Looking for Christmas hamper ideas to make this holiday season? Giving your near and dear ones, beautiful and thoughtful presents is a common activity during Christmas, shops, markets, departmental stores etc hold proper Christmas sales, where you can buy amazing gifts at amazing prices. The gifts that people exchange among each other, are an easy way of passing on love between friends and families. It is safe to say that without gifts, the essence of Christmas would be half lost.

Preparing your own Christmas hamper has its perks as it lets you choose what items to place in it and which not to. You can personalize it and customize it in whatever way you want or like. Keep your budget in mind, as it is more than likely that you will not be giving just one Christmas gift, but rather several. So, make up your own Christmas gift hampers and spread smiles on your families and friends’ faces! Here are some of the best Christmas hamper ideas you might get some inspiration from. Enjoy!

Christmas Hamper Ideas

Following are some ideas which you can consider while buying Christmas hampers, this year, for your friends and family.

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A Christmas hamper may include many items, but there is at least going to be one or two items related to food that you will find in most Christmas gift hampers, like wine, chocolates, sweets etc. However, many non-food items are also placed in a Christmas hamper to fill it up, like a pair of beautiful earrings, a hand knitted scarf, a lipstick, a keychain etc Some hampers even include kitchen utensils and other things which can be useful around a house.

Modern Christmas Hamper

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The best way to choose an appropriate gift basket for your recipient is to remember the kind of things they are most likely to enjoy. For this purpose, you should consider their favorites, their personalities, whether they are the outgoing types, you can include things like a baseball ball, or baseball gloves etc, if they are the indoor types, you can include a book which they are likely to enjoy, or a nice smelling soap etc.

Once you are done deciding what kind of items your Christmas gift hamper should contain, the next order of business is to decorate them. You cannot just place things in a basket and give it to someone, like that. It needs to be decorated accordingly, as well. Decoration is one of the key aspects to a great hamper. Usually, a colorful wrapping paper, bows, ribbons etc things are used for decorating the hamper. For more tips and ideas on how to decorate your Christmas hamper, click HERE.

Christmas Food Hamper. Photo Credit: www.thehamperandgiftplace.co.uk

Christmas Morning Coffee Hamper Idea

This Christmas, we can give a great start on Christmas morning by giving our loved ones a luxurious Coffee hamper filled with breakfast goodies and coffee products.

Photo Credit: The Tomkat Studio


how to make a hamper look good

Cute Christmas Hamper for Bakers

There are so many fancy baking accessories and equipment’s available in the market that you can put in a hamper and give to your friends and loved ones who love baking. Tools like measuring cups, spatula, molds and whisk are ideal contents for your baking kit hamper.

Photo Credit: Darling Doodles Design

Christmas Baking Kit Hamper

Use the internet to find some more inspiration, as well as, recipes for Christmas themed baking kit hampers. In above ideas, instead of baking essentials, fancy sprinkles, wooden spoon and colored sugar in fancy mason jars are included. The printable labels add beauty in it.

Source: The DIY Mommy

Luxury Christmas Hamper Idea

This is such a good idea to make your Christmas hamper even more luxurious. Fill your basket with gourmet chocolate products and add string lights and decorative strings on it and voila! You have this tempting Christmas gift hamper.

Source: Dream a Little Bigger

Cookies and Sweets Hamper

Traditional Christmas Hampers are yet another type of Christmas gift hampers which include items like biscuits, cakes, candies, wines—basically anything which suits the festive occasion of Christmas.

Source: Hobby Craft

Winter Cold Survival Kit Hamper

Fill your basket with stuff good for the winter. Make it even more attractive by using cute labels and printables,

Source: The DIY Mommy

Everything but Ice Cream Gift Hamper

For those who love old-fashioned ice cream parlors, this is the best christmas hamper ideas to give out. Complete with sprinkles, cones and chocolate chips, one could basically grab a plain vanilla ice cream and enjoy these treats.

Source: I Heart Nap Time

Culinary Christmas Hamper

If your recipient loves to bake, this one is the idea hamper idea. A huge mug filled with baking stuff such as sprinkles, cookie cutter and whisk. You can also add other stuff. Add more touch of color by tying the whole stuff with ribbons.

