LED Scoring and Arcade Sounds

SOURCE: Amazon

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men: DAD

37. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill

Choosing a gift for your dad is easy. If he loves to build new things in and around the house then giving carpentry tools to him is a great idea. For someone who loves fixing things it’s a nice idea as you can inspire him to start a DIY project. You can buy tools that he can use for carpentry work. Add the basic tools and equipments and see him making new things very soon. Source: Amazon

38. Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker

Source: Amazon

39. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot


Source: Amazon

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men: Boyfriend

40. Grunt Style American Spartan 2.0 Men’s T-Shirt

Another idea may be to make his day great with some handmade items and special items like T Shirts, personalised wallets or key chain, some handkerchiefs with initials , cufflinks, his favorite books or music CDs.

41. “The Man Box” – Gift Box Basket Set for Guys 

Boyfriends want some special treats on Christmas and you might get confused as to what should be the perfect gift. Gourmet Christmas Hamper full of  ingredients for cooking is perfect for someone who loves to make a delicious meal. He will be delighted with this Christmas gift, specially when you fill it with lots of stuff for cooking or baking such as spatula, rolling-pin, decorative sign, cupcake jar and cookie cutter.Make your own cake mix or cookie mix and add it into a mason jar and use it as you would. Source: Amazon


Christmas Gift Baskets for Men

Choosing a single gift which he might love or want may be a bit risky if you’re not really aware of his needs or wants. For this reason setting up a Christmas gift basket or christmas hampers filled with the stuff he really loves or might want will be easier and less complicated. This will save you from confusions and the best part is you can personalise a basket to your heart’s content.

Christmas hampers and Christmas gift baskets allow the giver to choose multiple gift items and arrange them into one present. One can just use a little bit creativity to be able to come up with a creative Christmas present. Here are some Christmas gift basket ideas that may help you come up with a perfect Christmas present for him.

42. Chocolate Gift Basket for Men


This Christmas gift is pretty simple and workable for any budget. If the man in your life love caffeine, fill your Christmas hamper with collections of coffee, chocolate chip cookies and jars of tea or any other brew. It is advisable to shop for coffee with different level of strength and few packs of decaffeinated coffee. You can also use ornamental tin basket rather than the usually gift basket and decorate it with ribbons. Go creative and add some other items like handmade coasters, coffee mugs (maybe personalised) or make your own coffee packs at home and add to the hamper.

43. Shaving Gift Basket for Men


For your man who loves staying organised and presentable, you may consider setting up a Christmas gift basket packed with shaving kit, a collection of razor, body wash, lotion, shampoo, shaving cream, lotion and soap and more. You can set these up in a nice looking Christmas basket. Wrap it with clear plastic and tie it up with colorful ribbons. You can also present these inside a mason jar for the added fun look. These make great gifts for any men so try some varieties and make the collection as you see fit.

44. Gourmet Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Gift Ideas for Men Christmas

Gourmet Baskets and Hampers make for perfect gifts throughout the year. To make a Christmas Hamper fill your christmas hamper with different gourmet items like coffee, chocolate, baked goodies, spices, etc. You can either fill in with homemade items like christmas cookies, christmas cakes and muffins and other treats, or use store-bought items. This is especially loved by men who like to eat and grill.  If your man loves grilling some Grilling spices and oils and recipe books make for a good choice. You’ll never go wrong with christmas food gift basket.

Other Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gifts for Him

Buy a bottle of expensive wine or liquor together with some crystal glasses. For appetizers, why not opt for some strawberries with whipped cream to spice up the night for the both of you. Arrange these wine gift items in a Christmas hamper or Christmas gift basket. Wrap it with colorful cellophane and decorate with ribbons.

Male Christmas Gift Ideas

45. Golf Set


For golf avid lover, this Christmas gift idea is the best choose. You could purchase a brand new set of golf clubs for him to use as he pots aces in a golf club which you conveniently made him a member of. There are also some Christmas hampers consisting accessories and items for golf sport you can find in major supermalls.

Men Christmas Gift Ideas

46. Special Christmas Gourmet Basket



You want to give your man something special. Then you may want to give gourmet items as a Christmas present. There are many christmas sales in malls and stores that offer luxury gourmet Christmas gift basket. Depending on his taste and interest, you should be able to find the best gourmet gift for him.

47. Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Most men go to the gym and are obsessed with filling their bodies with immense slabs of muscles to impress their girls. If your man is such an individual, I would suggest you give him something he could use to fuel his obsession such as a set of protein shakes, amino acids and so on.

Another good Christmas gift for men is a membership certificate in his favorite gym. You could also purchase a one year membership to an exclusive gym in your neighborhood. If you have the budget, go all out and buy him a set of gym equipment such as dumbbells and barbels for him to use at home.

Christmas gift ideas for men 2012

If you have larger budget for Christmas gifts, you may resort to this Christmas gift for men. Surprise him with a spontaneous getaway for two to his favorite place or anywhere nice that the both of you have never been before and where he can indulge in fishing. But of course, don’t forget to packed full a hamper with his fishing stuff.

48. Gift Ideas for Men on Christmas

Gift ideas for Men Christmas

If he is into electronic devices, why not give him a portable mp3 player or the newest cellular phone model available in the market today. You will certainly “hear” from him once he receives your gift.

49. Men’s Christmas Gift Ideas :

Mens christmas gift ideas

If the intended recipient is interested in Gardening and Giving your man a hamper packed with gardening tools, plant labels, garden gloves, anvil pruner, hand towel and seeds a fantastic idea especially when he has a green thumb. It is also a subtle way of telling him to get his butt off the bed and start growing the garden.

50. Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Pet-Lover

boyfriend christmas gift ideas

Choosing a gift for your boyfriend can be a tough job if you’re not sure of what he wants. But a sure shot way to make a successful gift is to give something that will help him with his hobbies.

This hamper is perfect for bird lover who loves to make home for them and feed them. Give him a hamper pack full of essential bird stuff to get feathered friends flocking to his garden or porch. You can buy everything you need at a pet shop without spending much and still make him happy with your christmas gift. Packed the hamper with nesting box, tasty fat balls, ball feeder and more.

You can use this idea to make baskets for Dog owners or Cat owners. Also those who love aquatic animals like Fish, Turtles etc will love a special hamper which will help him take care of their pets easily.

It’s the time of year when men all over the world are wondering what Christmas gifts they will receive this season. It is difficult to find the right Christmas gift for a man, and definitely a lot more difficult than finding one for a woman. Every man has his own taste in things. And just like women, men have a variety of interests – sports, music, cars, games, gadgets, etc. The possibilities are endless. You should always keep in mind that men do not generally like cheesy things, unless if the Christmas gift or Christmas hamper is for your husband or boyfriend. You should think of something that caters to his interests and not just something that you see in a hardware store or a sports outlet.