DIY Christmas gifts are just a perfect way to tell someone how much you care for them! With that extra effort from your side, you can make someone’s Christmas extra special  and what is better than making the ever hyper teens happy with some amazing DIY Christmas gifts!

It is anyway too hard to shop for some really amazing gifts for the teens and therefore we bring you forty adorable DIY gifts for them. They are super easy and real fun to make. Go ahead, try some!

1. iPhone or Mobile phone:

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Let’s kick off the list with this super amazing dinosaur iPhone tripod! The coolest gift you could ever think of, this DIY idea is just a hit! You can even try and come up with some other animals or characters of your wish! Teenagers would just love them all!

Tripod for Camera/mobile phone

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2. Painted Camera Strap:

DIY Teen Gifts (3)

Stylish and so crafty, this painted camera strap is super easy to make and comes out real nice! Perfect for Christmas gifts!

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3. DIY Photo Frame:

DIY Teen Gifts (4)

A very simple and subtly crafted DIY photo frame makes for a very warm gift for the teenagers who love collecting memories! A must try!

4. Anchor Bracelets:

DIY Teen Gifts (5)


These cool friendship bracelets are super trendy and very easy to make! Such anchor bracelets are quite in fashion and make for a perfect DIY Christmas gift!

5. Comic Book Magnets:

DIY Teen Gifts (6)

The classic comic books when turned into fridge magnets can make the day for your teenagers! This Christmas, make your teenagers jump with joy with these super easy DIY fridge magnets!

6. Makeup Magnet Boards:

DIY Teen Gifts (7)

Exclusively for girls, this makeup magnet board is a sure delight for them! Easy and takes no time to make.

7. DIY Flower Crowns:

DIY Teen Gifts (8)

These easy, extremely fascinating and adorable flower crowns is every girl’s favorite. Make these gorgeous flower crowns yourself with very little effort and great results!

8. Friendship Bracelets:

DIY Teen Gifts (9)

How cute are these bracelets?! Using this tutorial you’’ll learn how to easily create this trendy bracelet! Wear one or several for a layered look.

9. Rhinestone Embellished Scarves and Gloves:

DIY Teen Gifts (10)

Christmas comes with a lot of warmth and scarves and gloves are just the things you need to provide your teens with some warmth. Make those normal, boring scarves and gloves trendy by embellishing them with beautiful Rhinestones! Simple and really pretty!

10. Lucky Lollipops:

DIY Teen Gifts (11)


What a delightful sight and what a unique way of giving some money to your teenagers this Christmas! This DIY Christmas present will be a welcome sight to anyone, quite literally!

11. Leather Cuff:

DIY Teen Gifts (12)

This cool snap leather cuff is perfect for the boys and men in your life. It’s easy to make, durable and versatile.It is a great Christmas gift!

12. Fabric Scrap Keychains:

DIY Teen Gifts (13)

Such pretty little keychains that have fabric scrap glued on them! Cut out shapes from your old stockings and give these keychains a great look! Another amazing gifting option!

13. Monogrammed Mugs:

DIY Teen Gifts (14)

What an easy and amazing idea! These monogrammed mugs are just so awesome and they are done in no time, quite practically!

14. Icy Treat Cellphone Holders:

DIY Teen Gifts (15)

These cute popsicles and ice cream sandwich phone holders are a perfect gift for your teenager daughters! They will love these fresh, vibrant colours!

15. Pantone Chip Magnets:

DIY Teen Gifts (16)

A colorful gift any artsy friend would love.

16. Neon Coiled Bowls:

DIY Teen Gifts (17)

These neon coiled bones are another beautiful and colourful gift which they would love! Fill these with delightful things this Christmas!

17. Custom Tablet Case:

DIY Teen Gifts (18)


Customize the tablet cases of your teenagers and make a stunning case for them! They will love it!

18. DIY Zippered Bow Pouch:

DIY Teen Gifts (19)

Very cute gift option for this Christmas! This cute pouch is an easy-to-sew project and you can make a bunch of these in no time! Get going!

19. Handmade Bags:

DIY Teen Gifts (20)

Cute and trendy, these handmade bags are definitely a nice gift! You can use old scarves and coats to make these!