Source: DIY Network

Hot Cocoa Christmas Hamper

Winter times always call for hot drinks. For that, you can simply fill your wicker basket with chocolate drink powder, syrup, mug, etc. Complete the hamper with beautiful gift tag.

Source: The Tomkat Studio

Herbs and Spices Christmas Hamper

This is a perfect hamper for those who love cooking with herbs and spices. Have a bunch of cinnamon sticks, herb powder in bottles and other cooking stuff. You may also include fresh herbs in a pot.

Source: Koch

how to make a hamper look good

DIY Spa Gift Hamper

Source: Pastels and Macarons

Christmas Food Hampers

If you want to give an elegant gift to a friend or a family member, then buying them a gourmet gift hamper will be perfect. This type of gift hamper includes gourmet items like gourmet biscuits, gourmet coffee, wines etc. This is a great gift option to give to your boss, or your manager. They make excellent impressions.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Skip to my Lou


Breakfast Hampers

This is another yet a lovely hamper idea – a breakfast hamper. To give these hampers a more traditional look, the items are placed in a wicker basket and are covered with a plastic cover.

Source: Life at the Zoo

Spa Kit Hamper

If you are thinking of buying your mother, your sister, or any friend who belongs to the female variety, then there are a series of non-food hampers you can select from! Non-food hampers are those which do not have any food related items, but rather various other item. If you are buying a non-food hamper for a female, then go for one which has many beauty products like lotions, perfumes, shampoos, body sprays, face masks, etc

Source: Martha Stewart

Christmas Hamper for Dog Lovers

Some children would like to receive a pet as a gift. Dog, cat or a bird can be a nice gift for your love ones. Giving them pet is giving them something to care for. It can make them a responsible person as they have to feed and train their pets in the house. You can make it more special by placing the pet in a Christmas basket.

Source: Pinterest

Party Essentials

Source: Pinterest

Basket of Sunshine

Source: Fantabulosity

Hamper for Tea Lovers

Source: Pinterest

BBQ Christmas Hamper

They said that a way to a man’s heart is through cooking. You can bake a fruitcake or other delights for your love one and win his heart. You can also give your specialties to his/her family and place it all one basket. It will be easier to get along with them after giving them gifts.

Source: Pinterest

Hamper for Knitter

This is a perfect Christmas hamper for your friends and loved ones who love to knit. A bouquet of yarn, accentuated with flowers and ribbons for additional touch, this can be a perfect christmas gift.

Source: Pinterest

Hamper for Gardener

Source: The Merry Thought

Hamper for Bird Lovers

Source: Our Fairfield Home and Garden

Kitchen Stuff Hamper

Source: Magnolia Market

Christmas Breakfast Hamper

Source: Craftberry Bush

Wine Gift Hamper

Giving gifts for colleagues or friends may be difficult especially if you don’t know them. You can give them wine and add a few chips. Combine the wine and chips in the basket to make it more presentable.

Source: Pinterest

Source: World Market

Source: Style Me Pretty

Kitchen Cake Hamper

Source: Pinterest

Date Night Gift Hamper

Source: Handmade Mood

Source: Pinterest

Bath and Body Gift Hamper for Men

Guys can be pretty tricky to give gifts to, so a non-food hamper would suit them as well. You can fill the hamper with stuff like skin care products, shaving kit, cologne, etc,

Source: Living La Vida Lohoka

Football-themed Gift Hamper

Most men like sports, so you can even place sport related items in your hamper as well, for example an autograph from his favorite football player, a jersey of his favorite player, a cap, sports-themed items, etc.

Source: Pinterest

Spice Gourmet Salsa & Chips Gift Hamper

The first and the most common hamper is the Food Hamper, which qualifies as a classic Christmas gift. It contains various grocery items like canned goods, like for example, a can of pineapple slices, a can of coffee, meaty products like a packet of sausages, a packet of meat balls, chips with dips and other snacks of such sort. Since, food overall in an important part of Christmas, food hampers make ideal Christmas gifts.


