If happiness was not a feeling but a color, it definitely would be yellow, and since your big day will likely be one of the best days of your life, adding this sunny hue will likely be one of the best shots in your wedding.Yellow may not be the most popular wedding color for a Christmas wedding, yellow can be a tricky option to incorporate when it comes to your Christmas wedding color palette, but when it is done right the result you will get will be impressive. We totally understand that yellow wedding theme for a Christmas wedding is not for every couple – as it may seems too untraditional or flashy for your perfect wedding taste, and this is reason why we have hand – picked some of our favorite yellow Christmas wedding ideas to justify that how beautiful and adaptable this gorgeous sunny hue really is. The best thing about this pretty color is that it is like an instant dose of a happy pill for your wedding day, and who doesn’t want that? Right? That’s the one advantage of the color that you don’t need a lot of it to make a major statement. So, grab your sunnies in winters and check out these cheerful yellow themed Christmas wedding ideas.


you may think that yellow is a bold choice for your wedding invitations, but this color will feel less overwhelming when you use it in proper portions and pair it with complimentary hues the combination will turn out to be very gorgeous. A stationery suite that incorporates muted yellow huescomplimented with vintage inspired stamps and dried petals with some dried berries or pine leaves. Perfect for a winter fete.



now to be precise, the engagement ring box is the small detail which throws the perfect opportunity to experiment with the blooming color. These days velvet ring boxes are especially popular – you might have seen them flooded on Instagram and on Pinterest by now. As they are there to serve their purpose of keeping your ring secure and gorgeous till the time you will slip them on each other’s hands. They not only look pretty but will appreciate your yellow theme for the Christmas wedding.



tell your bridesmaid to pick up their perfect marigold yellow dress for your wedding. the bright warm yellow color will automatically bright up the appearance of the group. The dresses with shorter hemlines will prevent your bridesmaids from looking so overpowered by the sunny hue.



why only bridesmaids should go all yellow, boys should also rock the daring enough to rock the creamy yellow suit. The smart men at your wedding might just inspire you to take a plunge! We can definitely say that a three – piece suit in a pastel yellow color will make your boys look totally radiant on the wedding day.



pale yellow flowers are lovely choice for your Christmas wedding with small pine cones, pine garlands will just elevate your wedding bouquet. You can keep the look of your bouquet monochromatic by arranging white anemones and dahlias, by following this arrangement you can achieve a classic arrangement that is miles away from a boring floral arrangement.



long yellow tied ribbon and a bouquet overflowing with flowers in yellow hues is not a bad idea. It’s a gorgeous idea for a yellow wedding theme especially when you are getting married in early fall or winters. We are all over in love with the hints of burgundy and periwinkle to break the magic spread by the yellow blooms that too perfectly. The yellow ribbon on your bouquet will be one of the most irresistible detail that anyone will hurt missing.



what is more amazing than a giant pineapple made out of yellow roses and pines situated in the middle of the wedding venue. This centerpiece will be the show – stopper of your Christmas wedding reception, and who would expect a pineapple in a winter wedding that too decorated so perfectly. We insist that it is a must have detail in your yellow themed Christmas wedding that is inspired by tropical décor – that is the heart of any yellow themed wedding. you can use this idea to create a focus point at your wedding venue such as you can use it to display your escort card or a dessert table.



bring a perfect dose of bohemian coziness to your Christmas wedding tables capes with yellow linens. If you want to get an electric look for your wedding then leave part of the tables uncovered whether it is with off – center table cloth or a small table runner. You can also accent the yellow with darker colors such as brown and burgundy. To make it look like a fall wedding you can use all the fall ornaments.


you can’t resist the fact that how badly you need the yellow velvet chairs until you see them in your wedding. velvet is one of the most trending obsessions in the wedding décor and yellow color will really take this lovely trend to the next level. This yellow wedding idea is great if you are especially willing to marry a perfect modern wedding. if you are planning to keep the background as white walls then these colorful chairs will surely pop out against the white walls.



if you are one of the couples who believe in ‘less is more’ slogan, then you will love this subtle take on the yellow wedding theme. The simple yellow napkins will boost the otherwise boring and neutral tables cape that is adorned with lush green centerpieces and classic china vases.



now, you admit it or not yellow looks beautiful with antique brass and gold accents, this will be proven by a luxe table’s cape at your wedding. you can spin your magic on the taper candle trend by imbibing candles in a cheerful yellow color to line on a long banquet table. You may use honey jar wedding favors you will double the decorative touches for the wedding place setting.



whether you are getting hitched on the Amalfi Coast or simply want to bring some European flair to your big day, lemon cards are just the perfect idea. These cards are perfect, fun and an unexpected detail to your wedding. they not only perfectly align with a yellow themed Christmas wedding but they are a right idea on a par with the fruit – as -décor trend that will always go strong.



: the best way to show off your wedding color palette is your wedding flower arrangements. Yellow color centerpieces are just so underrated, that you will get to know when you will see various options available. You can just create an ultra – romantic vibe by simply using a loose centerpiece that is filled with soft yellow flowers such as garden roses and carnations complimented with accents such as leaves, pamper grasses they will not do anything more than adding an earthy effect.



a creative signature drink can be fun, but sometimes it seems nice to be back to classics. Nowadays classic wedding cocktails are making a comeback, and it is a perfect idea of serving an aperol spirits or French 75 on your big day. A lemon topped drink looks oh – so – refreshing for a wintertime wedding.



though it is not written somewhere that your wedding desserts should match your décor, but we have to admit that in the end if you match them the results will be stunning. Tie whatever yellow you got in the house together for yellow Christmas wedding theme by adding the little hints of yellow color to your dessert bar. This perfect layout features oh – so – delicious yellow pudding cups and cake pops.



are you feeling even more artistic? Then use a trio of colorful cakes to inspire your own delicious yellow theme wedding for your big day. Although, bright wedding cakes are trending nowadays and this idea can be a great idea.




starting from the ceremony decorations to the little details to the dance floor everything needs to be taken care of. While many of us don’t want to have an outdoor ceremony but when you introduce beautiful yellow flowers inside out and line up on the aisle or simply scatter petals over.


its always the smaller details that make all the difference, starting from cakes to balloons to photographs. Well giant yellow balloons will make wonderful props for your wedding photography. Of course, there is no one to stop you from adding the color scheme to your menu. Drinks are the perfect way to add color scheme to your menu, you can do it either by creating your own cocktails or by choosing a branded drink.



These were some great ideas for a yellow themed Christmas  wedding.