Christmas is a time to enjoy and have fun with your folks. Each family has certain traditions that they follow. Here are some fun traditions that you need to introduce in the family. Here is a list of 30 traditions that you can practice in your family.

30 Family Christmas Traditions

Donate a month full of grocery supplies to somebody

Serve others by donating grains, fruits, vegetables or other eatables to a shelter for kids or any old age home. Raising kids who know how to serve is the best family tradition ever.

Prepare at least one meal together on festive occasions. Cooking together is a fun way to interact with your kids and family members. Prepare some dishes that all the family members can enjoy, together.

Shop till you drop!!

Go Holiday Shopping together!! Christmas is a perfect excuse to splurge and purchase some new clothes, accessories or gadgets for every member of the family. The joy of getting new toys is so evident on the faces of the kids!!

Attend exclusive holiday events

Family Christmas Traditions


Attend an exclusive holiday event with your family. This could be a Christmas Carol, a carnival, a nutcracker, rockettes, a Church Play or even a circus. Enjoy the sheer energy and enthusiasm of the holiday season.

Have a movie marathon night

Enjoy some holiday special movies together. Arrange for a movie night with crisp pop corns, tasty snacks and some hot beverages like hot cocoa or coffee. Throw in some super comfortable rugs, blankets and cushions and enjoy classic Christmas movies like: Home alone, White Christmas, home alone, Polar express etc with your clan.

Light Christmas candles at the church

Do not forget to visit the church with your kids on the Christmas eve and light candles. It is very important to instill right faiths and hope in every child’s heart.

Buy Christmas decorations to turn your house into a delightful space

Decorate your house to make your space look cheerful and festive. Having holiday decor around the house is a great way to let the Christmas feel sink in.

Say bye to technology for a day

Declare a no cell phones day. Let us admit, we are all addicted to our cell phones. Most of the time we are just looking at our phone screens and not paying attention to others around us.

Decorate a Christmas tree

Family Christmas Traditions


Dress up a Christmas tree. Decorate a Christmas tree beautifully with the help of ornaments, lights, stars and stockings. The effort helps to make the feeling of Christmas come alive.

DIY Christmas decorations

Make some DIY Christmas decorations. Involving your kids in art and craft activities is a great way to keep them engaged and to stimulate their brain, as well. Gift the little ones some art and craft supplies for Christmas and let them have fun making certain decorations to place around the house.

Santa caps

Bring Christmas caps for everyone and make it a fun tradition to wear it on the Christmas day and eve. Not only do these look super cute but also keep your head snug.

Wear ugly Christmas jumpers

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a fun tradition that is practiced in several families. Christmas jumpers with whacky snowmen, Gingerbread men, Reindeers and Santa look super cute.

Preserve the good times in pictures

Have a funny photoshoot with your kids. Have a crazy, fun filled and exciting collection of pictures to save for a lifetime. Photographs are a great way to preserve your memories.

Enjoy the Christmas lights

At Christmas eve, drive around the block to have a look at the Christmas lights and decorations your neighbours have put up in their backyards and gardens.

Christmas goodie box

A goodie box for each member of the family that includes a pair of socks, gloves, eye mask, keychains etc for everyone.

Story reading sessions

Family Christmas Traditions


Have a fun story telling session around the Christmas tree. Light up some woods in the fireplace and keep a couple of blankets handy. You can enjoy hot cocoa and muffins during the story telling. Make the session more interactive by using puppets and pop-up books.

Christmas pillow covers

Make DIY Christmas cushions or pillowcases for everyone. You can use stencils to paint or use a pencil to draw the outlines first.

Gift a basket full of surprise

A wonderful tradition is to purchase groceries to prepare a tasty Christmas meal and leave a

basket full of these at the doorstep of someone in need so that even they can relish a wonderful meal for Christmas. It is best to keep an anonymous

Give time to your significant other

Have a secret party with your spouse after the kids go to sleep. Christmas time is very busy and mostly revolves around the kids. Make each other a priority and enjoy a romantic movie together after putting kids to sleep or you may even give each other a relaxing foot massage.

Express gratitude for having a family

Each member has to write a letter for every member of the immediate family. This is a great way to express gratitude to each other and make people feel appreciated. Be creative and let the pen rolling. These letters can then be preserved in an exclusive Christmas box that opens each year.


Ask your kids to pick up a shoe box each and fill it up with extra stuff they have, such as: crayons, sketch pens, action figures, socks etc. These things could be old but make sure they are not torn or in bad shape. This instils the habit of charity in your kid right from an early age.

Inculcate the habit of saving money

The habit of saving should be taught to kids right from the very beginning. Gift piggy banks to each kid on Christmas. They can use these to save currency notes and coins from their pocket money or the money received from relatives as a gift. Last year’s piggy banks can be donated to needy kids and the collected money can be deposited to a bank account in the child’s name. This way you are also securing their future.

Pay a visit to Grandparents

Visit the grandparents on Christmas eve. Families get busy in their professional and day to day life to an extent that they do not get time to visit the grandparents. It would be heart warming for the oldies to get to enjoy some quality family time with the kids.

Have theme colours to wear for Christmas

Wear colours that evoke the feeling of Christmas. It could be a combination of Red and White or Red and Green. With each member wearing a similar colour theme, the house would look festive for sure.

Midnight mass

Family Christmas Traditions


Attend the midnight mass with your family at the church.

No mess Christmas

You can also be practical and order food from restaurant to save the ladies of the house all the trouble of cooking a huge meal and then doing the dishes, afterwards.

Play Board games for Christmas

Kids have a collection of games but very rarely do adults get involved in their playful activities. On Christmas, you can make it a point to enjoy some board games with your kids while watching some entertaining television shows and munching on tasty snacks.

Snacks for Santa

Putting out a plateful of cookies for Santa before midnight on the New year’s eve is an age old tradition in most families

Pictures with the Santa

Visit Santa Claus and get some super cute pictures clicked with him. You can maintain  a special album for saving these Christmas pictures.

Reindeer food

Put out some Reindeer food at your doorstep which could be carrots, milk and Oats with glitter. Show the beings some kindness on Christmas.

Be kind to the lady of the house

Take a jar and put chits with names of different chores around the house. Whoever draws whatever slip has to help with that particular task around the house for a week. This is a good way of making kids independent and helping them realize that sharing the load is their responsibility. Duly reward your kids for completing the assigned tasks, well.

So, these were some of the traditions that can be followed in your family.