Almost everyone loves Christmas, who doesn’t get excited about Christmas? This is the biggest holiday event celebrated by almost 2 billion people worldwide. When this festival is near, you will experience the beautiful sights of churches, astonishing decorations, sounds and smell of this wonderful festival. The festive season is coming soon and holidays are near. This is the most crucial time when your house will have lots of unexpected guest from all over the neighborhood, distant friends as well as families coming over to your place to celebrate this festival full of joy.

Christmas celebration is incomplete without a Christmas cake followed by dinner. But this celebration might get ruined if you still have an old table runner or even not having that. One should definitely get a beautiful table runner to make your Christmas more memorable. One should understand the importance of a table runner, it helps to catch all the dropped and spilled food and can be gathered later at the end of dinner by leaving the pristine tablecloth behind. Table runner will make your Christmas dinner party more wonderful as well as you won’t have any mess of food lying over your dinner table. If you don’t have a table runner or the previous one is turned up, it is a high time to buy a new beautiful table runner for his Christmas dinner to leave a wonderful impression to the guests, as many people will be visiting your house.

Here are some of the 20 beautiful table runners for this Christmas dinner –

  1. Holiday holly embroidered tablecloth runner


This pine colored wonderful tablecloth runner inspired by holiday holly will leave your guest amazed because of its elevated intricate craftsmanship and cutwork. The pops of red berries and fine cloth assures the quality of this cloth and will be a perfect decorative item for the Christmas dinner.

  1. Holiday embroidered Christmas tree table runner


Christmas celebration is incomplete without a Christmas tree, if you are already having a Christmas tree inside your home, then this Christmas embroidered table runner will be the perfect match for your dinner table. The rustic youthful look of the astonishing burlap Christmas tree is the perfect thing crafted on this piece of cloth.

  1. Woven table runner


The classic hand woven design of a table runner is the ideal thing for your dinner table. This cotton table runner, especially handwoven is very much priceless and chic. The vibrant red stripes on the cloth bring a smile on the faces of people and matches with the timely holiday season.

  1. Octavian ornament Christmas tree table cloth runner


As previously mentioned, Christmas is all about the Christmas tree. What could be better if snow is dropping outside? This tablecloth runner features well-crafted snowflakes and Christmas tree on it. The snowflakes as well as the tree looks very much elegant and will bring a sense of glitz to your festive dinner party.

  1. Striped Linen tablecloth runner

Linen is one of the best cloth material. This linen made table runner is well crafted with beautiful stripes and finished off with good looking frayed edges that look almost natural. This table runner will add coziness to any dinner table.

  1. Poinsettia embroidered craftwork holiday table runner

This tablecloth is also made up of linen which is a fine quality of cloth. This bright red and black colored linen table runner is embroidered with poinsettia floral works. This design is well suitable for this holiday season.

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  1. Snowflake embroidered bordered table runner

Who does not love dancing elegant snowflakes dropping outside your house in winter season? This simple table runner has snowflakes all around the borders and has a delicate texture which is very much suitable for serving Christmas wines.

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  1. Vollmar striped table runner

This Vollmar striped table runner looks very elegant because of the berry colored design. This piece of cloth brings a luscious pop of joy to the heart and is well accented with silver-white stripes.

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  1. Winter wonderland table cloth runner


This white table runner is specially made up o fine cotton which features a well-crafted texture of holidays. This slogan will surely give people a sense of joy as well as celebration and enjoy this beautiful festival with fun and chic.

  1. Silver crafted snowflake table runner

Christmas is the wonderful time of the year which falls in the winter season. In most of the countries, one can experience snowfall outside their homes. Ever thought of having a table runner which resembled closely to a snowflake? This table runner is well intricated and crafted with silver snowflakes which looks amazing in the dinner table.

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  1. Tartan Bordered table runner

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This Tartan table runner resembles Scottish pattern and seems perfect for your dinner party as well as the holiday season. This table runner is specially made up of white linen and bordered with Scottish patterns.

  1. Vintage Burlap tree table runner


This type of table runner has dotted evergreen burlap Christmas tree patterns on it and looks rustic an vintage. It looks heritage-inspired and can be used for multiple decorative purposes.

  1. Christmas tree designed table runner


These types of table runners are quite popular in the market today. Its all about the Christmas season, therefore, why not buy a table runner that has Christmas tree embroidered on it. In this type of table runner, it has Christmas trees hanging on the edges, which look wonderful and is available in different shapes and variant colors too.

  1. Sequin golden crafted table runner


This type of table runner looks elegant and royal due to its golden color. The sequin design of this cloth will reflect the Christmas lights and looks shiny. Your guest would not be able to take the eye off from this type of table runner.

  1. Pine cone table runner

This type of table runner looks classical and vintage. The shiny golden colored borders are almost perfect for any festive season and holiday settings. This table runner is well crafted and embroidered with pine cones that give a joy and feeling of modern twist and simplicity.

  1. Plaid table runner


Plaid table runner looks simple and resembles to farm style. This table runner looks traditional because of its green and red checkered patterns that inherit a sense of joy and coziness to the heart. The plaid designed table runner is perfect for this festive season and best for serving dinner to the guests.

  1. Rustic reindeer Christmas table runner


This rustic reindeer Christmas table runner looks magnificent on tables and is made up of jute. The intricate design of reindeer is quite unique and perfect for Christmas dinner table.

  1. Birdies table runner


Birdies table runner looks royal and marvelous on Christmas dinner tables. The traditional patterns look festive because of its golden colored craftings and seem elegant. This table runer can be used in multiple occasions.

  1. Candy cane table runner


Christmas is all about delicious foods and candies, if you have kids at your home, they will surely love this type of candy bordered table runner that perfectly pairs up with holiday dinnerware.

  1. Buche de Noel table runner


This type of table runner looks simple but elegant because of its gold lined framework. The gold sparkles look friendly and give a feeling of joy in this festive season.

Dinner table looks almost incomplete without a table runner. Table runners will suerlyhelp you enjoy a spillproof dinner party at your home, office or anywhere. Table runners are very much useful as they will surely bring a feeling of joy and laughter to you and your guests. The beautifully crafted designs of table runners will surely not let your guests take their eyes away from it. They will surely praise you for the fine quality and right pick. One can consider the above 20 table runner designs for this Christmas season.