We can spend the whole day in the mall trying to find that perfect gift to give to our loved ones and still come home empty handed. More often than not, the things we find in the stores are not special or unique enough to give as Christmas gifts. What do you give that special person that they will truly love and enjoy using? What do you give to that friend who has everything? And why are they so difficult to find?

Apart from shopping online and filling up your carts with random stuff suggested by the website itself, there are a lot of online stores that sell unique gifts that you can actually personalize. We’ve found some amazing personalized Christmas gift ideas that are fun, quirky, thoughtful, and romantic, and that will suit any budget. So if you still haven’t started your Christmas shopping, take a look at these Christmas gift ideas to help you get started.

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This gold initial necklace is the perfect Christmas gift to give to your friend who’s like a sister to you. A necklace is something all girls love. Plus her own initial on the pendant adds a sweet and thoughtful touch. The sentiment rings true: best friends even when apart will always be in our hearts.

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We all know and love a geek, and they come in all shapes and sizes. This personalized periodic table keychain will delight the Chemistry geeks in our lives, that’s for sure. Each block is handmade from wood and comes in a clip or split ring. A small Christmas gift that’s really big on the feels.

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Your loved one immortalized in a cloth doll? Why the hell not? You don’t need to be a famous rock star to have your own doll line. Just your best photo plus a really talented doll maker, and you’ve got yourself a doll that looks exactly like you!

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We love this cute graphic print that can be personalized with an animal and your first name. This will look lovely on a bookshelf or hung on the wall. If you have friends who love animals, or love to read, or do crossword puzzles, they will really love this quirky gift. You can choose from a list of funny statements or you can write your own.

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Did you know you can turn your children’s works of art into customized pillows? Now you can display them not only on your fridge door but in your children’s bedrooms as well. Your children will love bedtime so much more knowing that they’re going to sleep with something that they actually designed! How cool is that?

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People should be writing letters more and not just sending e-mails. And what better way to do that than by writing with this lovely set of personalized stationery? It may be old fashioned, but everybody loves writing with pen and paper from time to time. Why not give these to your parents, or in-laws, or close friends this Christmas?

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Want something unique and extra special to give your nephews or nieces this Christmas? Take a look at this exquisite personalized papercut print that’s sure to capture their imaginations. Everything is done by hand. Now that’s one truly classic and precious gift!

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When a simple photo just won’t do, express it with a face stamp! It’s a fun and quirky gift that’s sure to bring on the laughs. Now your face will be everywhere. Business cards, greeting cards, stickers, gift tags, even your own logo.

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How about some special customized woods for your favorite couple? This set includes a breadboard, a cutting board, a serving board, and a walnut carved board. This is the perfect gift to give the people in your life who love to cook or spend hours in the kitchen. Each wooden board comes with personalized initial of the couple for that extra romantic touch.

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The little niece and the little nephew will have a fabulous time strutting these cute tote bags around. They are personalized with their names on it and also come with a cute little logo. It’s the perfect accessory to bring to the beach, to the library, to playdates and to sleepovers. They’re loads of fun and inexpensive, too.

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Get the closest people in your life to start a journal when the new year arrives with these personalized journals. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from. The names are embossed on the front cover for that extra special touch. With journals as elegant as these, everyday there will be a reason to write down something.

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How about a handwriting bracelet? Or a signature bracelet? Get your own handwriting turned into a truly unique Christmas gift for your loved one. Be it a name or a phrase that holds special meaning to you, they will love this gift, and you even more!

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Collage photo frames never go out of style. That’s why they’re another great Christmas gift idea for your loved ones. Gather the best photos of your kids and give it to grandma or grandpa. Pick out the best family photos and give it to your hubby to put in his office.

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Need a Christmas gift idea for the hipster or the writer in your life? Why not give them this cute typewriter key necklace? One, it’s gorgeous. Two, it’s made from typewriter keys! Nothing cooler than that, yes?

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Music fans should have this personalized LP record to proudly display in their rec rooms. It’s hip in so many levels, and it’s got your name on it. This is the perfect gift to give your musician friends and music loving family members. They will thank you for this. Like, really.

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Family gifts are always a good idea, especially if it’s a big family. This personalized family glassware is sure to delight everybody and not a single one will feel left out. There’s one for each, all with their own special and colorful design. Mealtimes just got a whole lot exciting!

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Another personalized gift idea that you can give this Christmas is a customized iPhone case. Proudly display your daughter’s cute baby photo while thumbing a quick reply. Show off that gorgeous wedding photo while calling a girlfriend. Anything can be turned into a fabulous iPhone case!

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A personalized bracelet with charms that represent each member of the family? Sounds absolutely gorgeous! Now your bond is stronger, and everybody feels closer to you with this exquisite handcrafted bracelet. It’s the perfect gift to give moms and grandmas!

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If you want to give something quirky and unique to that special person who reads books like there’s no tomorrow, check out this silver spoon bookmark. The words can be easily customized, but we love this text as is. Truly a unique bookmark that will make finding the last page you read a lot more exciting. Give this spoon bookmark together with a book that’s on their wish list. Perfect combination.

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We love this personalized monogram glass block light. We bet that whoever you will be giving it to will love it even more. Seeing your name in glass with soft lights around it just looks so magical, don’t you think? This certainly is.

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Give grandma and grandpa the daily reminder that the grandkids love and adore them. Give them these personalized hand stamped key chain with all the names of the kids as charms! Now they can throw away that boring keychain and use this cuter one. We love our grandparents and they deserve the best!

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A postcard on a pillow? Yes, it can be done! Take that postcard to a whole new level and turn it to pillow that the recipient will never throw away. Certainly beats having the postcard kept away in a box in the closet, doesn’t it?