20. Telephone Bookends:

DIY Teen Gifts (21)

For all the reading addicts, this is just the gift they would love! teenagers love to explore the world through books and these innovative telephone bookends help them to store their books properly! Go ahead, try this DIY idea!

21. Candy Bouquet:

DIY Teen Gifts (22)

Who doesn’t love candies and chocolates? Thus, this gift can never go wrong! A bouquet of candy is the perfect gift for anyone, literally, ANYONE!

22. Secret Stash Book:

DIY Teen Gifts (23)

Teens are a little secretive in so many ways. This is something that will definitely make them happy.

23.Phone/ iPod Charging Station:

DIY Teen Gifts (24)

This DIY fabric phone charging station is one of the most essential products one teenager would want. We all have lots of phones, iPods, and e-readers that need charging and this gift is perfect for ALL OF THEM!

24. Chocolate Cash:

DIY Teen Gifts (25)


Cash rolled up in chocolate wrappers? Heavenly sight, indeed! No one can say a no to this!

25. Instagram Frame:

DIY Teen Gifts (26)

Another extremely useful gift for your teenagers! This picture frame is spot on for kids and social media!  Teens can frame their selfies with their friends and make a great collage this way!

26. Marbled Drinking Glass:


Use nail polish to give plain glassware a pop of color. Perfect for every teen!


27. DIY Triplet Tote:

DIY Teen Gifts (28)

Perfect gift for your teens! This Triplet Tote is both stylish and functional.  It features three dividers that hold a laptop, notebook, and smaller miscellaneous items.


28. DIY Comic Book Coasters:

DIY Teen Gifts (29)

For all the comic book and action hero lovers, this might just make them go crazy happy! Simple coasters glued with these amazing comic book posters is a perfect and inexpensive Christmas gift!

29. Baseball Bracelet:

DIY Teen Gifts (30)

This DIY baseball bracelet is one of the many great gifting options! All you need is an old baseball and you can make this simple bracelet.

30. DIY Amulet Necklace:

DIY Teen Gifts (1)

This amulet necklace for teen girls is a simple yet very attractive DIY idea and would go with any dress and would make a real statement!

31. Amazing DIY Phone Cases:

DIY Teen Gifts (32)

These amazing DIY phone cases are just too simple and a lot fun to make! You can simply spray paint or stick marbles and that’s it, you’re done thinking of gifts!

32. Galaxy Printed T-Shirts:

DIY Teen Gifts (33)

This is the coolest t-shirt you can ever make and your teenage daughters will be so glad for such a gift! All you need is a little bleach and voila. You have your own galaxy printed shirt.

33. Custom Coloured Candy:

DIY Teen Gifts (34)

If your teenagers are sweet tooth and they simply love everything sweet, this is perhaps the best and really cute gift for them!

34. Stud Your Duds:

DIY Teen Gifts (35)

Place some studs on the duds and you have your own homemade studded duds ! They are simply awesome to look at!

35. Tassel Bracelets:

DIY Teen Gifts (36)

Really pretty and easy to make, this dainty little tassels are so cute, no one would be able to resist them!

36. Giant Bow Necklace:

DIY Teen Gifts (37)

What a pretty giant bow for this Christmas! Attach it to a long chain for a trendy necklace for teens and see them filled with joy!

37. Nautical Stripe Bracelets:

DIY Teen Gifts (38)

A fun design to try out this Christmas. These nautical stripe bracelets can look very cool on your teenager’s wrist!

38. Tentacle Neck Pillow:

DIY Teen Gifts (39)

Wow! A tentacle neck pillow is just way cooler than a normal neck pillow! A unique gift option for the teens who would love to travel or maybe, just for no reason!

39. Sharpie Decorated Mugs:

DIY Teen Gifts (40)

Sharpie is just what you need for some cool designs to draw. Personalize a boring cup or mug by drawing on them and get your teens to love these cool designs.

40. BFF Matching Phone Cases:

DIY Teen Gifts (41)

Last but not the least, this DIY BFF heart matching phone cases is the best gift you could give to your teenage daughter and her best friend! Super stylish and really easy to make.


These are some of the really fun DIY Christmas gifts that you can gift your teenagers! Do let us know which ones you loves and which ones you made in the comments section below!