Relaxation Christmas Hamper

Source: Mama Plus One

Cold Soup Basket

Via: Darling Doodles

Christmas Hamper for Mom

Via: Pinterest

Quick Dinner Hamper

If you are not sure what to give for Christmas then you can place different items on the basket. You can add can goods, ham, wine, pasta and other preparation for the night of Christmas Eve or New Year. This type of basket is a nice gift to give for company employees or staff. They can save more for the preparation of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Via: BHG

Rum and Coke

Via: Halle’s Hobbies

Creative Christmas Hamper Idea

Via: Pretty Mayhem

Gourmet Popcorn Kit

Via: Country Living

Baked Goodies Hamper

Baked Goods Hamper. Photo Credit: www.cityfruits.com
Baked Goods Hamper. Photo Credit: www.cityfruits.com

There are a lot of people who just love freshly baked goods. Around Christmas time, many bakeries display baked goods hampers which contain a variety of baked goods like bread, muffins, brownies, croissants etc  What is even better that if you like baking, you can whip up your very own baking hamper.

Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas

Christmas Hamper. Photo Credit: www.philippinesflowers.com

Some people depend on their memories, while others make lists of people for whom gifts are to be bought. Everybody wants to give their loved ones the perfect gift, but there are some factors which need to be considered before you buy an ideal gift for a friend or for a co-worker, a family member, or any other relative.

There are so many Christmas gift options available today in the market that giving a wrong gift to someone seems highly unlikely. Obviously you may be having a slight idea of what your friend likes, so a good way to start thinking about their perfect gift would be to consider their interests. If this seems like a lot of work for you, then you could resort to a gift certificate. For example, you know that your friend likes perfumes, but you cannot decide which one to buy, so you gift her a gift certificate of a perfume shop, she could buy a perfume of her choice through that certificate, herself!

src: https://spanish.alibaba.com/

How to Choose the Best Christmas Hampers

Non-food items in a Christmas Hamper. Photo Credit: www.goodhousekeeping.co.uk

Thanks to the internet, you can get Christmas gift ideas from a little web surfing as well. You will come across many online gift guides which would tell you of the various things you could buy for your female friends and your male friends. And if you are willing, you may even buy something from numerous online stores that are available on the internet. Most major brands have their online stores so that they could cater to a worldwide clientele, and if you still find yourself in a fix, you will always have sites like Amazon and eBay etc

For Christmas, many markets and gift shops prepare Christmas themed hampers, which include goodies which are either associated with Christmas like stripped candies, vine bottles, hot chocolate mixtures, snow globes, etc and to top it at all, they are decorated with Christmas themed decorations, for example, a wrapping paper which has Christmas trees or snowmen on it, placing a tiny mistletoe in place of bow. The whole point is to make the hamper look as if it is centred around the festive season of Christmas.

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Ideas for Christmas Hampers

A beautifully wrapped Christmas hamper. Photo Credit: keithtullochwineblog.com

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Types of Christmas Hampers:

Gourmet Gift Hamper. Photo Credit: www.chrismasgiftslibrary.com

src: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/explore/gourmet-gift-baskets/?lp=true

Fruits and vegetable hampers are also popular Christmas gifts. As the name suggests, these hampers include a variety of fruits and vegetables and are perfect gifts for those friends and family members who are fond of eating fruits and vegetables.

Homemade gifts look even better because they tell on their own how much effort and though you have put into them. When it comes to homemade gifts, you can go from very simple, to very elaborate, of course all of this depends on your budget as well as your talent and skills.

Chocolate Gift Hamper. Photo Credit: blog.couponalbum.com

Chocolate Gift Hamper. Photo Credit: http://www.atotalbasketcase.com

Not everybody can draw, but if you can, you can make a sketch for someone, or write a poem and dedicate it to your friend. Better yet, you can place the sketch and that short, sweet poem in a basket and consider making your own very sentimental Christmas gift hamper! Other things you can put in such a hamper may include chocolates, a small bottle of perfume, scented candles etc

Websites like Pinterest are full of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects which are really simple to follow, just type in homemade Christmas gifts and you are more than likely to find several easy DIY tutorials which you can copy.

Perfect Christmas Gift Hamper for Women. Photo Credit: uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Perfect Christmas Gift Hamper for Women. Photo Credit: uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com

After food hampers, the second most famous or most bought gift hamper are Chocolate hampers which make a great gift for your chocolate loving friends and family members. Chocolate hampers are also given to that special someone or your partner. Chocolate too, comes in a lot of types, you can select whichever you think will be most liked by the recipient of that chocolate gift hamper.