Christmas Hamper and Giftbasket Ideas

Christmas Gift Basket IdeasChristmas Hampers packed with different types of special gifts can be a great Christmas present for your loved ones. Aside from the fact that you can customize it according to your recipient’s likes and interests, you can also work out within your budget. Christmas gift baskets are also beneficial for those who have many Christmas gift ideas on mind and are confused which one is best to give.

For people who are busy with their jobs and careers, picking up hampers is the easiest thing to do than choosing separate gifts for their loved ones.
We are trying to put some Christmas Hamper Ideas for your reference. Traditionally, Christmas hampers are packaged in either wooden boxes or wicker baskets usually containing Christmas goodies like cheese, pudding, biscuits, cake, jam, a bottle of wine or tea. Of course, the contents of the hamper will depend on the budget
However, the availability of theme hampers has made it possible for people to have a wider selection of Christmas gifts. Wine and cheese hampers, are still the all time favorite but there are more and more combinations and themes that are slowly gaining recognition.
If you have some extra time, you can just buy the baskets or customized gifts boxes and pack them up with items and goodies that you are sure that your family will appreciate.
The good thing about Christmas baskets and hampers is that they are now easily accessible even online and you even get the convenience of having them delivered right on their door step anywhere they may be.

Now, if you’re planning to make your own Christmas hampers for friends and family, there are certain points you should consider to be able to come up with the best choice of Christmas gift baskets. These include your recipient’s age, likes, interest, hobbies, work nature, etc. Depending on the mentioned factors, you should be able to choose the perfect Christmas hamper!

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Women

The holiday season is the best time for gift-giving. This Christmas season you can shower the most special women in your life with fabulous and unique gifts by giving them gift baskets or Christmas hampers.

Christmas hampers are the best substitutes for traditional individual gifts and it can be delivered along with greeting card having best christmas messages. Receiving a basket full of small items or miniature goodies is definitely much better than getting one single item.

The very first advantage of buying hampers is that they are readily available. Another good thing about these unique gift ideas is that they are available in different themes, which means that there is something for every woman that you care about.

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Friends

Female friends are sometimes hard to find gifts for, simply because most times you do not know them well enough to identify their needs and wishes. To avoid the hassle of giving your female friend with something that she may already possess your best option is to give her a Christmas hamper.

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Friends


To be on the safe side, choose gift baskets filled with goodies and cheese. Or you can also choose a Christmas hamper filled with beauty and fragrance products. If you want to give a special female friend something as special as she is, you can put one special item in the middle of a generic basket like a piece of jewelry or a small bottle of her favorite cologne.

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Sister

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Sister


A sister is someone you have grown up with and you probably have the best idea of what she wants for Christmas. If you are a little puzzled, you can opt for a gift basket full of her favorite chocolate and candy bars and then have it center-filled with a book by her favorite author or a music CD of her favorite artist.

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Mother

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Mother


A mother is the most special woman in everyone’s life. She is the one who has always been there and she has always made it a point that there is a gift with your name on it under the Christmas tree year after year. This year, surprise her with a Christmas hamper filled with her favorite fruits, baked goodies and other special treats.

If your mother is into special hobbies, your best option could be a gift basket full of materials she can use. Mothers are naturally great cooks, so a recipe book placed in the middle of some useful ingredients could be a real good surprise for her.

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Wife

Christmas Hamper Ideas for Wife

A wife is the next most special woman in a man’s life, next to his mother. She is the other half and she deserves to receive only the best gifts. If you are trying to come up with a unique gift that she will highly appreciate, a Christmas hamper is your best choice.

You can choose a Christmas hamper filled with perfume, jewelry and lingerie. Or you can buy a gift basket full of beauty and spa products that she will surely love. These special items need not be the only things inside a gift basket. If you want to surprise your wife, you can buy a generic Christmas hamper and then place one or two of these items at the bottom of the basket. Her favorite perfume in 2 to 3 ounces bottle can be placed as the center piece of a basket full of fruits. A very special jewelry can be placed inconspicuously at the bottom of a gift basket filled with her favorite baked goodies. Though lingerie may not be a common Christmas hamper item, you can also place it somewhere at the bottom of a generic hamper.

A spa hamper includes; shampoo and conditioner, body bath, bubble bath, body oil, moisturizing lotion, body scrub, body salts, body gel and even body scrubbers and spa towels.

There are many other Christmas hamper ideas that you can come up with. Finding them should not even be a very difficult task for anyone. A traditional fruit hamper can be made special when included with special items.

To really show the women in your life how much they mean to you, simply add one or two of her favorite things inside a readily available gift basket. Customizing a Christmas hamper is an easy thing to do. Just keep in mind that every basket must have something that will really mean to them.

Prior to shopping, try to find out what includes in the wish lists of the women you want to give gifts to. Once you have accomplished that task, your next step is to buy that special items and then have them included in the gift baskets.

If you are ordering online, the best thing you can do is to make sure that the items or goodies included in the Christmas hampers you have chosen are new and fresh. This is particularly important for fruits and goodies baskets.

Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hampers

Christmas Food Hampers

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If your recipients are certified foodies then you may want to consider compiling a gourmet gift basket consisting of their favorite food items. And since your family are so dear to you, make your Christmas gifts more special by picking out gourmet items, not just up-market ones. For an instance, if your friend is a meat lover, pick varieties of special meat products from specialized food shop. Add different specialty type cheese and caviar. Your recipient will surely feel spoiled and will be very pleased for being so thoughtful of you, remembering his/her likes and favorite foods.

Chocolate Gift Baskets

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If your receiver is a chocolate lover, there’s no better than giving him/her a gourmet chocolate gift basket for Christmas. Indulge him/her sweet tooth and pamper him/her with chocolate-themed Christmas hampers. If you know how to cook chocolates, it’s better to cook varieties of chocolates and set it up to a gift basket. If not, shop from reliable chocolate store and buy specialty chip cookies and boxes of gourmet chocolates. You may also consider shopping for novelty chocolate items that come in various shapes.

Christmas Gift Basket for Kids

Kids love to receive many gifts on Christmas Day. And since many say that Christmas is for kids, make them happy and spoil them with varieties of stuff that your kids really want. If your kid loves art, set up a Christmas hamper filled with colored envelops, markers, colored pads, pen set with different colors, fun stickers, rubber stamps and lap desk. For kids who want to play different character, prince or princess perhaps, give them a gift basket packed with princess dress, pirate costumes, masks, sunglasses, and wigs. Add a set of face paint or props like accessories, magic wands, etc.

Sport Christmas Gift Baskets

Is your recipient a sport fanatic? Then make him a sport-themed Christmas hamper. Fill your Christmas basket with different sports items. Basketballs, shirt or Jerseys of his favorite sport team, caps and shoes can make a good sport Christmas hamper.

To come up with the perfect choice of Christmas gift basket, make sure to consider your recipient’s interests and likes and you’ll never go wrong.

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