Christmas is a festival of happiness, love and peace. Its mainly commemorated as the birth of Jesus Christ. People meet their friends and family members and spend time with their loved ones. They celebrate the joy of this day and greet each other. Almost everyone goes to some Christmas party on Christmas Eve. You could be the host too sometime. You might invite your friends and family to your place to enjoy a delightful evening. But for that, you need to make sure that your place has that charming Christmas vibe.

This is where you need to pull up your socks and get to work. Make sure your home is Christmas ready. Other than rest of the decoration, the Christmas tree is one of the most important part of Christmas decoration. A beautiful pine tree in a requirement for each one of us on Christmas. But what else can you do in this tree?

Here’s some help from us for how you could decorate your Christmas Tree and make your place look all delightful and Christmas ready. Take a look at these Christmas Tree decoration ideas and get to work now.

Little Blue LED Lights

You could go for decorating your Christmas tree with small blue LED lights. Its going to be an easy job for you and is going to look beautiful at the same time. You just need to get some small LED lights and cover the whole tree with them. Make sure your tree is placed somewhere near an electric connection. That way it will be easy for you to connect it and light up your Christmas tree blue.


Blue PomPoms

Using blue coloured pompoms is not a bad idea either. Pompoms are easily available in the market and are not very costly. Get some blue pompoms and cover them all over the Christmas tree. This is going to give your Christmas tree a soft and glossy look and the tree is going to look amazing.


Artificial Blue Flowers

You could also go for using artificial blue coloured flowers. There is a huge variety of artificial flowers available in the market. All you need to do is pick some blue coloured flowers and bring them home for your Christmas decor. Take some glue or tape and stick the flowers everywhere on the tree. Make sure the tree looks neat after you’re done. The good thing about artificial flowers is that they don’t go dull ever. Also you’re saving yourself from harming nature’s precious flowers.


Blue Ribbons

Ribbons are also very one of the most frequently used decor items. Use blue coloured satin made ribbons to cover the Christmas tree. This is going to make it look elegant and classy. The shine of satin ribbons doesn’t fade away easily and also they are washable. So you can use it as many times on the tree as you want and that too in any quantity. This will surely look wonderful on the tree and will surely be praised by all your friends and family members.


Blue Bow

Other than the whole decoration, don’t forget to add a big blue bow on top of the Christmas tree. A good blue bow will add to the beauty of your Christmas tree and will make the decoration complete. Its a good way to add a final touch to the decoration. You can easily find blue bows in the market. They are also available online. Get them home and use them to decorate your Christmas tree. You could also use more than one blue bows and spread them all over the Christmas tree. Again, make sure it doesn’t look over flooded when you’re done with the final decoration.


The Blue Tree Itself

There’s always an option of getting a whole blue cone Christmas tree for Christmas if you want to satisfy your obsession for the colour blue. You could avoid all the decoration this way and simply get yourself a blue Christmas tree for your house party. Its not only new and different, but also a blue Christmas tree will grasp everyone’s attention towards it and this will make sure that everyone remembers your Christmas party for a long time even after the evening. The blue tree will take no time in becoming the centre of attraction. One of the major reasons for this is that the blue colour is considered to be very calm. For some unknown reasons, it is believed that the colour blue pleases the eyes.

Peacock Feathers

When the flowers and the ribbons don’t work for you, go for using these naturally beautiful ornaments made by God, the peacock feathers, and they are blue. Don’t go for real feathers as it you would have to hurt real peacocks for that. Artificial peacock feathers are easily available in the market or online. Go for buying the artificial ones and decorate your Christmas tree with those feathers. Its definitely going to add to the class of your Christmas tree and you’ll love the look once its done. This is one of the most beautiful decor ornaments when you’re not in the mood to use regular blue flowers or ribbons or anything of that sort.


Blue Little Gifts

On Christmas, everybody wishes that they get the gift of their choice from Santa Claus. But what better way is there to make the guests interested in the party than giving away some gifts? So go on and be the Santa this Christmas. Find some pretty, small gifts and cover them with blue gift wrapping paper. Make sure you use only blue wrapping sheets on the gifts and no other colour. This way you can place those little gifts everywhere on the Christmas tree and ask your guests to choose their own gifts from the tree. You could go fir playing different indoor games and let only the winners get gifts from the tree. This way, you can get your guests to have fun and at the same time you can decorate your Christmas tree in blue and make it interesting for everyone as well.


Chocolates In Blue

There is almost no person who dislikes chocolate. We all love to have chocolates. But a chocolate tastes a lot better when given to us by someone else. Well, you could become the reason for everyone’s smile and give them chocolates on Christmas. Get some chocolates with blue wrappers an put them all over on the Christmas tree. Along with looking blue, the tree will also become an important part of the party as it will be carrying chocolates on it. Let the children have as many as they want. If you can’t find chocolates with blue wrappers, get some custom made chocolates for the occasion and get them covered with blue wrapping sheets. You could also get some regular chocolates and cover them yourself with blue sheets. Its time taking, but then you get to place them on the tree and it will completely match the blue theme of your Christmas tree.


Blue Letter Ornaments

Letter ornaments are also a very important part for Christmas decoration. These can be used on the Christmas tree as well and are going to look perfect if used correctly. You can use these letter ornaments either to write words like “peace”, “love” etc. Or you could write phrases like “Merry Christmas”. All you need to do is arrange the letter in a sequence and hang them on the tree using strings. Sometimes, even randomly hung letters also look amazing on the Christmas tree. But again, keep in mind that the tree must look clean after the decor. Make sure you don’t over do anything. The blue letter will look wonderful on your Christmas tree.



Snow Flakes

Christmas falls in the season of snowing winters so decorating your Christmas tree with snow flakes is not a bad idea. Get some artificial blue snow flakes and hang them randomly on the tree. They look wonderful when put on the Christmas tree. They give a winter look to your Christmas tree and make it look really good among all the other Christmas decorations.


Blue Christmas Tree Skirts

You could also decorate the Christmas tree by covering it would blue coloured frill skirts. They are very easily available in the market and are not very costly. You can easily find them in the stores nearby. These blue skirts will give a beautiful look to your Christmas tree. Also, you get to do the hard work. Its not that tough to do. All you need to do is get one of these from the market and put it on the tree. If you can’t find one in the market, you can make one yourself. You just need some cloth, a scissors, some adhesive and a lot of dedication to decorate your Christmas tree. Just cut out the cloth in various skirt pieces and stick them around the Christmas tree however you like them. This is something new that is known and seen by very few people. You might as well be the first person among your family and friends to decorate a Christmas tree this way. The blue frill skirts are definitely going to rock the look of your Christmas tree and you’ll definitely love it when you see the final look of the tree with your blue skirt decor on it.


Blue Balls

You could also attach blue coloured balls all over the Christmas tree and make it look really funky. The balls can be either blue themselves, or you could cover them with some kind of covering or wrapping sheets. You can try to paint the balls blue too. Once you arrange blue coloured balls, all you need to do is to hang them on the Christmas tree anywhere you want and however you want unless its neat. The decor must not look overdone according to what you were expecting out of it. Otherwise, just go ahead and fill the tree with blue coloured hanging balls.


Blue Stars

Stars are also very important for Christmas tree decoration. You could get blue coloured stars for decorating your Christmas tree. You might like to put small blue coloured stars all over the tree or you can simply go for getting some big blue stars and put them accordingly on the tree. Don’t forget to add a big star on the top. This is going to make your tree look elegant and every one of your friends and family are going to love them.Stars for decoration come in various designs. You could also get plain white stars and cover them with blue glaze paper or blue wrapping sheets. This is going to give a nice contrast to the complete look of the tree. The combination of green leaves and blue stars on the tree are a perfect duo for your Christmas tree decoration.



These are some of the best magical blue Christmas tree decoration ideas. Decorating your Christmas tree for your Christmas party is a very special thing that is to be done just by you. All you need to do is get a good looking Christmas tree and apply any of these decor ideas to it. Don’t worry, its all up to you how you want your Christmas tree to look. Go for mixing up some of these ideas together and give it a great look. You don’t need to be confined to just one idea. Go for merging two or more ideas out of these and it will look amazing. The blue look of your Christmas tree is definitely going to rock anyways. A good mashup of various ways of decorating your Christmas tree in blue depends completely on your creativity. Use these ideas to decorate the Christmas tree this Christmas eve.